Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oprah's Lifeclass: On Living Fearlessly

Lifeclass, live in New York, was one of the hottest topic participated by a large audience, and I've got the opportunity to participate though live webcast.

I have learned that fear is inevitable, and is not bad at all. You only need to recognize the fear, but still have the courage to pursue whatever you endeavor. Fear can sabotage success if you listen to it more than just ignoring it. In my life, I used to have a lot of fear, but I have learned to persevere and conquer the fear that's pulling me down.

Oprah, on the interview asked 10 questions about 'living on fear' based on the discussion with Tony Robbins. It was indeed a thought-provoking queries that challenged me. Here's my answer to the questions:

1.    What is the story you are telling yourself right now? What self-limiting beliefs within that story?

I always tell myself that I have the courage and will to do things as planned. I have affirmations and beliefs that success follows if I put my concentration to whatever I need to accomplish.

2. Tony Robbins says we need to see life as it is--but not worse than it is. Can you describe your life realistically without emphasizing the negative?

My life now has been influenced by my thoughts and personal beliefs from past to the present time. Whatever I have achieved, big or small, is the result of my desire to succeed. I am grateful that I am guided by my principles and virtues towards greater understanding of life events, good decision-making and better judgement.

3.  He says the only two choices we have are to lead an inspired or dead life. Which choice have you made so far? What's one example from the past six months that exemplifies this choice?

I have chosen to lead an inspired life. Success is a matter of how we make it as inspired by our core beliefs. An inspired living is not tired of doing things which he loves. It was just few months ago when I started blogging to express and share my thoughts about certain topics which I like most. It's the choice I have made that gives me joy and self-worth.

4. Talk about a happy recent moment.

I am happy whenever I express my thoughts and blog about it. I am challenge to share my writings that somehow could inspire someone who can relate to it.

5.  Tony Robbins said, "I asked him about his joy, and he gave me his wound." Looking at the above answer, did you describe something happy--or tinged with pain or dissatisfaction?

It is the feeling of being happy that pain and suffering that was once experienced has been survived. The pain was gone and is just a piece of past memory. More than being happy is the joy felt when you surpassed life's adversities no matter how painful it has been.
6.  He said people have six needs: love, certainty, adventure, significance, growth and contribution. What's your two top needs from that list.

To be significant is what makes life meaningful. I look back at life to assess what purposeful things shall take into action. It is only when you've found life's purpose that you tend to be more caring and understanding. It is also important to have growth. It's a measure that one has achieved certain level of maturity that's needed for the attainment of bigger or higher purpose.

7.  Now describe what you've given up as a result of having those two needs as your priorities. For instance, if you chose certainty, which means you value over things, have you limited spontaneity in your life?

 I believe that it goes hand in hand. It's just a matter of what you prioritize over the other; but the bottom line is that the list is all-important.

8. How do you define success?

Success is the attainment of dreams and aspirations no matter how big or small. It's how we create it and not just destined to be.

9.  Tony Robbins said success without fulfillment is failure. Does your definition of success include things that give you a sense of meaning?

People can become successful but not fulfilled, and the other way around. Fulfillment is a lifelong and an intense emotional experience, whereas success can be short-lived. When you do meaningful things that are of higher purpose or value, it can give a sense of fulfillment that you can cherish for a lifetime.

10.   Where in your life do you feel stuck? What is the small action you can take to change? Then what massive action--an exponentially bigger step--can you take?

There comes a time when I felt stuck in certain areas of my life. but what's important is how I dealt with it and able to move forward. Even small but willful and meaningful actions can go an extra-mile if accompanied by will-to-good.
Courage to do things is not merely the absence of fear, but it is a powerful antidote. When fear strikes, we can feel it but we have to do our thing anyway. Our mind has the tremendous power to achieve whatever thoughts we have created and believe in. So choose to face your fears, conquer it and go an extra-mile ahead.

© 2012 Del Cusay