Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life's Like That

A Diverted Road

 by:  Del Cusay

Looking through the road of  uncertainty
the narrow, the wide and the crossroads may be
With the speed of the roaring force, go on... break free
Light up the force and shield as it must be

Along the way causes too much exhaustion
 dealing with nuisance in thoughts and actions.
 Recalling the vast potentials in any capacity, 
the greatness of soul manifested in a physical body. 
Letting go of weaknesses, leaving us free

In the dark clouds hiding the strength 
removing the cloudiness the target to set 
waiting for the sun rise hoping for tomorrow's best
Bring out the light, wondrous life begets 

Regaining the lost gem, braver... bolder
Wake up, see the light and re-imagine the old ways
The smiles, happiness... the bliss
Turn around, bring it out.. for better days shouldn't be missed