Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunflower Festival at Richmond Country Farms

When the sun shines brightly it gives us uplifting energy. It elevates our mood, emanates a brilliant glow, radiates positive vibes, and makes us happy. 

That certain glow is what we offer to the world, to the people around us, and to everyone we share our life with. 

But when we're at the darkest moment of our lives, we may stumble and fall. That happens when the light has been taken away from us. We kneel, we crawl, and hardly can stand tall. 

In Richmond, British Columbia, 
we've found the brightest place to remind us 
to unleash our inner glow and become someone's dose of sunshine no matter what we can show. Before the summer ends, we travel to Richmond Country Farms where the sunflower grows and truly glows. 

You can find different varieties of Sunflowers on a 20-acre property of this family-owned country farm that's truly a must-see summer attraction. They have a maze where you'll easily find a way out and a U-pic to take home freshly handpicked Sunflowers. 

This is the fourth year of the Richmond Sunflower festival since it started just before the pandemic hit in 2019. The annual event didn't stop to amaze visitors and it put a smile on their faces when the world seems dark and people were down. 

Summer is fun and we need to enjoy the outdoors under the sun. Just like the sunflowers on the farm; we can rise and shine again, we can grow and glow up again, and we can smile and be lovable again. 

©️  2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Three-day Getaway in Sunshine Coast


Summertime in Canada isn't over yet and the sea, sand, and sun are calling for a great escapade on a long weekend. This time we explore British Columbia's best-kept secret the Sunshine Coast. 

This regional district is part of mainland British Columbia and accessible only by ferry and seaplane. It has an island vibe with several small towns that offers a lot of activities to enjoy and hidden gems to explore. 

After a 40-minute BC ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver, the road trip starts from the southern coast of Gibsons until we reach the heart of the Sunshine Coast the district municipality of Sechelt. 

It's lovely weather to start the three-day birthday holiday. A warm sunny day that brightens up everyone's day. And our first stop is the sandy shore of Davis bay in Sechelt. Its coastline offers a respite from a warm and dry summer. The sea breeze, the horizon, and the island views are perfect for a day of unwinding. We're beachin' and watching people surfin'.

As I reach another milestone, the beach is an ideal place to rejuvenate and plan for another year of discovery and adventure. The previous year may have been full of challenges, but I was able to surpass the trials along the way. And for this birthday celebration, all I want is a fresh start; to breathe in and breathe out in front of a sea and release the obstacles behind. 

If the sea is a powerful extractor of what's pulling us from getting what we want, then I must release all the unwanted and feel a more revitalized and renewed being. It feels good! and if that heals, then I must make it a birthday tradition to go to the sea, walk on the sand and bathe in the sun. 

The Sunshine Coast may be a laid-back culture, but it's a vibrant community and a paradise to many, especially among outdoor enthusiasts. There are so many things to do. From water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, fishing, scuba diving, and kite surfing: to inland activities like hiking, camping, golfing, and mountain climbing... it's an endless adventure. 

The three-day birthday holiday in Sunshine Coast isn't enough to try the exciting activities the place has to offer, but I hope to come back to explore and discover more kept secrets of a paradise worth revisiting.

A road trip on a coastal highway, hiking on a forested trail, camping on a creekside, and a scenic walk on a waterfront park. These activities made my day. The best birthday on a holiday. Sunshine Coast adventure all the way. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay