Monday, February 1, 2016

Stars of the Galaxy: Reliving the Magical Moments

Sometimes, we reminisce about wonderful moments that once made us feel good about ourselves. We enjoyed those moments that captivated our imaginations and desires. 

We cherish the times when we feel ignited by our passion and aspirations. We feel great about ourselves and strive to show our best selves.

Today, we live and create our own reality, our version of life that guides our destiny. It's not just a dream, but to rekindle moments that will launch us to our destination -- our future success. We create a roadmap to guide us along the way, not to be overwhelmed by circumstances but to regain ourselves when we brave the stormy seas.

Our journey to success will always depend on how much power we unleash in ourselves. Once the untapped energy is activated, it will be ever-ready to launch us to something unimaginable. You may not believe it at first, but those dreams and desires are becoming closer to reality -- your magical journey.

We often meet uncontrollable circumstances to challenge us, make or break, test... Our unwavering faith would build a solid rock; to strengthen the core. And when the rough time comes, our best defense would be on hand, fierce and mighty, ready to knock out and bounce back to reality.

On the way to the peak are hills and valleys that often get unnoticed by many, disregarding the hidden struggles and dreaded misery. 

Others see the hollowness that breaks easily, though the barrier is still unbreakable to set you free -- you become a winner and will always be.

Our commitment to excellence is like a bow and arrow. It will uplift our standards and eventually prove our worth, not to others, but to ourselves. Whereas our goal to hit the target is like a compass. It will guide us toward the right path. We might get lost, but we can surely regain our life and follow the guiding light.

© 2016 Del Cusay