Sunday, December 6, 2020

Wellness in the Green Village


If there's one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is a shift to a futuristic mindset. 

To create the next big thing out of a soulful desire to live a better and more comfortable life in a rural setting, a peaceful and green environment.

I call it the next big thing since sustainable farming is one thing that would thrive in the next pandemic or any financial and health crisis that may come in the future.

During this pandemic, we've awakened the power of our intuition and creativity. It's to make use of our productive time while in quarantine. It may not be easy; it requires passion, endurance, and perseverance to accomplish the plan and make things possible, even when times get rough.

And so, after eight months of quarantine, we've created a green village that would be our additional source of sustainable farm living.

We've built two traditional Filipino farmhouses that serve as a rest houses whenever we visit and do some farming activities. We plan to establish farm infrastructures such as concrete roads, multi-purpose halls, villas, ornamental gardens, and a tree park.

It's my parents' dream to have a place where they could live a simple, serene, and meaningful life, and they're making it possible with their strength, willpower, and Divine guidance.

When living in Manila, I always thought of returning to our hometown and presenting some dream farm ideas to my parents. And fortunately, they've accomplished some of them. Even if there's more to develop, still I'm happy with what they've started.

Within the decade, we're looking forward to seeing a growing family. We're also hoping that the green village will bring us closer. We express a deep love of nature and a deeper connection to the Divine and its creation.

I may be living away from home and may not be able to see the development physically in the years to come, but I'm happy that I've seen how it was able to start and what it would be like in the future -- such a futuristic glimpse.

This pandemic might be a blessing in disguise because we learned to keep going and believe there's always a great opportunity in adversity.

The making of a green village is not just about health and wellness. It's also about building a lasting legacy with our environmental responsibility and contribution. We protect the Greenville country farm with the love of nature. And a conscious connection with the Divine love to nurture.

©️ 2020 Del Cusay

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