Sunday, September 30, 2018

When September Ends: Timeless Wishes

There's nothing more to be excited about than hearing Christmas songs in the Philippines. That moment is genuinely awaited by many: the month of September. Perhaps there is something so special about the beginning of the "Ber" month season. This is when we feel loving, caring, and somewhat excited about the remaining few months before the year ends. We may still need to achieve some of our goals, but it's never too late.

What makes September so unique for me is that this is the month that I was born; this is my birth month, and the same as with the person who has given birth to me; my loving mother. We both celebrate our birthday in September, and it's always a fantastic month, like the autumn season. We feel the positive vibe and are more excited about what comes next. 

This month, I feel vital energy in my goals and desires. I am more motivated to execute my ideas and plan into action. This may be a tiring month based on actual experience, but in the end, it is fulfilling. Nothing in life comes easy, and when we aspire for success, we have to sweat it out to fuel our passion and desires. Some tasks may always be challenging, and that needs patience and tolerance. It is when we persevere that we reap the best rewards after that. We trust the system and are guided to do what is just. Then, we feel relieved and grateful for the challenges we have survived. 

It may have been a fantasy, but the time has come to take action on the dream that was put on 'hold' for the longest time. No matter how long it would be, I still take the initiative to live on my dreams and make them 'alive'; otherwise, they will still be a dream and not reality. Wake me up when September ends because this month may be full of make-believe ideas turning into action. Here comes October, the first month of the last quarter. This is it! And may the Divine guides inspire and bless the venture I am now into. May this be the fulfillment of my most awaited heart's desire. 

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