Sunday, November 11, 2018

Devotion to The Miraculous Medal

I grew up in a family who has a great devotion to the Miraculous Medal. The precious medal was revealed by the Holy Mary: Mother of God in France on November 29, 1830. I remember this devotion to be celebrated by my family annually every 10th day of November -- originally every 27th day of November in celebration of the real birthday of my father; however was moved to 10th of November  in the early of the devotion.

Our relatives mostly elderly are among those who venerate and pray religiously while singing praises of hymn and thanksgiving and to glorify Mary: Mother of Christ. They help us through prayers to glorify Mary and Jesus and to pray for our intension. The Miraculous Medal of Mary never failed to hear our prayers through her intercession. It is through prayers that healings would happen. Healing of our body, mind and spirit. A holistic spiritual healing granted through the promises of the Miraculous Medal. 

I am a living witness of the miracles of the sacred medal of Mary. Our family may have experienced a lot of struggles and pain but we have remained to be strong and positive through the years. We have overcome  obstacles and trials that would have break us. However, prayer is truly powerful weapon to overcome defeat.

I also remember just before graduation when we were given a booklet of the Miraculous Medal by our teacher who is also a devotee. The prayers helped me overcome doubts and negativity and helped me to pass the board exam with positivity. It is the intercession of the Blessed Mary through his son Jusus Christ our God that we remain to be prayerful for graces and blessings in our life.

It's been 3 decades already that we are annually celebrating our devotion to the Miraculous Medal and that will continue for the years to come. The Blessed Mary never fails to hear us when we ask for her intercession. We glorify her name and we give her the highest veneration as the mother of Christ - - our Lord and our savior. Just like the her message to all of us: "Oh Mary! conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"

Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us. Amen.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The World of Entrepreneurship

When I quit my job in the corporate world, I was uncertain of what may come next; the plans and the choices I have to go through for the next chapter. I have never expected to start a small business just right after my exit in the company. That was big; a tough one... a challenge. Few weeks after, I have made it on my own and with the help of my love one to set up this long time aspirations. Left with courage and determination, I never hesitated and complied with business legalities and launched the dream I hold on for years.

I always believe that people always dream big, however  there's a certain feeling of hesitancy; feeling inadequate and not ready. I always tell myself not to wait for the right time to launch something. I can always start and learn to develop and improve it. That principle also applies in accepting a job offer. If we always wait for the right time, our dreams may have been taken by others who may not be ready yet but has the will to start and learn along the way. That principle is what I have applied in starting a small business. I have started right away and learn things everyday. I keep on improving and I keep on dreaming. 

With the execution of my dreams, I have chosen few people who are part of the bigger plan. Not
everyone will stay with you and some may have ran away. One thing I have learned is never to chase but to accept that I have to believe in myself and take full responsibility of my actions. It's my battle... it's my journey. 

I have been told not to share goals or dreams with people, certainly I share it with my family, the ones I give my trust. In return, they serve as my adviser and they are like a co-founder. I love sharing business ideas and principle and I have learned a lot from them already. They have been there for a long time and their business principle are precious and should never be ignored. 

From time to time, ideas are flashing so bright but I have to hold on to that. Sometimes, we delay the execution and have it incubated for a certain period of time. I should never give up and soon I must turn it into a reality. I believe that we are always destined to succeed as long as we have the will-power and the will to survive. I have made it possible and hopefully soon that things will become bigger and  brighter; today and the days to come.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

When September Ends

There's nothing more to be excited about than to hear the Christmas songs in the Philippines. That moment is truly awaited by many: the month of September. Perhaps there is something so special about the beginning of the "Ber" month season. This is when we start to feel being loving and caring and somewhat excited about the remaining few months before the year ends. We may haven't achieved some of our goals yet, but it's never too late to get started.

What makes September so special for me is that this is the month that I was born; this is my birth month and same as with the person who has given birth to me; my loving mother. We both celebrate our birthday in the month of September and it's always a wonderful month like an autumn season. We feel the positive vibe and we are more excited of what comes next in life. 

On this month, I feel a strong energy in my goals and desires. I am more motivated to execute my ideas and plan into actions. This may be a tiring month based on actual experience, but in the end it is fulfilling. Nothing in life comes easy and when we aspire for success we have to sweat it out to fuel our passion and desires. Some tasks may never be easy and that needs patience and tolerance. It is when we persevere that we reap the best rewards thereafter. We trust the system and we are guided to do what is just. Then, we feel relieved and grateful for the challenges we have survived. 

It may have been a fantasy, but time has come to take action of the dream that was put on 'hold' for the longest time. No matter how long it would be, still I take the initiative to live on my dreams and make it 'alive' otherwise, it will still be a dream and not a reality. Wake me up when September ends because this month may be full of make believe ideas turn into action. Here comes the month of October, the first month of the last quarter. This is it! and may the Divine guides inspire and bless the venture I am now into. May this be the fulfillment of my most awaited heart's desire. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

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