Monday, June 26, 2017

Eid'l Fitr: A Moment of Peace

After a month-long battle between the Philippine Government forces and the local terrorist group, finally, our Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters in the city of Marawi in Mindanao have a glimpse of a peaceful hour for today's celebration of Eid'l Fitr, or the end of Ramadan a meaningful religious festival to break the 30-day fasting. Though a short ceasefire, it may have given them hope to escape and live peacefully away from their devastated city. 

As I reflect on the significance of this religious celebration, we are in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives to achieve a peaceful life. Islam, as a religion of peace, brings hope and does not instill fear and terror among fellow Islamic faithful; it may be the opposite of the current events where fearful people cry for the justice, unity, solidarity, and peace they deserve. As a Christian in faith, I condemn the evil acts of terrorism and wars brought by greed and selfishness. Even the religion of peace would have condemned the same adversity they have experienced for a long time. A never-ending conflict and war in the region resulted in political instability and has affected the social and moral welfare of the people. The psychological traumas in children and even adults will forever leave a permanent scar on their being. Unless they rise to adversity, they will continue to suffer until the end of their days. 

We are unsure what the future will bring to the people of Marawi, but we are one in prayers for their rehabilitation  their hopeful journey to recovery. It may be a spiritual test, but part of the recovery is understanding the nature of the Divine. A Violent God in Our Time would punish his people for the greater good and eventually achieve a heaven-on-earth life. Everyone can become a victim and a sacrifice for the future of humanity. It may be unjust, but that's the present reality in this world. People can kill others for wealth, power, and influence; a dictator can order a massive killing of his people; countries may bomb a non-allied nation. There's really evil in this world that is trapped in the hearts and minds of the radicals. 

People are getting anxious, fearful, and powerless. Nations are getting upset and always on fire. The world is getting so chaotic that we sometimes ask, Is There A Divine Light in A troubled Nation? This might give clarity and answer to the untoward events happening everywhere. In situations like this, we remain steadfast and faithful to the most powerful force in the universe. When a human being has lost its divinity, we again go through the process of purification to regain the divinity that is lost. With perseverance and faith in God, we can become whole again if there's a belief that There's A Certain Holiness in Us. Humanity must regain the lost being, so we can live in harmony and camaraderie with our brothers and sisters with a different faith. We are one nation that belongs to one world with universal feelings and emotions. We can always make a difference in other people's well-being through our loving and compassionate nature. No matter what race you and I belong to, our spiritual nature guides and directs us toward our purpose  to live and reign peace and harmony in our hearts forever.

© 2017 Del Cusay