Sunday, January 12, 2020

Journey of Love

Staring at the first full moon of 2020 was a great homecoming welcome after a long distance travel.

Meeting of families, sharing love stories, a sumptuous meal, wonderful conversations and heartfelt dedications. That was a fantastic and romantic day. A day of smiles, laughter and tears. A memory that will last for a lifetime.

Lying in bed at night, I was amazed by the moons' greater illumination at the balcony as seen through the glass door. I rushed to get up and see the fullmoon shining so bright. A Romantic scene of saying, "I love you to the moon and back."
That was a great day and a fantastic night to remember.

Then comes Soulful Sunday, a moment of breathing in and out at the sea. Watching the gentle waves, looking at the horizon and enjoying the moment of soulful conversation.

A great journey ahead starts with a grateful heart. We are blessed with the people in our lives who are there to be with us and to counsel us.

As we move on to the next level, the journey of love will grow and will be strengthened by faith. Just like the great illumination of the moon, it will shine brighter and fuller.

Until the next time we will continue the shining moment and the journey of love always living at the present moment. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Highlands of Bucari

The holiday continues! It's the first week of the year 2020 and the first week of the new decade, but the joyful and soulful moment never ends.

The new year 2020 was welcomed with enthusiasm and a positive spirit. It was probably the simplest celebration ever, yet the most fun and memorable. 

The holiday rush and noise is over and we are now back to normal vibe. We missed the playful kids, the laughters and great conversations. We have learned some life lessons and we have higher hopes to accomplish.

Today, the first Sunday of the year is a memorable one. It's the first Soulful Sunday moment. This time it was experienced away from home, but a nearby province of Iloilo in the Municipality of Leon. 

This is my first visit and on my bucketlist is to see and experience the highlands of Bucari. I was accompanied by a beautiful person who is adventurous and also a lover of nature. This was our first time to visit the so-called Summer capital of Iloilo and had a wonderful journey on the road. What a blissful experience I will never forget!

The road to Bucari is a wonderful experience riding a motorcycle while enjoying the magnificent view of the mountains covered with trees. As we approach the higher elevation and the curvy road, we were greeted by the cool mist and the foggy scenery. I was not in Tagaytay or Baguio, but Bucari has almost the same view.

After about half an hour motorcycle ride, I was amazed of the development when we entered the camping site where cottages and tents are built and set up. I never thought of the development and the crowd of people who visit to experience the place. Visitors are cheerful and seem excited to explore what the place has to offer. We explored and see it with ourselves. No regrets! 

We have climbed the highest peak and have passed by the 14 stations of the cross. That was hundreds of steps; and to reach the final station we have climbed the rock formation. We have conquered our fears and we have reach the summit. No fears! 

That was an awesome view. Perhaps one of the best I've ever seen. The peak offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Municipality of Leon and other towns of Iloilo. We were at the cloud nine! And literally the surrounding is covered with clouds, until it has disappeared momentarily and offered a clear view of the mountains and the small villages from afar.

The majestic view at the top was a great moment for appreciating the nature and some good conversations about future travel and adventures. This is just the beginning and hoping for the best journey on the way. 

Before we end our short trip, we dropped by the chapel and had the final glimpse of the mountains. I suddenly reminisce my soulful moment in the highlands of Dharamsala in India, quite similar to the view of the mountains that seem closer.

What a great adventure! And a great start of the year. Again that was another breathing out and a way to calm down despite of the adrenaline rush. We did it! We made it! 

That was a great Soulful Sunday moment. Living well and at the present moment. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year 2020: A New Decade

It's now the 20s! The new decade has started. A new beginning... A new hope and new aspirations.

The decade 2010s  has ended and the new decade 2020s has started and seem to be brighter. We have welcomed the new year and the new decade with a greater vision. And so our mission will come a long way to reach another milestones and breakthroughs over the next decade. 

The  previous year 2019 was a great moment in our family as we have welcomed blessings that will leave a lasting impact a living legacy.

For this year 2020, the new decade has shown a glimpse of a shining and a promising future; a vision of a distant future. 

We have celebrated the new year with a simple yet meaningful family gathering at the farm. This was the first ever new year that we have spent outdoor and in the nature. It was fun and a great way of welcoming a new year with lighter vibe, but with greater hopes and dreams. 

What the future is like 

As we enjoy the serenity, we are already looking forward for the kind of life that our grandparents have envisioned for his family and offpring. 

My grandfather is a great visionary and he sees opportunities for a sustainable living. He is there to tell a story, a great story of his humble beginnings how he started it all. 

For us his grandchildren, that was not only a story; that was an inspiration to realize our potentials and live a better life. He inspires and instill values and virtues through his example. 

Teaching minds of young ones

When I was at the farm, I am eager to listen from the words of wisdom of my Father. This may be the reason I have learned to embrace a farm living the way they do. 

For the new year, again my father inpired us all including his grandchildren about the value of nature through a simple tree planting activity. The kids were eager to plant a dwarf coconut tree through the guidance of my father. To touch the soil isn't to get a dirty hand, but to reap what they have sowed in years to come.

That tree planting activity was momentous since they have planted on the new year and a new decade 2020. They will see how it will grow and bear fruits in years to come when they visit the farm.

A promising future awaits 

In the next 2 decades; about 20 years from now, our hometown will be more livable and it will offer a greater and sustainable opportunities. We were born and raised in this place we call home and we will always come back to see its development and create the future we envisioned. 

What a great start of the year. We took a deep breath and breathe it out. We feel lighter and more calm. We are more inspired and we would want a life that is on a positive side.

New year and new decade 2020! A new journey to take. A new road ahead. A new crossroad to overcome. A new soulful moment to live.

© 2020 Del Cusay

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