Monday, September 17, 2018

Delightedly yours

Getting into entrepreneurship with limited knowledge and skills can be overwhelming. One has to be equipped with the right business mindset and management skills to run it, otherwise it's a risk that is bound to fail. I've heard and read several horror stories of businesses that failed due to incompetence and lack of skills. They may have failed from business venture, but eventually they have learned and didn't give up. Like a cycle of life, they were able to bounce back stronger and better. Having an entrepreneurial spirit is just a piece of the whole pie; it pushes people to get into it and survive the risk.

Having a regular job pushes us to work harder not only for our goal, but also for someone's dream. The difference is that we get the tiniest share of the pie. Not enough compensation to our worth. I mean, we can get a bigger share if we learn to venture on our own; if we believe that we can also make it and we can make our own dreams come true.

I have worked in a bigger national and multi-national companies since 2011. Four companies that helped me survived and learned more about life through valuable and meaningful experiences in business and life. Business is life, and that is somewhat true in that sense. The first company I have served is in the business of life-coaching and health and wellness. That was in the service of humanity and the world and it touches the hearts, minds and spirit of the people. The second company is in the Business process outsourcing industry. Though it's just a limited time, still it has a heart to serve and help people get into the industry. The third company is one of the biggest brand in the healthcare industry in the country. During those time, I've learned the value of collaborations and strengthened my skills so as not to become obsolete. Those three companies are from different industries and are also a leader in their field. The most recent once was purely into sales and that was a very challenging work.

In all those companies I've worked for, it would have made or broke me. We may not be destined to work forever and settle for a company that is opposite with our own values, however we may have left a company and treasure the memories even in a thousand years. When the film rolls back, we may either remember the precious moments vividly or may choose to skip the worst events completely.

Going back to entrepreneurship, yes! it is a decision to make. But it is a wise decision coupled with dedication and motivation. In all those years of doing business in different industries, I had a glimpse of how a business works. And one thing that inspires me is that they started as 'small' and eventually made it 'big' in their respective industries. This principle applies to a startup business with a little background and a limited capital to start with. Just a little amount of inspiration and motivation that sparks imagination to drive it forward and enjoy the road. 

On this venture, there will always be someone or people who will be there to the rescue; who continue to support and believe in your ventures and advocacy. I may have failed, but those who believed me never fail. I am guided and humbled by their life experiences and now that I am taking my own venture, they will be the people I will give my trust and inspiration.

I have learned that not everyone may be there to support you. Someone may be there from the beginning, but not until the end. Just like entrepreneurship, it also risks friendships. If this is the price of our dreams, I would rather stick to those who truly matters; those who will go with the journey even until the end.

Entrepreneurship is a good opportunity to unleash our own potentials and to become our own boss. There will be no tardiness and undertime, hence you have a control of your time. No memos and endless meetings. You are the master and the maker and you can drive to all possibilities.

It's not just a recent plan, but it took almost a decade since the first conception of putting up a cafe business. It was late 2009 when I had the idea, but was impossible that time to make it into reality. I hold on to that dream and years go by that finally the plan is executed. The year 2018 may had its worst, but a new beginning is brewing.

Delcus cafe is the business name that I can call my very own and I plan to work for my own dreams. I will work with my own team and will work for its success. May this year be the beginning of real freedom and independence. I will forever be grateful to all the people who stays and believe in me even on the crossroads and will take them on the road ahead. Before the year ends, I have partly achieved my dreams and may it grow further and inspire people to believe on themselves to start and take the biggest risk of their life. I have made a risk and made a commitment for personal growth and development. It's never too late even in mid-life as we chase for excellence and success and eventually achieve the fulfillment that we truly deserve.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: A Divine Gift

About 6 years ago, a Divine calling was fulfilled for the groundbreaking of a mission station for the people of Linambasan and nearby barangays. Hundreds of religious devotees flock on this sanctuary to kneel and pray, to give thanks and to receive blessings from the Divine: our God and in the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; the Mother of Christ and God's only begotten son.

The year 2012 when humanity was intrigued with an end of the world prophesy was also the same year when a new beginning was founded in a special place that is Divinely chosen. The barangay of Linambasan; one of the largest in the town of Jamindan and a home to strong family ties and religious people. It's just few miles away from the capital barangay of Poblacion where people used to celebrate the mass at the Parish of San Sebastian. Now that a new Parish was built, it brings people closer to their home.

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish is the 3rd in the town of Jamindan after San Sebastian Parish and San Vicente Ferrer Parish. The first 2 Parishes are closer to the hearts of the people and attracts thousands of parishioners on its feast day. The newly established Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish would bring people closer to the Mother of Christ; our Lord and savior. When we cry for help, we cling to a mother and she would answer our needs. Just like when we call for a Divine Mother, she would hear our prayer and act on her intercession. The Divine Mother never fails to hear her child and she would bring us closer to her son, Jesus the son of God.

It was on July 4, 2018, after 6 years of religious service when Rev. Father John Denosta left the Parish he started. Sunday Thanksgiving: Graceful Service to The People is a tribute to his love and service to the people. From a mission station, he was able to lead the faithful to the new Parish; a bigger home and a beautiful sanctuary. His fellowship was revered by the people and they will forever be grateful for his service.

Divine Light: To The People of Linambasan was showered when Lomboy Mission Station was started and now as growing religious community, the service extends to neighboring barangays of Milan, Lucero and Jaena Norte. When Fr. Denosta bid farewell, another Reverent Father was welcomed by the parishioners. The newly installed, parish priest, Fr. Jeffrey Estrella will continue the service to the people.  May the Divine love and light be showered on him to be shared to the faithful and to everyone who is seeking for a spiritual refuge to this place we call our religious sanctuary.It is for everyone and it is a Divine gift we need to protect and share.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday Thanksgiving: Graceful Service to The People

When called upon by God, one has to act on it. Our Divine calling is our mission to accomplish on Earth. Our purpose is to serve for the Glory of God; our creator, and to be of service to our brothers and sisters in Christ -- his beloved son. This is a fundamental teaching of the church and we as a family should walk through the path of Divine love and light.

I was born and raised as a Christian and developed a Christ-centered consciousness. I grew up and instilled Christian values and virtues through the church and formal education. Even at the present time, I still recall the teachings and the wonderful memories that Christian faith has taught me. Back then, my mother would encourage us to celebrate Sunday mass when we were a kid. That would have raised consciousness about the importance of religion and to actively be involve in activities initiated by the church. 

I didn't grow up to be very religious or a devoted Christian. In fact, I have learned to witness and observe other religions and emulate their ways -- their faith and action. It wasn't bad after all! I have learned to accept other faith and respected them as a human being rather than hate them for having a different creed. I was born and baptized as a Roman Catholic, but I have been exposed to other Christian faith as well, The Baptist, Born Again, Aglipay, Divine Mercy, and Jehova's Witness. I have learned to embrace them even for a short period of time. In my travels abroad, I have been exposed also to different religions; Hinduism, Buddhism and Bahai Faith, however it didn't affect my faith. I didn't question my Catholic beliefs, but it has strengthened my faith even more. 

God will touch our spirit either for renewal or for a greater service. There will always be that somebody who will lead the way. who will start it all. Somebody who has been touched by the Holy Spirit. A Priest, a Catholic devotee, a religious community. Some time in our lives, we have be called to act on our faith and become like Peter when he said "Upon this rock, I will build my church" and that is the beginning of a community founded by Christ. 

Archdiocese of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sitio Lomboy, Barangay Linambasan is the church founded by the faithful. They have come together to build a church that they will call their spiritual home. It was in July 2012 when the first mass was celebrated, with Reverent Father John Denosta as the first ever priest assigned to lead the church. It started as a mission station until it was declared as an Archdiocese in January 2018. It was 6 six years of solidarity, compassion and service to the people and this legacy will last for a lifetime. Generations will come and the church will grow to become stronger than ever. Every year we see a significant change and the faithful is building a more beautiful church that is a reflection of their Divinity.

Our Divine Mother of Christ would hear us and pray for us for our intentions. In times of crisis, we call upon the Divine and through the intersession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, her children will be comforted in peace and hope. For about 6 years, the church has become a haven for everyone who is seeking for a renewal, a peaceful sanctuary and a place to feel deeply involved in a spiritual community. The faithful has to continue on spreading the good news and will continue to serve with all their love and energy. The church is for everyone, and this gift from God will shower blessings to those who believe, share and serve. May the Divine love and light be our source of salvation and our guide to living an eternal life forever and ever.

© 2018 Del Cusay

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