Saturday, April 20, 2019

Holy Week 2019: Our Personal Journey to Calvary

Calvary is a hilly place associated with the crucifixion and death of Jesus; a place we always remember to be the most painful event in His life. Its relevance in today's time goes beyond our catechism about his passion and death, but also our personal journey as we experience to carry our own cross our own journey to Calvary.

On this year's Holy Week celebration, we commemorate the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ our Lord. This is the time for personal reflection and devotion about the significance of Christ's suffering for humanity that is not exclusive to a particular faith, culture, and social status, but referring to Christ's love for all human beings.

We may be suffering endlessly in our life even after death, but it is through pains and sorrows that we learn to grow spiritually and become a stronger follower of Jesus and servants of God. If we can remember the stories of several saints that we venerate, they may have been the most sinful man who lived on earth, however, God transformed them to be his living disciple until their last breath.

Just like us ordinary human beings, we strive hard to become holy, but sins are inevitable on us. We commit sins with our thoughts, words, and actions no matter how prayerful we are, yet we still follow Christ and do not abandon our faith. It is the church that is our refuge in times of difficulties; we kneel to pray, we ask for forgiveness, and repent for our sins even we continue to commit sins to various degrees.

We carry not just our own cross, but we have multiple crosses along the way. We carry the cross for our family, country, and for the whole of humanity. From our own cross, we are now connected and interrelated. We have sinned personally, so does our families, our country, and humanity.

These crosses are the hardest and the most painful to carry. Every day we struggle for something; from our thoughts and intentions and to our decisions and actions. Our daily suffering is a reminder that as we live on earth, we are bound to suffer just like Jesus and He taught us that through pains and struggles, we can be saved through His examples; for me, that's how Jesus saved us from our sins through His unconditional love.

We have our personal journey of suffering and we have our very own Calvary in our hearts and mind. When we become a prisoner of our negativity, we also become a prisoner of our faith.

In my hometown in Jamindan, a Parish was built by the people as they carry their cross. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Linambasan, Jamindan, Capiz is a place for people who would call for the Divine Mother to help us ease the pain and comfort us in our difficulties as we carry our cross.

At these times, we even go beyond our personal cross as we help each other carry the cross of the community of the faithful so that we may be able to walk straight on the path and carry a lighter load we could bear. When we can bear the little discomfort as we carry our cross, we can help lighten up the heaviness of our society created by our negativity. We can then go beyond our share of the country by being the responsible and faithful citizens that our family and small community have produced.

Holy Week 2019 is to reflect beyond our personal desires for holiness. We may be a sinner, but we can grow spiritually becoming a better member of our family and our community, and our beloved country. The Calvary in our time is not a final destination of suffering, but we always carry it and bear with it until our final moment and judgment.

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