Sunday, April 10, 2022

Taking a Leap from Hope to Faith

We all have fears and doubts. But believing that something can happen makes a difference in our lives if we leap from thinking to surrendering. 

We have hopes because we can achieve whatever our hearts desire. That's when we believe our higher hopes can lead to tremendous success and fulfillment.

When we hope for something, we say, "it can happen." However, we're dealing with the possibility of keeping our fingers crossed. It may or may not happen. When we don't get our hopes, we slow down and may easily give up. 

Leaping hope to faith is believing that something will genuinely happen. It's about removing doubts that things are hard to achieve. But with confidence, nothing is impossible. That's the difference in why faith can make miracles in our lives. It's when we have great faith that we achieve things with easiness and a higher level of success.

When things go wrong, or we're behind in the race of life, we may pause for a moment, get energized, and take a giant leap from hope to faith. Then, the universe conspires to make things happen. It shifts our mindset from probability to a greater possibility. And our dreams and desires take a quantum leap of our faith to eternity. 

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