Sunday, November 14, 2021

A Momentary Sad Life

We know the feeling of being sad. It destroys our peace of mind and we feel bad about ourselves or any circumstances that trigger it.

There are moments when we no longer feel good about the things or activities that we used to do. Our energies are drained and we lack inspiration and motivation to achieve something worthwhile.

What makes us feel sad? How do we get over it? Life can be a roller coaster of emotions and we experience all of it; from happiness to sadness.

Feeling sad is just momentary and the emotion just fades away. We're not supposed to experience it for a long time since that will lead to a more serious consequence which is depression.

At times, we feel sad when we feel rejected, disappointed, or don't get the things we wanted. And when people are there to recognize that emotion, we feel comforted and valued. It's only when our emotions are not recognized that we feel sadder than sad and we fight for it to get noticed.

To get over a sad life is to be stronger from the inside. Our inner powers can unleash the giant within us. Yes, people who matter may have a significant impact on our lives. But in the end, we chose to uplift ourselves even when nobody is there to listen. 

A moment of sadness makes our life meaningful when the time comes we're back to our best selves. Because nobody wouldn't want to be sad. We want to be happy and feel good about our highest self and just be glad.

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