Sunday, June 28, 2020

Stairway to the Mountain

Nature's spring is nature's best. That was a great and meaningful adventure on the foothill of the mountain; the Mount Arayat National Park.

To be closer to nature is a weekend and holiday destination for most of city dwellers. An escape from noise pollution and a hustle and bustle of a the city life. Escaping from the real world of unending work and tasks. Escaping from reality even for a short while.

An adventure worth sharing 6 years ago brought me to the beautiful and peaceful town of Arayat in the Province of Pampanga in Central Luzon Island, Philippines.

Two months after I arrived in the Philippines from a year of living abroad was a great adventure and a soulful healing. That was April 2014 when I finally had a closer glimpse of Mount Arayat which can only be seen from a distant highway when going to Northermost provinces  in the country.

Nature's retreat offers wonderful healing results of the body, mind and soul. This is all we need after a long and tiring workweek. And for the physical grounding, a day hike to the mountain feels like rooting to the earth. Nature's way to be  reconnected  to the earth as our mind wanders and boggles accompanied by anxiety, worries and fears.

At the park's entrance going to the hilltop community is a serene environment and a soulful sound of nature. The park is also a home to different species of birds and wildlife that is under conservation. 

The park is a great escapade for families, team building and even solo retreat. There are cottages, picnic area, playground and campsites for everyone's need.

A hundred step stairway going to the hilltop community is a great calorie burning and offers a stunning view of the Mountain. Closer view to the roof of Pampanga -- the highest peak of the province.

Take a deep breath and a little more hike passing through the tree houses and all the way to the Arayat Bikers Club. A solemn spiritual community awaits where one is closer to the nature. Truly a heaven on earth for the residents and for the visitors.

Before heading down to the lowlands, I took a pause, meditated and reflected on the Divine presence and a meaningful journey ahead.

The Mountain of Arayat and its Natural Park provides greater service for people seeking respite from various suffering, loneliness, stress and grief.

On the new best normal and after the pandemic, people would be reconnected back again with the  nature; taking a deeper breath and breathing out of toxicities of the body and mind and purification of one's soul. And when we need to reboot or restart, there will always be a mountain to climb for a soul searching -- to heal our being.

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