Sunday, April 24, 2022

Celebrating Filipino Cuisine in Canada

Since I arrived in Canada, I'm always looking for certain connections to our Filipino culture. The music, handicrafts, and food of the Philippines bring back memories of the melody, touch, and taste several thousand miles away from home.

To celebrate Filipino culture and cuisine, we're lucky to take part in the first-ever Filipino Restaurant Month in Canada. This initiative was made possible through the collaboration of the Philippine Department of Tourism, the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, and the Philippine Consulates in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

It's a celebration of Filipino touch, taste, and sound in a month-long food festival style participated by 40 Filipino restaurants across Canada.

In Surrey, British Columbia, there's a Filipino restaurant we visited after our afternoon walk in the park. We had our sumptuous dinner in Grandt Kitchen where they served a platter of a variety of Filipino dishes. 

What made it festive is when the restaurant is full of Filipino diners and the presence of a live band playing a selection of romantic OPM songs that gave a nostalgic feel. 

Celebrating Filipino restaurant Month in Canada is a great way to level up our cuisine and put it in the mainstream where another competing Asian cuisine seems to dominate.

We have to support our very own food and take pride in being Filipino. This way, we help elevate our Filipino cuisine to the global culinary stage. 

The first-ever celebration of Filipino Restaurant Month in Canada was a huge success and hopefully will become bigger and more widely participated in the years to come. 

We have to offer the best of our Filipino cuisine to the world. We have to showcase our culture, and we have to live on with our tradition and pass it from generation to generation. Wherever we are in the world, the Filipino spirit in us always lives on.

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