Sunday, November 29, 2020

His Eminence the 9th Filipino Cardinal

It was a surprise when Pope Francis appointed the Archbishop of Capiz, Most Reverend Jose Advincula as one of the new 13 Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

It's a tradition that the Vatican would appoint an Archbishop to elevate to the title of Cardinal coming from the Archdiocese of Manila and Cebu. But this time, our very own Capiz Archbishop Advincula was chosen by the Pope to join the College of Cardinals; the 2nd highest position in the Catholic Church next to the Pope and an elector to the conclave of the next Pope.

On November 28, 2020, the Pope confirmed the appointment of the new 13 Cardinals including His Eminence Most Rev. Jose Cardinal Advincula.

His new role means so much for the Catholic faithful of Capiz since we're being recognized not mainly due to large numbers of Catholics, but by the growing faith and devotion to the church.

The message of Pope Francis is strong and meaningful, that he goes beyond peripheries. To choose the neglected areas in the world which is away from the traditional centers of power.

It's a blessing and a heartwarming experience to had received the blessings of Cardinal Advincula back when he was an Archbishop. He was the main celebrant on the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish on June 27, 2019 in our hometown in Jamindan, Capiz.

It was Cardinal Advincula of the Archdiocese of Capiz who had started several Catholic Mission Stations and Mission schools in Capiz. 

In 2012, a Mission Station was established in the Hill Road of Linambasan, Jamindan and was elevated into a Parish on June 27, 2018. From a Mission Station, it's now called the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in honor of the blessed Mary, the Mother of Christ.

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish will continue to grow in faith, in love and service today and in years and generations to come.

The church evolves to become better for the spirituality and religious guidance and service to the faithful.

We continue to grow in faith to the Christ Jesus and to the blessed Mary to become the children of God and the children of Mary.

We offer our prayers to Cardinal Advincula that he'll continue to be a beacon of hope and faith to the lost and the wandering soul, in need of Divine love and light.

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