Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekend Fitness Inspirations for Better Health

It's summer time and people are into different activities that are fun and exciting. It may be the  ocean breeze that makes people swim in the beaches. Others may enjoy the long ride reaching the mountain  peak; offering the best view of the valley and the sky. Some may enjoy bonding moments with their family in their hometown while on summer vacation. Endless bucket list to fulfill desires to unwind, feel relaxed and to live the greatest moments of their lives. These are what different personalities are up to as they experience the hottest season just before the onset of the monsoon.

Summer time is what brings us closer to our goals as we finally execute plans in action. I have set some goals as my new year's resolution to shed a few pounds, maintain ideal weight and get fit. Forget about Travel Inspirations for a moment and focus more on regaining better physical health. This way I can do lots of activities and opportunities as I get back on track feelings lighter and healthier. It seems a simple goal, but determination and the will-power to make a brand new start is the key to make it happen. Oftentimes it's just a plan and when a cycle of procrastination attacks, nothing happens and the goal is dying and worse is to have just expired. 

All these years, I have learned to put an expiration on the goal being set to accomplish. Never to wait for the right moment or the perfect moment; but to have the will to start and discover ways to improve as you get closer to achieve success. Nothing in life comes easy from the start. It's always the will power that sets us to burn our desires to become fast like a car or higher like an airplane. Our dream, it's limitless! It's our pace that sets us closer to the destination and to win. Like a race, we burn the fuel of passion and perseverance and we stay on track with agility and endurance. 

I am determined, so I have to start... on my own time... my own pace. This summer season is ideal for physical activities as there are fitness enthusiasts who bring awareness to people about the value of health and wellness. I have witnessed the 2-day Fitstreet which is an annual event at Bonifacio high street, BGC offering various activities for the body, mind and spirit. Non-stop zumba of different classes encourages everyone to relieve stiffness and to start swaying the hips and lose love handles. Marathon is fun for those who would love to go an extra mile and burn calories fast while strengthening their core.  Yoga and meditation is purely bliss. It's done just before the sun shines so bright in the serene environment. The Power of Meditation is alive! It's been a while since the last time I practice it regularly, but the body, mind and spirit has to sync so well for better awareness and right consciousness. 

Fitstreet was created with a purpose of inspiring and motivating people to step up, move up, get started and finish what you start. In years to come, we may be living in a highly digital society, but being aware and conscious of what truly matters makes life valuable and precious. A lifetime commitment for physical fitness might not be a goal for now, but a single step is enough to start the game until the time when we lose the energy and could no longer carry out the things we used to love. As long as we have the energy and the will to live, we can go the farthest distance and live the greatest life we deserve. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Physical Fitness For Better Health

Lifestyle change is such a hard thing to commit since it requires discipline and consistency. Dietary change for instance is hard especially when living and working in a place surrounded by instant or fast food. That is more convenient for always on-the-go people who doesn't have much time to prepare their food. The physical effect could be worse since it makes people become obese and prone to hypertension and higher level of cholesterol. This urban lifestyle is making people becoming unhealthy. Looking fit but on the process of developing symptoms like pre-hypertension or hyperlipidemia.

It was in 2016 when I felt that there's something wrong with my health. Heaviness on my head accompanied by cluster pain is making me sick. I experienced increase in heart rate and hyperventilation. That time I felt anxious about what's happening in me. Until I seek medical help and through diagnostic and laboratory test it was found out that I have a very high level of total cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol. In medical parlance, I have a hyperlipidemia and I am predisposed to cardiovascular diseases leading to heart attack or stroke if left untreated. That really scares me whenever I think of the possible consequence of the lifestyle I have chosen.

I used to be a health trainer for about 4 years and during those times I have helped people getting fit and healthier in all levels of health; physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. I used to teach physical exercises and breathing techniques for health and longevity. I have reached out to more people in several cities in the Philippines and Asia. After I left my role, I am back to the old ways; less exercise and meat-based diet that is high in fat content. I can't resist or maybe I couldn't live without meat in my diet. I didn't bother since I believe I could eat anything without getting sick. I am not obese and I didn't feel unhealthy. Until one day, I am convinced that unhealthy and unbalanced diet is really bad to physical health since its manifestations bothered me.

It was in November 2017 when I decided to consult a physician again and have a laboratory check and the result is still the same. My cholesterol level remains high and I was prescribed to take anti-cholesterol drug and dietary change. Another test 2 months after and the result was consistent though I have taken a medicine but have ignored food choices. I just can't avoid eating fast food almost daily for about a year. However, I was alarmed about people getting stroke at a very young age and I don't want to experience it. So I have learned to ignore fast food, though not totally and I try to drink less soda. I started eating lighter and preferred pescetarian diet; fish with some vegetables. Then I felt good that I can survive the dietary change. One more thing is the physical fitness to be part of the lifestyle change. I used to be physically active, so I believe I can start again.

Living in a highly urbanized city should not be an excuse not to become physically fit and healthy. In BGC, just few steps from my new place is a good place for exercise. Built as a recreation park, the Track 30th  is for those who have interest in any forms of exercise like jogging, brisk walking and breathing exercises.  You can see people of all ages, young and old who are into fitness even for few hours. It's a wonderful thing when urban planners now see the importance of having a piece of nature with trees and natural elements that makes people grounded. There are bigger stones where one could sit to relax and meditate.That was a bliss when finally I have the energy and enthusiasm to be back on fitness for a better health. Track 30th is a good place to start and as I continue to explore, I should get more determined of the end result; to feel lighter, calmer and healthier -- free from diseases and untoward symptoms.

Post exercise meal should have been light and to have dropped by at my favorite bakery is also a fitspiration. Few pieces of Pandesal sfuffed with spanish style sardines and coffee is already enough for carbohydrate and protein dietary requirements plus the antioxidant for free radicals. I should learn to prepare a healthy meal and snacks to improve my health and achieve wellness. With exercise and proper diet I can become a living testimony that we can achieve health and fitness and fight off diseases through appropriate lifestyle changes.

I am inspired to share this journey to others who may share the same story or those busy professionals who might be struggling to commit for a total lifestyle change. Physical fitness starts with a commitment followed by endurance and perseverance. It's not only today, but I hope to maintain what is ideal.  A strong physical body also follows a strong mind and spirit that's all we need.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Week 2018: A Loving and Merciful God

Visita Iglesia 2018: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish; Divine Mercy Shrine; San Roque Parish - Mandaluyong

This year's  Holy week reflection may be different as compared to my previous years' celebration, since I have contemplated on the reality in today's society where there's an absence of light in the hearts just for the sake of cleansing or renewal. In our country where the battle between good versus evil is such a big challenge to be won; when thousands of lives were not saved, but have left a scar and darkness from deep within. It's a terrible and sad reality where darkness has invaded the souls not just of the sinners but also the righteous men; the so-called protector of the state and its people.

When killing has been a normal thing produced in the mouth of the most powerful man...
When abuses to women have been a normal form of mockery...
When the biggest offenders are being protected while the poor men are being executed...
When the young minds are becoming influenced and confused of what's right and wrong...
When dealing with things in a violent way to prove righteousness and justice...

In this new generation of believers and non-believers, we have allowed ourselves to be defeated by the darkness. We have allowed to be tempted to commit a sin to eradicate the dark, yet it's done in a wicked way; a barbaric way that is unacceptable in today's time.

Is there some light hidden in our hearts that needs to blossom and enlighten the people that surrounds us? That might be a reality to some, but truly a mystery that only a few understands. Today's society is focusing on wars that they will never be triumphant. Absence of love and inhumane behavior to defeat evil is never easy. Just like defeating our inner demons is a challenge that we have to fight forever. We have not resorted to other means, but to seek the Divine light to renew us and strengthen our faith that we could defeat evil in our hearts and minds.

Our society is becoming sick that we have allowed anger, resentment, aggression and violence to solve unending problem. It has become an instant solution to ward off negativity. This in return created a cycle of violence in our emotional, mental and physical state. We have have been defeated by the darkness and our solution is not to seek the light but to create a chaos; another darkness that have enslaved our soul.

Let this Holy week be a reminder that we have the goodness in everyone's heart no matter how evil people may have become. We may have sinned in the eyes of men, yet there's always a loving and merciful God who can forgive us and renew our life. There's always a God who will take us out from the darkness and live an illumined life. There will always be an evil in this world, but we can always defeat them through the purity of our hearts and our thoughts.

Let this Holy week be the time to renew our faith; to be strengthened by God's love and mercy. Let us not allow evil to influence our thoughts and intentions. Let us remain to be meek and humble like a child. Let us remain to be innocent and forgiving and not to plant seed of negative intentions or harm to other people.

Let our Divinity rule us to be kind and loving...
Let  our conscience dictate us of what is right and wrong...
Let our humanity rule instead of insecurity and bigotry...
Let us be the light in the world of wickedness and lies

Our society is dying in terms of human values and virtues, let us help to resurrect our old and good ways. When we have been raised as a good child, we will never forget that goodness in us no matter how sinful we may have become. We can better appreciate the light when we have been in the dark, but let us not prosecute those who are already in the dark, but lift them up and help them towards spiritual renewal that they may appreciate the light after a longer journey of the darkest moment of their lives. If God is Loving and merciful, how could we not forgive and help them lead a better life.

There's always opposite in this world...
There's a light after the dark...
There's a day after the longest night...
There's a joy after loneliness and sorrow...

Let the resurrected Christ be our shield to rule our hearts and to win over evil and bring light in our society and our world today and forever.

© 2018 Del Cusay

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