Thursday, February 2, 2017

President's War on Drugs: A Major Mistake

President Duterte is embarrased and disappointed with the corruption in the Philippine National Police and this resulted to halting of 'Oplan Tokhang' -- a term for searching and killing of those involved in illegal drugs use and trade. Illegal Drug users, drug lords and the so-called 'narco-politicians or protectors are not spared from the massive campaign on war on drugs. The declaration was made on the election campaign for May 2016 presidential election when Duterte said that it will be a bloody war on drugs to eliminate crimes. Filipinos who are convinced of eradicating heinous crimes due to illegal drug use supported Duterte and that made him win the presidency. That was his winning campaign promise to the Filipino people -- a promise giving false hope to the people.

About six months in office, it was reported that at least seven thousand alleged drug offenders were killed by policemen through the 'oplan tokhang' and this is considered as extra judicial killing since no due process of law was done. The scheme of killing instead of arresting was empowered by the President who vowed to protect and even pardon those policemen who might be sentenced guilty of extra judicial killing. But who empowers the policemen anyway? Who gave a go signal to protect the injustices and lawlessness act of our policemen?

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Now that the morale of the Philippine National Police is low due to the killing of a Korean national who's alleged to be involve in drugs, the policemen are on the spotlight and the subject of blame and corruption by none other than his excellency.

If not due to the false empowerment made by the president, they wouldn't be a victim of the failure on the war on drugs. It is a failure due to the reason that the 'oplan tokhang' cost thousands of lives lost due to greediness and abuse of power by those in the authority. On this day, February 1, 2017, it was reported by the Amnesty International that Filipino cops are paid the amount of 8 -15 thousand pesos for every person killed due to drug involvement. As a prominent human rights organization, they have made a fearless report on the current status on the corruption in the Philippine National Police who are supported by higher office in the Philippines.

The extra judicial killing will continue until the end of Duterte's administration and we can expect that the number of people killed will increase significantly in the years to come. The war on drugs is not a 6-month game plan as promised, but it will continue to haunt for more greediness and corrupt practices if not corrected on the basis of lawful decision and action.

In due time, Filipinos will rise up from being a victim. People will decipher the truth from false leadership. Filipinos will again have a real voice and the power to stop the madness. Endless suffering will continue if we choose to be blind with the reality that is happening in our society. We deserve a peaceful country by not stepping on the human rights malpractices. A lawless society is cancerous and we are currently living on it. The power to cure an ill society lies not on the leaders alone but to every Filipinos who can be more vigilant, empowered to speak for the truth.

A major mistake is hard to forgive and  to correct especially when we are dealing with people's lives. So this must be stopped. We can start again by correcting those corrupt practices and false ideologies. It may be challenging, but we have to learn from this biggest mistake the hardest way.

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