Sunday, April 17, 2022

Holy Week 2022: A Journey to Paradise

The earth is healing. That's the message of hope and love this Holy Week. Finally, we get healed from the suffering brought on by the pandemic. It may not end yet, but we don't live in fear and prolong the agony.

Travel is what we desire this Lenten season. This way, we get to experience a new perspective on living. We cross borders and travel across the sea—a hundred miles of the journey, with immeasurable faith in Thee. 

We journey to a paradise to see and feel God's heavenly creation, and this time in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. It's a charming city that's rich in history. A story from the first nations passed down from generation to generation.

A walk around downtown Victoria is reminiscent of the distant past, where laidback living thrives even in the present. I feel the calmness, the serenity, the relaxed vibe I'm eager to see. It's a place to explore, find meaning and start a new beginning.

The message of God is evident; beyond suffering is a promised land where we live a heavenly experience. We walk with faith and allow suffering as we carry the cross toward our destination and salvation. We do not fear, but we trust God's will. 

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