Thursday, July 17, 2014

I have A Dream

When I want something, I ask for it. This is a fundamental law of life; we attract things that we give too much attention to. When we think of something and go into a much deeper state of consciousness, we are becoming closer to make it a reality. It is magical for some, but the experience is truly wonderful and real.
Perhaps one of the things that fascinate me from the past until the present time is when I get things that once I have just imagined. It is a daydream; hence, it is fiction. However, everything in life starts with a single wish, our so-called desire for something. We become what we think of ourselves, and we get to experience the reality of once a creative imagination.
In my past journey, I have met people who have challenged my life's perspective. I could go deeper in life but received criticism for not having experienced what life truly is and not wise enough like an experienced adult.
The fact that I am young and who may not have attained certain level of maturity in life, I could say that people no matter how young they are, have inherent capability of knowing what life is about only if we are reflecting on ourselves; our ideals and philosophies. We learn each day not much, from what we already know, but from the mistakes that we have done. It is through imperfections that we challenge to become a better version of ourselves. We strive hard to make things right despite the wrongful deeds and decisions committed.

I may be young, but I have the capacity to influence people in my own ways based on what I believe is right and what I think is good for them. In a not-so-distant past, I have met wonderful people who were in trouble, and a simple understanding and philosophy of why such misery could happen in life guided them. I have not learned counseling subject in school back then, I learned it in real life as I encounter several circumstances that I could turn into wisdom.
Yes, I have a dream; it was a simple dream of inspiring people to live a fulfilling life, and now it comes closer to reality. Through motivational speaking, certain emotions can touch people. It is not just intellect, but also a heart that feels that connects people together.
Previously, I received advice to be careful of what I wish for, and I must agree to that since I have my limitations. I know for myself when to stop and to persevere. I listen for my instinct that guides me of what is right and wrong and again that is common to everyone.
In our lives, we listen to different voices that could inspire or harm us. Nevertheless, we have the inner voices that always direct us towards the right path in life. We cannot be certain of what lies ahead in life, but one thing is for sure, that we believe in ourselves no matter what voices we are hearing.
Looking back on my previous life, I am still young and I still have wishes, and this soon will come true because I have proven it now. I was there before and it was a fantasy, now I am here and living my own reality.
© 2014 Del Cusay