Sunday, March 1, 2020

Quantum Leap of Faith in the Summit

You didn't believe it until a leap of faith brings you to where you are; your present living. Your current state doesn't define your whole life and the pause you make is like a slingshot that is ready to launch you to what you have imagined.

Timeless energy is more than a fantasy, just like our state of consciousness that creates our reality. And so if you believe that thoughts are energy, whatever you think, you become - - the becoming of who you are or who I am.

What makes this year special is another leap to complete the cycle. Another day is added to make it whole. And that's the essence of a leap year; to wait for the right time to make it whole and complete.

We are once incomplete or broken at some point in our existence. And it took us days and months and years to finally fix or fill in what is missing.

It is when we have found an answer to 'who am I?' that we dare to take a quantum leap of faith. We move forward and say 'what's next?' what is there waiting for us that needs to unveil. 

Who is the person of our dreams? What's the kind of life that lies ahead? What does the future bring? These are tough questions that we have to uncover, not instantly but intuitively. Not something we figure out, but just came to our higher consciousness.

The quantum leap of faith is like a leap year. We believe that time will heal and in time will make us complete. We could wait for years for someone to come along. That's a new beginning. A new milestone to move on.

© 2020 Del Cusay