Sunday, December 5, 2021

My Sister's Sky Garden

It feels good when we have a piece of nature at home. It gives us serenity and peace of mind when we needed a break or relaxation.

With the hustle and bustle of city life, we often feel depleted with energy due to chaos and pollution. Having a home garden gives off wonderful and healing energy to be able to live our greatest life.

I love how my sister made her dream sky garden come true. She was able to make their roof deck become a great place for a family gathering, for weekend fun and relaxation. 

The sky gardens' al fresco vibe is what we like most. It's a cool place to unwind and celebrate special days and other occasions. It's cool and windy on some days most especially during the Christmas season. 

Green space at home is what we need to be connected to nature even when living in City. Coming from a province where nature is abundant, I often miss being in a more natural environment. To be surrounded by more trees and flowering plants make me happy. However, in the City, we can feel attached to nature simply by creating our little oasis.

During this pandemic, everyone realized the importance of having a clean and green environment. More individuals and families are interested in plants and gardening. And they brought nature home, making them feel happier than before.

My sister's interest in plants and flowers was influenced by my parent's love of nature. They love to develop a natural place for a happy and healthy family. My Mother also loves indoor plants and flowers so she would feel happy even when not on the farm.

My Sister's Sky Garden is a good place to celebrate Christmas with the family. The bonding and happy moments always create wonderful memories worth remembering. A joyous season worth reminiscing.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

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