Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Decade in Review: 2010- 2019

The decade of the 2010s was the beginning of real-life stories about opportunities, commitments, achievements, and milestones. This is a decade of actual application of learning after graduation. 

No matter how tough life may seem in this decade, I remember the times I rose from pains and sorrows, losses and defeat. This is a bittersweet experience of life's ups and downs. I win, I lose, I regain, and I conquer. That sums up the decade of the 2010s, but there are in-depth stories on each year of the last 10 years.


The beginning of the decade brought us together away from home and my parents. In Manila, our siblings live and bond to celebrate meaningful moments and milestones.

2010 was the time when I gathered enough strength and regained my confidence to be more independent and to unleash my inner powers.

2011- 2015

The first half of the decade is the most challenging life ever. I had a great life when I joined the BELife organization of Master Del Pe in April 2011. That year was the beginning of a journey for personal development and experiencing higher consciousness through various empowering programs aimed at self-mastery.
The year 2011 was meaningful since I discovered the esoteric world and was exposed to and trained for Charity work led by Master Del Pe. I have traveled to the tremendous spiritual country of India and visited some of its major cities to reach our individuals, families, and groups to impart the teachings of Master de Pe, a renowned International Life mentor and spiritual leader.

My 4 years of service at BELife and MDP Foundation is where I gained knowledge and wisdom about life and other subjects taught by Master Del Pe. I have improved myself on different levels and will carry on that valuable learning forever.


A short and soulful journey happened in Baguio City in the Cordillera in May of 2015. I have lived in this place and appreciate nature while enjoying its vibrant city living.
I trekked the mountains while enjoying the scenery and the cool weather. This is the kind of life I would want to live; a developed place where nature is abundant, protected and preserved.

In September 2015, I joined the BPO sector when I became a Skills Enhancement Trainer. It was a great experience to have handled a group of eager trainees to become part of the BPO industry as a Contact agent.

In April 2016, I became part of The Medical City team in Iloilo City. I was a Patient Partnership Experience Manager and handled 4 units under its umbrella. I managed the Customer Service, Information, Patient Education, and Corporate Communications units. These units are the frontliners in hospital service, and we had to ensure that the patients and clients would have an excellent patient experience during their stay at the medical center.


In March 2017, I joined the automotive industry as a sales consultant and trainer at Ford Global City.

I never considered selling cars, but this is where life brought me. It was also at this place where I applied my customer experience knowledge, which I had learned earlier in my previous work.

That was a promising career but a tough one. It needs more patience and perseverance to stay in this fast-paced job.


The Last year of the decade was freedom. Being free from the noisy world I used to live in. I have chosen to stay quiet for a while and gain enough energy before the start of the new decade.

This year 2019, I was at home together with my parents. I live simply and comfortably, and we have built a farmhouse where we can unwind. This is life away from the city. Not a fast-paced life, but living in the Now! Living in the present moment.
That was the decade 2010s! A decade full of surprises. A meaningful one and the start of a beautiful journey.

The new decade of the 2020s is coming and will surely bring more surprises. I hope for a great decade ahead and a soulful journey in life.

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