Sunday, October 25, 2020

Strolling at the Garden of Dreams

A Garden in the city makes life more balanced and achieves a healthier lifestyle. It's a breath of fresher air amidst the toxicity.

And with an urban garden in the city center, I was fortunate to have an afternoon stroll in the fully restored Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu, Nepal, in August 2013. It reopened to the public six years after several decades of closure.

Kathmandu's lifestyle may be less lavish than in big cosmopolitan cities. But it has the best culture and its people. 

The entire city of Kathmandu blends cultural heritage and a modern society due to its preserved structures like monuments and temples and the restoration of public places like the Garden of Dreams and other modern infrastructures.

As I strolled inside the walled garden, I suddenly experienced serenity due to the absence of noise surrounding the bustling city. It was 5 minutes from the hotel where I stayed, so I got to visit and unwind.

The Walled Urban Garden

What's noticeable about the garden is its European-style architecture since its restoration with the help of the Austrian Government. It has features like six pavilions representing the '6 seasons of Nepal' and where the place got its second name, the "Garden of the Six Seasons." 

The garden has a veranda, fountains, and a pergola, giving it a European vibe. Also, the Amphitheater is where visitors can sit or lie down to chat or read a book. Such a relaxing scene.

The Amphitheater

European-inspired pergola

The flowers, shrubs, and trees make it greener. And it's beautiful since well maintained by several caretakers. It's clean, green, and rejuvenating.

I appreciate art, so I spent time at the gallery and conversed with the locals. That was a meaningful encounter as I learned more about their culture. 

Café by the garden

That was a delightful afternoon stroll at the Garden of Dreams, and before leaving, I had a cup of cappuccino as I reflected and planned for my next journey around Kathmandu.

The Garden of Dreams is true to its name. It's a sophisticated garden of its time and became more beautiful after its restoration. Urban dwellers need green space for leisure, and hopefully, more cities will adapt to this kind of garden that offers respite to the people from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Garden of Dreams. The Garden of the Six Seasons. A garden for the soul.

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