Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas in Our Hearts 2017: The Unexpected Reality

Christmas season brings wonderful memories in each of us; feeling joyful for the gifts received as a kid during Christmas parties and grand year-end parties as an adult. Those moments brought a meaning to our lives, our families and dear friends. It created a certain bond — a connection that could last forever. However, no matter how pleasant those memories were, still there may be some unpleasant events that didn't prevent us from moving forward. Yuletide season goes on and it heals and renews certain emotions, beliefs and personalities.

Christmas in Our Hearts: A Wonderful Beginning reminded me of celebration away from home, yet connected in spirit. It was the time when I felt very much grateful and joyful for the wonderful blessings received. That was unexpected reality and not in a dream state from a deep sleep.

Years have passed and the road ahead brought so many endless opportunities. The world showers abundance for those who believe and have faith; those who have fallen, but never gave up. A temporary shelter to a wandering spirit, but when knocked and called, it passes the same road to exit and back to where our hearts belong. To follow our heart's desire could mean freedom from emotional and mental assault; to bring back our old-self — stronger and better.

On the road to the peak is truly a bliss. Christmas in Our Hearts 2015: A Blissful Journey is a memorable moment of fun and excitement. It is the road to self renewal and feeling hopeful of the next chapter. Just like those whom have just started to live on their dreams and now living on the next level of a more wonderful reality. They have persevered and endured the pain and now have gained their greatest surprise that they truly deserve.

There were moments of victory and living our purpose. The road to healthcare mission brought a different kind of service for those who seek healing. Just like a book, it has its last chapter and page. Christmas in Our Hearts 2016: Breakthrough to Success was a call to service, self discovery and affirmation. When the last page was done, we seek for a greater challenge; something unknown and it brought us to unimaginable journey. It may have revealed our personal weaknesses, our dislikes and move out to comfort zones, but it also revealed a different personality who is vulnerable to threats and uncontrolled forces.

Along the way, we meet people who are good and bad to us. People whom we met by chance and have helped us where we are right now. No matter what happens; with life's ups and downs, there will always be a family of our own and wherever we have settled in. The virtue of gratitude, forgiving and loving nature still reigns in our hearts and we continue to look back and reminisce those wonderful moments in our lives and have faith on current state of unexpected reality. The chapter doesn't close yet. It's still a wonderful journey and challenges on the crossroads. The seed of thought planted years back is now becoming closer to reality. There are several unexpected circumstances, but certainly we create our reality; our desires and destiny.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Soulful Holiday Retreat

A five-day holiday seems so long in a place where our heart belongs. A simple yet  meaningful living away from the crowd and noise. It is truly  home; where life seems unhurried and not preoccupied with chaotic city living; when time seems so slow while enjoying the moment. At last, after working tirelessly, there's a reward. It's priceless, hence a short time vacation really matters.

What makes life significant is when we get back to our place of birth once in a while to get reconnected with how it all began. We've been to far places to earn a living and provide our needs and desires and to be disconnected is just temporary. The compass would always point us back to a place where we are most comfortable. A home is where our heart is. To listen to a different kind of story  and express with deepest affinity. 

I always believe on the power of natural healing. It doesn't cost much. It's priceless and significant renewal of self to gain new perspective about people, place, things and experiences. Truly, a soul knows how to heal itself. It directs us somewhere to get revitalized, thus making us stronger and more ready to handle complex task. 

A holistic healing involves the body, mind and soul, integrated into a personality. When in a low frequency mode, it needs time to heal and regain the lost positive energy. It feels great to be whole again through a retreat even for a while. The strong vibration makes us feel more confident that we can make things possible through our belief and effort. A positive vibration that draws people to get some inspiration and to believe in themselves for who they are and what they can accomplish.

Once I have experienced a highlands retreat in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. I have stepped into The Land of Tibetans in Dharamsala where life is heavenlike. The people have a deeper spiritual connection and they seem to be happy and contented. Back in my hometown, people are enjoying a spiritual bliss in a highland I can compare to Dharamsala. The place may not have the same grandeur and charm, but it is similar in some ways. The cool breeze in a foggy mountain, the chirping of the birds, the gentle blow of the wind and the spiritual nature of the people. 

Looking farther on the surrounding mountains is a a feeling of faith and hope; that we can reach the summit as we envision a greater height of limitless capabilities. The road to summit leads to a soulful journey of retreat to a place closer to our heart. Our endless desire and need for renewal makes a powerful personality that knows no limit. With endurance and perseverance, the summit is always within our reach. It's a cycle of life of a burning desire and soulful recollection, leading to a meaningful life we deserve. 

© 2017 Del Cusay

Sunday, November 5, 2017

6th Year Blogging Anniversary: Reminiscence of The Glorious Times

We will never know how far we have gone through or how great we have become when we don't push ourselves to our limits; knowing who we really are and what we are capable of doing. That's when we start our journey to the road of limitless potentials and possibilities. Enjoying the moment of overcoming obstacles on the way to the peak. We may have conquered the summit and felt victorious, but that moment isn't forever and we continue the journey back to where life seems normal and easy. That's the cycle of life. No permanence, but just unending highs' and lows'.

I reminisce the days when I have followed my soulful desire and made a commitment. It's not a major one. Not even an absolute commitment. I call it a passion  a lifestyle that is for a chosen few. This is to follow my desire to put my stories in writing. Blogging is a lifestyle that triggers emotions and can move people; not to be idolized, but an inspiration that life is a series of stories comparable to a book. It has chapters and stand alone pages and a title.

As I write a title in every pages or chapters, it highlights the wondrous journey of past, present and future living. Not merely dwelling on the past, but enjoying on the moment; the power of now. That's the way it is. However, we envision a life ahead of our time. That's a gift of time travel; of living maybe light years ahead — to the extreme.

Today, November 5 is about remembering the past. On this day, about 6 years ago, I started to become a writer of my journey and destiny. As I recall, "Insights For A Fulfilling Life" made a significance as I documented life's precious learning turned into wisdom from Sages of the East and West. It's about living a in a deeper consciousness; in a different state of being and planes of existence. That was surreal for sure. 

As I began to be awakened, life is still continuously changing. Some old ways of living and some great deeds done. Awakening starts when we explore the deeper core of our being. Our soulful quest for meaning and understanding the chaos and adversity that happens to everyone and the world we live in.

It was on November 5, 2011 when I first started to share about the gentle awakening through The Power of Meditation. It all started with a light; an inspiration; a sparked leading to an action. A tremendous energy that was so powerful enough to change a personality. That's how it all began. Whenever I look back, it was a simple wish; a desire for something different and meaningful. It was granted and I have gone through the test of time. Rough as it may have been, still on the journey of fine tuning.

On the first year of blogging anniversary, it was about Reminiscence of The Glorious Times. A run through of the insights on my travels: interaction with people and exposure with different and bizarre cultures. A year after, on the 2nd year was like a viral post on the western readers when I posted about Following Our Heart's Desire. Since then and up to date, it's the most read and shared blog post. I describe is as an ordinary post, but a meaningful and significant one.

My ebook entitled "Heart's Desire: Journey to Success" came into reality as inspired by that post and was even accepted by amazon for international readers. It was never easy, but I have learned to do it on my own and beyond my wildest dreams, I have faith in myself to live up on my future desires that may be unimaginable. It's a journey, and along the way are crossroads. There will be times that it will be good to feel defeated and some days feeling like a champion  a winner.

On the 6th year anniversary, is a celebration of a new chapter: The Road Ahead is about living your greatest life inspired by the light from within. On this new chapter, it's about a meaningful silence and experiencing and overcoming the challenges. To overcome defeat and emerging as a winner based on personal definition of success.

As I said, this personal blogsite is what I considered a masterpiece: a collection of stories shared by great people from great places, culture and events. This will continue to exist in the years to come and I will always be delighted to share it with people who aspires to awaken their inner giant from within and share the light today and beyond.

© 2017 Del Cusay