Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Circle of Life: Turning Back Time

Time travel seem to be impossible in a world that is preoccupied with the present and future living. What life may seem to be in ten or fifteen years or even beyond? What's the plan I will execute today that will change the compass of life? Clueless of what's going on enables one to reminisce and daydream forward. Going back or beyond the present time gives a glimpse of a meaningful journey of existence. When life's ups and downs knock you out is not a punitive reaction, but to awaken from a deep slumber of an impossible dream or maybe a worst nightmare.

A 'big bang' once change my life that's like a poke on the head. That was intense and painful beyond the physical level -- that was a different spiritual awakening ever! I couldn't resist, but to follow the inner compass -- a trusted barometer of life's goal and a future self. As I was saved from fiery place is a great redirection like an instant decision without a doubt. The 'big bang' that saved me no matter how painful it has been, may also be the 'big bang' that will help transform others in their own ways; wise decisions without guilt and bold actions that is mighty. No matter what life hits us, always depend on how we react and accept that we are vulnerable to untoward decisions resulting from faulty thoughts.

Going back in time, one has realized his potential and lived his greatest life because of right choices; no blockages along the way. As smooth as it flows, life has moved as fast and furious like there's no way of turning back. It was the best way of reaching ahead as fast as possible -- no distractions and defying limitations. Reaching the peak has some valleys that are tricky to navigate. Lost along the way may be challenging, but regaining oneself gave a hard-hit lesson not really to follow 'fast but sure' policy, but ones' own pace of living.

Back to the days when life seems rough gives courage to become braver to live in the present time. This is the  moment in time that is more realistic giving less stress than dwelling on the past and a future dream that is overwhelming. As I turn back time, it creates either wonderful or sorrowful memories that may be carried over a merit to the present and the future. The past may be ignored, however it could be the key to understanding the present reality. Having been somewhere doesn't mean the end of further exploration of what more it has to offer. One has to come back numerous times and enjoy a different perspective of living.

The circle of life is an amazing journey of giving in and giving up. Giving in to right thinking and decisions and giving up to unwanted thoughts and impulsive actions. By turning back time, I recall the good and the bad days where I learned and persevered. Keeping the challenge helps to correct and improve the knots; when untangled becomes a linear direction one has to go through. Reliving memories creates a nostalgic experience and it is in those times that we learn to grow and become better than ever. The circle of life is wonderful and the experience of turning back time is even meaningful and blissful not only in the present, but for a lifetime.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Heart's Desire: Living A Humanitarian Life

This day marks the beginning of a new journey to life; the start of a soulful experience of a higher self beyond the physical realm of existence. This day also marks the re-discovery of true self beyond ego and lower emotions. When the lost soul wanders, it surely will find its place to regain self and follow the guiding light.

The lost chapters may be out of sight, however those darkest moments find a way to escape leading to a brighter and fulfilling journey. Through a deeper self-reflection, one has to find the right path and live with its soul purpose -- the so-called dharma.

The darkest moments in life are the unheard hopes and aspirations; the endless sufferings and blockages towards living a better life. Being redirected on a long tunnel is to experience the reality of the negative side of the physical world. To experience not just the good but also the unfavorable things beyond personal control. To be human is to experience suffering. Learn from it and continue to seek for the answer; find the truth and be the guiding light to those who wander. When you've been there, it will be easy to relate to the suffering one is dealing with and you become a master of your life -- your thoughts and emotions.

Those years when I started to discover another dimension of life, was a great spiritual experience and of personal transformation. It wasn't easy at the beginning. You have to undergo self-restraint and sense of control in thoughts and emotions. It was only then, lower emotions are defeated through enlightenment of the nature of man's suffering -- an endless suffering.

The initiation towards the path brought significant change not only to self but to a greater world. Being called to serve humanity and the world revealed the spiritual powers vested on me and it became a way of living.  Understanding the nature of  humanity requires certain values one must learn to live.  It was then I've learned to unleash love and compassion  that is innate and the core of our being. I couldn't have given it to people without deeper understanding and loving of my self. I have loved myself and had given it away.

Truly, humanitarian service is the greatest expression of love and compassion. To regain myself is to continue the lost journey. It will be a challenging task, but hopefully will be a rewarding journey ahead. Following Our Heart's Desire serves as a guide to live one's purpose and for me, service to humanity through education and personal development is the path -- the soul purpose to live and master not only today, but for a lifetime.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The State of Philippine Justice System

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The recent issue about the reinstatement of death penalty was brought up to legislative body and this has awaken the moral consciousness of the Filipino people who are in-favor and against capital punishment. The debate on death penalty is significant since it involve the present and future welfare of the Filipinos. We have been giving impulse statement or deepest insight as a symbol of freedom of expression on the moral and social implications of major decisions to be imposed for all Filipinos.

Our Nation's Justice System

Corruption is still evident in our political and justice system. Through the years, we have been dealing with corrupt practices of our leaders resulting to bad governance. Today, after many generation of living with a corrupt government, the justice system is still tainted with corruption issues and this has become a cancer of our society. In a country where the elite and rich are more powerful, only poor Filipinos are victims of injustice -- unfair judicial process. Those who have nothing can't stand up and speak up for themselves against opponents who have everything to escape from judicial execution. Unjust judicial system are in favor of them and the poor usually are the victims of oppression and impartiality of the judicial process.

Moral Dilemma 

Revival of the death penalty will only lead to a bigger problem. Our society will suffer from moral dilemma brought by corruption and loopholes on the judicial system. Those who are law offenders deserve some fair punishment through judicial trial once proven guilty. They are criminals, but they are also human being who happen to be directed to a wrong path in life. They can also be a victim of immorality and injustice and they have been trapped on this for years. Our society of millions of Roman Catholics believes on the teachings of the holy church. However, we are now becoming divided on this issue due to our spiritual disconnection. The recent War Against Drugs: A major Mistake  is brought by moral dilemma in our consciousness. We believe that man is good in nature, but we have become impatient and irrational on our social and spiritual beliefs. We have despised the church on their stand against any injustice and we ridicule our spiritual and political leaders who protects the moral and social welfare of everyone.

The root cause of crime

Solving root causes of heinous crimes must be the ultimate goal to accomplish. This will also correct impartiality in justice system. Everyone, rich or poor; old and young can commit a crime due to several circumstances. For instance, social justice is corrupted where equal opportunity is tarnished can lead to committing a crime. Poverty due to lack of resources and social services can lead to frustrations and faulty mindset leading to criminality. Most Filipinos are losing their moral and ethical values and that they're losing spirituality. The mindset that is corrupted with anger and vengeance will not correct our social problem, but it will only create a disastrous and chaotic society of lawless and violent citizens.

Some Filipinos are shouting for the revival of the death penalty due to conflict on their ethical and moral self . They have forgotten their spiritual nature of being a just and morally-upright human being. Most people are living in mental and spiritual torture carried away by lower emotions of hatred, anger, revenge and evil thoughts against humanity.

The problem with death penalty

Capital punishment is inhumane and immoral which is against the law of God and of man. We should not put criminal justice on our hands but it needs moral and just verdict in accordance with the rule of law and correct justice system. There is a need to cleanse the justice system to provide equal justice to all who have sinned against the law. We deserve social justice and as a civilized country, we must live according to moral and ethical decisions and actions. Our leaders must have a deeper insight on this issues and not for personal interests. Good governance is guided by right mindset and our leaders must be enlightened to speak for the welfare of all Filipinos. We don't want to see our leaders to be impatient, unjust and corrupt on their thoughts and actions. We must  choose to be on the bright side of life by helping people to regain themselves when they are lost and misguided.

A Moral and Just Society

Filipinos may be losing its identity and our leaders are becoming unjust, but we shouldn't give up on them. We have the obligation to speak up and remind them to practice good politics so we can achieve Good Governance Towards A Better Philippines. We deserve a nation that is lawful and morally-upright citizens and a government that will protect and win his people, not only today but for a lifetime. We will not give up on our nation that this will soon rise up to be a champion in human rights, human dignity and social justice. 

© 2017 Del Cusay

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