Sunday, September 26, 2021

Birthday Special: Celebrating our Mother's 68th Birthday

What's your most meaningful birthday wishes for your Mother? 

When we were a little kid, we remember the most loving moments with our Mother. Someone who nourishes our being. Caring for us and attending to our needs. A Mother who's full of joy in raising us to become complete.

As we get older, we still remember the days when we were at our Mother's side. There are times when we think of happy and fun-filled moments whenever we're down or needs some inspiration.

A birthday is a special moment of remembering. And no distance separates us from our Mother as we celebrate her day. We give thanks and send meaningful wishes. It's on this day we spend time to gather and give her joy in her heart. 

We wish her a good life. To spend more time enjoying what she loves doing. And to fulfill her own goals and heart's desires. She devoted her life in raising us well, and now she's actively involved in building up a community. It's her way of giving back to the place where she was born and gave her an opportunity to serve.

We will forever be on her side to accomplish her life's cherished goals. She has a deeper faith and guided by the Divine love and light.

On her 68th birthday, we celebrate her life and we feel her love from a distance. We may not be together, but she's always in our hearts wherever we are. We'll always support her aspirations and help her achieve a fulfilled life.

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