Sunday, August 9, 2020

Surfing at the Crystal Beach

Gentle waves at the beach are fun. The sun is shining, the sand is sparkling, and the people are surfing.

In the Philippines, the coast of San Narciso in the province of Zambales is one of the finest beaches and a surfing destination in the country. The Crystal Beach. A surfing paradise in the North. 

In May 2019, I traveled about 4 hours from Manila, the Philippine capital, to reach this surfing spot. Its proximity to Manila makes it an ideal weekend getaway to escape the stress and to regain vitality for just a brief moment.

We need a place like this. Great for total rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul.

Crystal Beach has its surfing school for beginners and a surfboard rental for any surfers.

Have I dared go on surfing? 

I love water adventure, and I have long been interested to learn about surfing, but it wasn't the right moment for me yet.

And so, I was a bit closer to my dream of surfing. It just takes a single step, a show of interest.

It's good that a country like the Philippines is blessed to have one of the best surfing spots in the world. 

The Cloud Nine waves of Siargao in the South is world-renowned and the surfing spot of La Union.  It's both a favorite destination among local and international surfers and beach lovers.

I was just fine with gentle waves. It's ideal for beginners, and to watch some people surfing is already a fun water show.

Crystal Beach is indeed a sparkling Jewel and a rising surfing destination in the Philippines. The waves in September until January would be the best since it's a monsoon season when the wind blows stronger.

That was a great weekend at the beach. And so I'm thankful to have enjoyed the beach before the pandemic happened and since it may take some time for the local tourism to recover and rise again. I hope life will be back to normal soon. We deserve to be closer to nature.

The coast of San Narciso and the sparkling shore of Crystal Beach is truly a paradise for everyone who appreciates nature.

Great memories always live on, and the ripple goes on.

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