Sunday, May 24, 2020

Living Our Best Normal

We want to live our best life. That is not just an aspiration but a realization of our life purpose. Our goals and dreams are what fuel our being towards not just success but also fulfillment -- our heart's desire.

In these times, we are now one world and one humanity, which used to be divided by the color of our skin, the amount of money in our wallet or in a bank, divided by religious affiliation and social status.

Today, we feel the oneness of humanity. That we are united through a shared experience. We are all vulnerable to the global threat to human health;  either we survive or continue to suffer -- we're all in this together.

We are slowly adapting to a 'new normal,' which is an initiation of how much we have learned about survival skills and the test of our life's top priorities.

In the 'new normal,' people may realize that money may not save a life at some point. That money isn't our ultimate purpose of living. And the health we sacrificed for cash will be gone when we lose the battle. 

Living in the city would start to lose the appeal, and people will see the value of life in the rural area-- in the countryside.

There is so much learning the pandemic taught us. People in the metropolitan now see the natural world uncovered to them. The surrounding mountains from afar, the chirping of the birds, and the clear blue skies used to be enjoyed in rural areas. Still, nature showed a glimpse of the natural environment people in rural areas want while in isolation.

People will now invest more in health and wellness rather than living in a highly stressful environment to gain wealth. Sustainable living in a safe and peaceful rural area is what can give us the peace of mind that we all need. If there's a shift to this mindset, people will live healthier and livelier.

Between life in the city and in a rural area, the 'new normal' would point the arrow to the less crowded place where one can breathe fresher air and enjoy a fantastic view of the natural environment free from pollution.

And hearing from someone I highly respect, Master Del Pe, a Modern Sage and an International Life Mentor, inspired people about living not just the 'new normal' but living our 'new best normal' because we put the highest priority on health and wellness to survive and live longer, we strive to live with our best self no matter the challenges and threat that will arise on years to come.

To live our most extraordinary life and our 'new best normal' is beyond living not just a safe and secure life but a sustainable life we all deserve. 

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