Sunday, February 14, 2016

Heart's Desire: Living A Fantastic Life

There are times when life gives us a sweet taste of beautiful experiences.Oftentimes, life may also give a bitter taste of painful memories. However, we reminisce both the sweetness and bitterness that haunts us; our thoughts and emotions that will either make or break us.

When tough time comes, we challenge ourselves to overcome it. We are creating an emotional shield as a protective defense not to become broken; but to shed the light of love to ourselves and to others. We activate the internal light to guide us when we are lost and to be redirected towards the path of righteousness.

Our memories are a collection of beautiful experiences that will uplift us when things aren't right. Whereas, our miseries can teach us to become tough when we are halfway through... but a fading light. We are crafted by our imagination and desires that can spark greater force of illumined self for the greater good and a better life.

Today, we are are directing our self based on the principles we inherit. We go on when we are certain and without hesitation; we pause for awhile and ponder when it seem to be doubtful. We continue to seek validation despite of fully knowing ourselves, "are we good enough or is it just enough?"

As we continue the journey, we are "Following Our Heart's Desire" and we are molded through life's hopelessness and challenges; turning miseries to bliss. The peak of temporary happiness is when we surpass the valley of tears; a cycle of life that is never-ending; always temporary but have a joyous end.

Our destiny is always unknown to us. However, a Divinely-inspired being will arise in us, sharing a light of hope to some and enlightenment to many... only then it is rightful to live in comfort and living  a charming life we deserve to be.

 © 2016 Del Cusay