Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Moment of Solitude

You need some time to be alone. That's an addition to our basic physiologic needs. A time when you can be yourself and know yourself better and more profoundly.

I have always been enjoying a moment of solitude since I discovered its healing powers. Nature does healing wonders for those who walk alone and seek life and truth. There are moments of self-discovery of who we are and what we can do  our purpose of living.

With the sound of silence, we go through the deafening stage until we get used to it. There is a miracle in silence, and being in a state of solitude, we can hear our voice out loud from deep within. We are quiet and in stillness. We listen and respond to our being. That's a fundamental truth of our soulful desires of being.

There are always great things about having some moment of solitude. Our 'me time' reminds us that we need to heal ourselves as we return to the present reality of dealing with the most important people. That's what really matters. 

For many years I have been living in solitude. Although not entirely, I find meaning in silence, just being alone. And when I share my precious moment with people, I glow and show what is hidden in me. A soulful time spent connecting, expressing, being heard, and understanding.

Each day as we wake up, we have personal moments of reflection. We listen to our inner voice and to the Divine's voice. We get back to our goals of what we are supposed to achieve. Our dreams... Ambitions... Wishful desires.

In our busy day and for those living in bigger cities and dealing with so much noise and distractions, there is time to walk away and experience absolute solitude. Some would live in the more relaxed countryside. Others would have a weekend getaway on the mountains and the beach to contemplate. A homecoming holiday vacation even once a year. Such a thing contributes to soulful healing. 

A moment of solitude is what we all need to keep us alive and always living in the present. It improves our ability to focus and increases our awareness and consciousness. And from that moment of solitude, we can stand still and walk straight, knowing who we are and our self-worth.

© 2020 Del Cusay