Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Special: The Greatest Gift

I remember when my father would give us practical advice about living our life based on our choices. He might have gained an ocean of insight through personal struggles and miseries in his early days of fatherhood. As I grew up, I heard several stories that were inspirational and worth emulating; they would have pushed me to follow his path, and I was almost there. His life stories in the form of wise sayings, clichรฉand hyperbole profoundly impacted me and will forever be in my heart and mind. 

It might be hard to emulate his ways, but I have learned from my father all these years to be generous and kind to people. As a public servant, he has the heart to serve the people in our locality and is driven and committed to giving back to society in any way he can. His kindness created a ripple effect of goodwill, and people were quickly drawn to his personality. His values and character make him win people's hearts, and it is his best weapon in staying on the ground and remains to be strong. 

As courageous as he is, I have learned to be challenging yet gentle and always do my best to be on the good side -- never to allow defeat when fighting for the right. His way of handling issues is always simple; he gives outright advice to inspire and move your spirit.

My father may have won several battles, but he is brave enough to surrender everything beyond his control to the Divine. As a wise man, he believes and surrenders to God his challenges and can surpass all those trials through his faith. As our provider, he is 'leading the way' and is always responsible as a father to our family and community.

He always thinks of the welfare of other people and would think of ways how to be of service to a greater whole. I may never know what the future holds, but I will continue to follow the path he has shown and cultivate kindness to others. 

It is always a challenge to me how to become a better person, and it would take commitment and perseverance to become a better version of oneself. It's a choice we make, and when our soul purpose ignites the sleeping giant within, we can move the mountains if we keep our faith on a higher level. 

His journey in life is never easy, as he is confronted with obstacles that make him stronger. As he punches the barriers, he can envision limitless possibilities that we can achieve. He may have started to be a nobody, but with his determination and willpower, he has reached a milestone that we are all proud of. I will forever be a follower and continue the path that was started. After all, the greatest gift is not through materialism, fame, and riches but the gift of everlasting joy and fulfillment through service. 

© 2017 Del Cusay