Sunday, September 26, 2021

Birthday Special: Celebrating our Mother's 68th Birthday

What are your most meaningful birthday wishes for your Mother? 

As a little kid, we remember the most loving moments with our Mother. Someone who nourishes our being. Caring for us and attending to our needs. A Mother who's full of joy in raising us to become complete.

As we get older, we still remember the days we were at our Mother's side. Sometimes we think of happy and fun-filled moments whenever we're down or need inspiration.

A birthday is a special moment of remembering. And no distance separates us from our Mother as we celebrate her day. We give thanks and send meaningful wishes. On this day, we gather and share the joy in her heart. 

We wish her a good life. To spend more time enjoying what she loves doing. And to fulfill her own goals and heart's desires. She devoted her life to raising us well and is now actively involved in building a community. It's her way of giving back to where she was born and allowing her to serve.

We will forever be on her side to accomplish her life's cherished goals. She has a deeper faith and is guided by Divine love and light.

On her 68th birthday, we celebrate her life and feel her love from a distance. We may not be together, but she's always in our hearts wherever we are. We'll always support her aspirations and help her achieve a fulfilled life.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Greatest Lesson I learned from my Father

What's the most valuable lesson you've gained from your Father?

The controversial interview about former Senator Bongbong Marcos flashed back the memories I had with my Father, whom I look up to as a great leader and provider in our family. He's not only a good Father to us, but his love and purpose extend to the people in our community.

To be in public service is a great privilege to influence and make a lasting impact on people. It's about exerting energy and great effort to look after the people's and the community's welfare above the Self. 

I remember in 1998 when my Father decided to be in public service as a Municipal councilor. I had just graduated from Elementary back then and was overwhelmed by the world of politics. My Father informed us about his plans and wanted to hear our opinions. I strongly opposed, and perhaps it was unanimous among my siblings. His calling to serve our community helped him to run for public office. Later on, we were convinced and gave him our full support. He won a seat in the Municipal Council, which was the start of his political service.

He ran for the second term as Municipal Councilor and won in 2001 and his third term in 2004. For nine consecutive years (1998 - 2007), my Father dedicated his life to improving his constituents' welfare through public service.

During those years, my Father taught me to have a fighting spirit. To have the perseverance and the will to follow your calling and dreams. Those were the virtues that I may be lacking. I had fears and doubts, although I had a little confidence. 

He pushed me forward and left my fears behind when he convinced me to follow his path when I ran as a Municipal Youth Council President in our hometown. At first, it was against my will since I needed more confidence to face the people and the position's responsibilities. However, I trusted him to be there to guide me. I won and sat in the Municipal Council for five years, from 2002 - 2007. During those years, I saw how my Father performed and served well on the Council. At that moment, I thank him for believing in me and pushing me beyond my limits. He took away my doubts and fears and let me soar high. 

In 2016, my Father returned to public service after nine years. He wasn't inactive since he held a position as Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) President from 2014 - 2016. He ran again for Municipal Councilor, and he won. I did not favor his comeback since I would want to see him live a simpler life away from politics. He was unstoppable and full of energy. His passion and support of the people motivated him to serve. He listened and didn't turn them down. When the people call you to be a leader and a servant, there's an overflowing love and trust, and you just follow their call.

From 2019 until now, he's still serving as a Municipal Councilor and is overcoming several challenges. He fought hard for what he believed was right and for the greater good of the community. He stood up and spoke his mind on controversial issues confronting our society. He showed willpower to get things done and to achieve more for the progress of the community.

I learned from my Father to never give up and never to surrender when you're right. Always speak up and believe in yourself. When it comes to public service, you can always choose to serve even without holding an office. Always look back and give back. And when people are there to support and express love, you're on the right track and have done an excellent job.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Moment of Healing and Memories

Where do you go when you need to unwind, relax and set free?

In Baguio City, people would go for a reason. It's a place like no other in the country. It relaxes the body, mind, and soul. It liberates from worries and fears. And it helps get revitalized and healed.

That's the highlands in the Northern Philippines. A City of Pines and Strawberries. A historically rich and vibrant city where people would go for a beautiful journey.

When we feel exhausted and need to rejuvenate, traveling to a particular destination helps us recover. It changes our mood and uplifts our spirit. Then, we feel good again and do great things again.

In Baguio City, you feel welcome. The friendliness of the people makes you stay, although you'll have to leave anyway. With momentary healing and rejuvenation, you'll be ready to face another race in a much more challenging place.

Not just for friends and lovers, but Baguio City is also for the family. A getaway for fun, learning, and appreciation of arts and culture. Baguio City's charm invites everyone to learn about their stories, heritage, and identity.

If I choose, I'd rather live in a place that balances nature and city life. Living in Baguio is like living in a mountain resort, surrounded by natural wonders for healing and relaxation.

Amidst uncertainty, when time permits to travel a long distance and return to Baguio, I would love to recreate those memories and visit the finest places it offers. The memories create a lasting impact as the place where learning and training started.

We couldn't go places as much as we wanted for now. All we can do is reminisce about the good times. And when we're set free, we can travel again endlessly.

©️  2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Birthday Special: Life's New Chapter

A birthday is a moment in life when we celebrate a new beginning. A fresh start that fuels our dreams and desires. A further goal to achieve and a new mission to fulfill.

September 1st has been the most anticipated date for most of us. It's when we look forward to a happier and merrier Christmas celebration. The earliest Christmas for Filipinos.

And for me, September 2nd is a celebration of life. It's when I feel grateful for reaching another year. A year that may be full of ups and downs. But, a year that's full of love and happiness. 

What makes this day extra special is the presence of my family. They're always there to celebrate with me on my birthday. They've witnessed how I live my life. And they're always a source of happiness and contentment.

I'm forever grateful for the years when I felt loved. I never felt alone, but I always felt guided and directed. 

This pandemic won't stop us from celebrating a new life. Because life must never stop despite threats and obstacles. We face it, and we live it. We choose to be brave, thrive, and break through barriers with toughness and fierceness.

As I continue to battle uncertainty, life has been good to me. The road may still be unclear sometimes, but I always have hope. Just carry on and move on. Wishing all the best in life and Living my most extraordinary life.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

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