Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oprah's Lifeclass: What Is Keeping You from Being a Star in Your Own Life

Oprah and Dr. Phil have shared insights on one of the most challenging questions... How to be the star of your own life? 

Whether we want to take full responsibility of our lives in terms of relationships, career and goals; then we can achieve what it is to feel like being a star that we are meant to be. 

Here are some of my answers to this challenging questions on this episode...

1.  Think about the choices you can make to create a positive outcome. What is it you're doing that's working?

Recently, it has been easier for me to attract people and circumstances in my life. These are the images on my mind that turns out to become a reality. Definitely, I believe that you get things as desired if you put your mind and attention on it. 

2. What do you need to stop doing that's getting in the way of what you want? 

There are some flaws in our personality that prevents us from moving forward faster if we are not yet a master of our destiny. Egocentricity may have played a bad role at times and this is one of the hardest things to give up. Though it may have become destructive towards achieving a goal, the good thing is, it can be controlled if you focus your attention away from it.

3.  What do you need to start doing that will empower you to move forward?

It is necessary for one to become straightforward in the thinking process and decision-making. The quality of thoughts will have a great impact to your goals, thus avoiding pessimism can attract good things in life. 

4. Key Strategies for attaining a goal. Strategy # 1: Express your goals in terms of specific events or behaviors. Complete this sentence: I want...

I want to increase the level of my knowledge and expertise for the next 2 years. It might be a short time for such achievement, but daily small actions can produce a cumulative effect of becoming what you want by following your heart's desire.

5. Strategy  # 2: Express your goal in terms that can be measured. Complete this sentence: Specifically, that means...

to be able to get what you want, it is important to have a mental list and steps on how it can be done. It is also good to have it achievable, even how big your goals are. 

6. Strategy # 3: Assign a timeline to your goal. Complete this sentence: A realistic timeline is...

A realistic timeline is something that can be achieved on a particular period or time frame. It is also vital to put a deadline to the goal so you put all your energies to achieve it.

7. Strategy # 4: Choose a goal you can control. Complete this sentence: The circumstances I can control in achieving this goal are...

The circumstances I can control in achieving this goal are those that can be change or amend. There are times when you need to make a shift towards more effective step along the process of goal-setting. 

8. Strategy # 5: Plan and program a strategy that will get you to your goal. Complete this sentence: The potential obstacles and resources required are...

time, knowledge and skills can have a significant impact. Its possession can make or break a goal depending on how you utilize it and make a better use of it. It could be an obstacle and could break it or it could also be  a good resources and be able to make it.

9. Strategy # 6: Define your goal in terms of steps. Complete this sentence: The necessary steps are...

to have the faith, perseverance and gratitude to live closer to the achievement of goals. There are times you feel a failure, but it is important to have the perseverance in times of despair and lastly by cultivating gratitude for success.

10.  Strategy # 7. Create accountability for your progress toward your goal. Complete this sentence: I will create accountability by...

by constantly keeping a track of my progress and doing reflection on the process. It is good to do evaluation of goals so as not to waste energy and resources if things go wrong and if there's needs a for a better strategy.

11. How will you feel when you attain your goal?

Attaining most cherished goals feels like a winner--a champion. It is a reward of hard work combined with perseverance and trust in oneself.