Thursday, February 14, 2019

Heart's Desire: Evolution of Love

To love someone and be loved in return must be a source of joy, especially when suffering from emotional setbacks like loneliness, apathy, and grief. Sometimes, some people struggle to find the real meaning of love when they feel lost and empty.

However, love has a different meaning to individuals. For the orphan, a warm hug gives them a feeling of acceptance and security. Raising their kids well for single parents and a widow gives them dignity and pride. The elderly get the highest respect from the young ones. These are the positive emotions where love wins.

In today's society, we also have the victims of circumstances that made them view love differently. The homeless feel less secure and abandoned. The rebel groups, they may feel deprived of equal rights and opportunities. And the sick and dying may feel unfulfilled, uncared for, and unloved.

Love has several meanings as we go through the stages of life. As a kid, we felt so much love from our parents. As we go through our teenage years, we think about the acceptance and love of our peers. When working and serving people, we love our countrymen and the nation. That is how love evolves over time. 

Following Our Heart's Desire is a reminder to chase our most coveted goals to achieve and to keep going on when life seems to be challenging in the achievement of our most cherished hopes and dreams. That may be the stage when we have all the energy and hopeful desires for success.

Heart's Desire: Living A Fantastic Life is a service beyond self. It's about experiencing bliss, a higher level of Divinely inspired happiness. When we reach out to others through public service, we give part of our Divinity inherent to a human being. Then we go beyond our selfish desires, which are all about us, our ego.

Heart's Desire: Living A Humanitarian Life is a realization of a higher level of love when we go beyond our love for self and love for our family. It is about humanitarian service through charity work or public service, allowing us to serve the privileged and underprivileged sectors.

The evolution of love may be beyond life on earth as we may believe in 'life after death and may continue to guide the loved ones who are still fighting for love, the meaning of love, and their evolution of love.

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