Sunday, February 13, 2022

Heart's Desire: The Lens of Gratitude

One of the most unforgettable statements I heard is, "Not all days are good, but there's something good every day. 

That statement was shared by an Elementary public school teacher during their In-Service training back in 2014. I was there to give a talk about "Living Your Greatest Life," and that statement complements the subject of my discussion.

Yes, life may be full of uncertainties. Full of ups and downs. Full of doubts. And full of miseries. However, when we reflect on our life, there are many things to be grateful for. 

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving daily, but there's always a reason to step back and see life from a new perspective. And that's through the lens of gratitude.

Feeling grateful for life begins when we recognize all the blessings we've received in any form and any way. As we live each day with a grateful heart, we attract new opportunities and great chances. We also create miracles, and we destroy obstacles. That's the power of gratitude we shouldn't take for granted.

In times of sorrow and when we're on our lower emotions, expressing gratitude lets us redirect our attention to a more positive mindset. It recalibrates our feelings to the ones that make us compassionate, understanding, altruistic, and loving.

The lens of gratitude is always on us. We experience falling, but we can rise to fight again. We believe in ourselves that we can break barriers and live a fearless life as we begin.

With gratitude, we open our hearts to extraordinary living. We learn to be more forgiving. We know to give more than what we receive. And we learn to share even a little of what we can afford to give.

With gratitude, we become more loving. We learn to give even at times we have nothing. We open our hearts even sometimes we are hurting. We just offer, we just share, we just love, and we just care.

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