Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Birthday Special: Celebrating our Mother's 66th Birthday

We are blessed with the gift of life when we are born in this world. This is something to be grateful for. We are bound to a journey of knowing our life purpose. 

Since birth, our Mother is there to guide and raise us well. She nurtures and protects us until we live our own lives. She made a lot of sacrifices for us to have a brighter future. She loves her family and us, and her energy is about having a family to love and care for and guiding her children to know our life purpose and follow our path.

As we grow to adulthood, our Mother is still there to support us and share life lessons and wisdom. Her years of life experiences made her stronger and wiser. She is always there to listen and will always be the best counselor in times of need.

Today, we honor our Mother as she celebrates her 66th birthday. She deserves the best for her selfless love for our family and the religious community she had chosen to serve. 

Her love has grown beyond self, creating a ripple of goodwill to us, her children. She will be our guiding light and our strength. As we age, we understand her selfless sacrifices and her fight for a better life.

We wish our Mother the best of life so she can follow her dreams and make them come true. Her goals and visions of the future seem so bright, and we hope to catch a glimpse of that light as we grow and move further for a meaningful life.

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