Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fathers Day Special: A Hero in our Hearts

Who's your favorite hero? It may be Marvel superheroes or national heroes which you idolize for their bravery and supernatural powers. Since when we're a kid, we look up to someone who has the energy to make things happen.

A hero could be those we see on TV or read in a book. But, the hero we couldn't miss is just there with us from the moment we were born until our grown-up years and even when we live independently to follow our path and destiny.

Our Father is a hero and deserves honor and recognition from us, his children. His endearing sacrifice made us survive and become better. We become whole and complete because he fills in with what's missing in us. He continuously provides guidance when we're down and on our way up. He believes in us that we can make always make it in life. That we can fight even if we have doubts and fears.

When we go beyond personal goals and dreams, it's when we become selfless. And Fathers would go his way to serve beyond family but to the community.

My Father has achieved his higher purpose in public service as an elected official. He served as a Town Councilor from the year 1998-2007 and from 2016 until the present. I've witnessed his performance and dedication, and he has proven his toughness and resilience in dealing with battles. 

There are things I may not have understood in the past. But today, I carry within the lessons imparted. The wisdom will always be cherished and to be shared with loved ones. It's always in my heart because a hero is immortal. He stays forever in our hearts.

Fathers are real-life heroes. They are our superheroes. They are everywhere, and they serve with selfless love and compassion. Today, we celebrate Father's day, and we give special moments of reminiscing and remembering their contributions and an impact on our lives.

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