Sunday, October 10, 2021

Holding the Line with Maria Ressa

When I met Maria Ressa back in July 2017, I had the opportunity to briefly interview her about her views regarding climate change and disaster resilience.

That's part of her mission with her AGOS Project. She's deeply committed to helping Filipino people build a more resilient and prepared communities.

I admired her positive outlook. She was brilliant and a champion on many things. She's not a politician, but she's a journalist whose job is to bring news and investigative journalism to the people.

Many people may not like her, but Maria Ressa continues to embrace prejudice and criticism. From online trolls, detractors and  endless attacks from the Government, she's standing still and bravely holding the line.

To hold the line means not to allow atrocities to happen in a civilized society like the Philippines. When what we watch and hear are about the drug war killings, attack on journalists and suppression of news media organizations, Ressa isn't defeated with her strong voice and stance to fight for justice and truth.

Maria Ressa had a share of attacks from the country where she serves with love. Her role in mass media is beyond ordinary since she do things extraordinarily well.

On October 8, 2021, Maria Ressa was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. She's the first Filipino individual Nobel Peace Laureate winner. A prestigious global award-giving body for extraordinary accomplishments that have massive impact to the community.

Maria Ressa will be my inspiration for holding the line. She will be known for her legacy in fighting for injustices and suppression of journalism. Not many people of her profession can be as tough and bold like her. She fights with the giants, with the bullies and the killers of freedom and justice.

Nobel Peace Price Laureate 2021, Maria Ressa will forever be known to be on the side of truth. She's an ally to keep. A leader we all must keep.

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