Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Day to Remember

Celebrating another year of life is one of the most pleasant memories we can cherish. It is when we show gratitude for all our blessings and look forward to another year full of challenges and surprises. We may continue to be challenged along the way and be surprised by something unimaginable --when dreams and desires do come true.

As we journey onward, we give happiness to those dear to us. Happiness leaves an imprint on their hearts and minds. Those things that they have yet to think of would come true. A surprise that would uplift joyful spirit out of the blue. 

The days when we had planned a surprise for someone so special were so exciting. Our mother is about to celebrate her 63rd birthday and deserves some treats. What special surprise could we give that is truly memorable? Aha! A trip abroad! A wonderful surprise. My parents have never been out of the country yet, and it would have been their first time to set foot in a not-so-distant place in the east.

On September 23, 2016, we were about to go to Palawan. Voted as the most beautiful island in the world for 2015 and 2016. I am also excited to visit that magnificent island, as they say, but we're really bound for Hongkong. And that's the surprise. Though it was a funny story at the airport, with such clueless faces on their actual destination, finally it was revealed that they were bound to travel abroad. 

The excitement is accurate, and when we set foot at the Hongkong airport, we're all eager to explore beautiful places. Though we siblings had been to Hongkong before, we couldn't wait to show homes to our parents. I got lost at some point, but walking along the promenade in Tsim Shan Tsui was fantastic. Spending some time overlooking the Hongkong islands' famous skyscrapers is lovely. Victoria Harbor is awe-inspiring as one of the best places to see and experience. A romantic feel in the East. Though a bit tired of walking, crossing the island of Kowloon to Hongkong aboard the star ferry offers a magnificent view of the harbor and the skyline, awakening the senses. The skyline is one of the world's best, and it's just in the east, blending with the west. 

The day that came, September 24, was a special day for my mother, and spending it at the happiest place on earth was a truly magical experience. We enjoyed ourselves so much with all scenes. The Festival of the lion king is such a feast to the senses showing, just like a Broadway show, the 4D theater experience, the Jungle of Tarzan, and Disney in the Stars as the highlight. 

The third day was still full of energy. The picture-perfect ocean park's breathtaking view of the island and the sea is memorable. A roller coaster ride gave me an adrenaline rush that would never be repeated. I did it, but so scary. The entire resort was an excellent place to appreciate the animal kingdom and their habitat, and it's about time to protect their kingdom and class before they're gone. Before sunset, we can meet "kababayans" or townmates and hear their stories. I know how it feels to be homesick since I have had the experience of being away for some time in the past, so a loud laugh would help to release some form of sadness. 

On the fourth day, we're all excited about our next destination. Heading to Macau: once a Portuguese colony in the east. Another memory that would uplift our spirits and make us look forward to a memorable stay in a glittering city of light. 

That was an incredible journey in Hongkong; this story will remain in our hearts. We still have many places to explore. It is a small world, and we all deserve to be happy occasionally. And a little surprise could change our perspective and our world. 

© 2016 Del Cusay