Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Thousand Miles of Dreams

Chasing for a dream above the sky is truly a magical moment. We soar high to achieve our goals and plan our next life chapter, even in the most uncertain times.

Life is meaningful when getting ready to launch life's best shot. The processes we've been through and the sacrifices we've made make us wiser and braver.

As I embark on my next journey, I remember the good things and those memories that have contributed to where I'm heading. 

Life has its fair share of bittersweet happenings, but we learned to be driven by our life purpose. We do not stop, but we continue the desires of our hearts. We become unstoppable. We become limitless.

In our aspiration for a better life, we have to cross beyond borders and see what lies ahead. Because only when we face our fears and doubts that we become fierce. We become fearless. 

As I begin a new life chapter, I am grateful for the love and support of my loved ones. People who are dear to me and close to my heart. They inspire me and help me achieve my deepest desires. 

Looking forward, I'll take the road ahead with caution and limits. I'll be taking the crossroads with certainty and ability. Because, in the end, I believe in a mighty spirit within me. With a thousand miles of dreams, be guided by the Almighty.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 20, 2022

You'll Never Walk Alone

We walk on with hope in our hearts. That keeps us alive, and we aspire to live our dreams and desires.

Dreams make us live a fantasy-like reality. When we dream, we become limitless in what we can achieve. We introspect to find a world with meaning. We desire things we believe are worth having.

There's a break we need to take to realign ourselves with our goals and ambitions. We look back to moving forward. We climb a little higher, so we can see things farther. We believe in ourselves and that we can make things better. For one thing, remember, we are what we think, and we become what we believe. Be it forever.

As we move along and follow our path, we're guided by our real intentions to manifest. There may be delays and unanswered questions, but the universe answers at the right time with the proper request. Truly life at its best. 

We move on to what's next. What's there waiting for us? What more can I hope for? What's there to live for? 

We can be awakened from a deep slumber but fast-track our best way forward; like a slingshot reaching greater heights and struggles, we can fight. 

We can be sure of the best life ahead with the right people. They push us to our limits and lift our spirits.

We used to be scared when we were defenseless. We used to be frightened about things. We were clueless. There may be lonely moments, but we're not alone this time and will never walk alone from this moment.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Heart's Desire: The Lens of Gratitude

One of the most unforgettable statements I heard is, "Not all days are good, but there's something good every day. 

That statement was shared by an Elementary public school teacher during their In-Service training back in 2014. I was there to give a talk about "Living Your Greatest Life," and that statement complements the subject of my discussion.

Yes, life may be full of uncertainties. Full of ups and downs. Full of doubts. And full of miseries. However, when we reflect on our life, there are many things to be grateful for. 

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving daily, but there's always a reason to step back and see life from a new perspective. And that's through the lens of gratitude.

Feeling grateful for life begins when we recognize all the blessings we've received in any form and any way. As we live each day with a grateful heart, we attract new opportunities and great chances. We also create miracles, and we destroy obstacles. That's the power of gratitude we shouldn't take for granted.

In times of sorrow and when we're on our lower emotions, expressing gratitude lets us redirect our attention to a more positive mindset. It recalibrates our feelings to the ones that make us compassionate, understanding, altruistic, and loving.

The lens of gratitude is always on us. We experience falling, but we can rise to fight again. We believe in ourselves that we can break barriers and live a fearless life as we begin.

With gratitude, we open our hearts to extraordinary living. We learn to be more forgiving. We know to give more than what we receive. And we learn to share even a little of what we can afford to give.

With gratitude, we become more loving. We learn to give even at times we have nothing. We open our hearts even sometimes we are hurting. We just offer, we just share, we just love, and we just care.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Joy of Gardening

The weekend is an excellent time to spend outdoors in the garden. We get energy from the fresh air and a little sunlight, just enough to get revitalized.

Outdoor gardening is fun for the family as it creates a bond. We enjoy our conversations and put smiles on our faces whenever we finish our activity. It brings serenity and joy to our hearts as soon as we see how refined and beautiful it is. 

Gardening is a therapeutic activity that is good for our physical and mental wellness. We don't fear getting dirty hands because of the many healing benefits they bring to our well-being.  

During this pandemic, many people realized how gardening brought joy to their lives. It has changed their perspective on the essence of having a piece of nature while working from home. 

My parents had influenced us to enjoy gardening even before the pandemic. Since then, we have appreciated ornamental plants for indoor display as they purify the air and give us fresh and revitalized energy that genuinely makes us joyful.

Even a few small pieces of potted plants indoors can uplift our mood. So, there's no excuse to feel down and uninspired when we can create a little sanctuary at home. 

Sometimes, we get more inspired and creative when surrounded by natural elements like plants and flowers. It heals us naturally and restores our well-being after stress and burnout from work. 

Life is always good. There may be a lot of chaos outside our homes and in this world, but we can always find time to have solemnity and joy as we learn to create and live it. 

We create our simple pleasures, soulful desires, and greater joys. We make our natural healing, and we help create a better world.

© 2022 Del Cusay

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2022: Desire and Destiny

What's your ultimate desire that you want to get fulfilled? Is it wanting to be loved? Is it about maximizing your potential and performance? Is it about discovering your true self? Or is it about living your most extraordinary life?

Our deepest desires always come from our connection to our souls. Our soul's purpose makes us feel more alive, and we want to live what we're destined to be. To be who we are is when we ask the fundamentals of "Who am I?" and "What's my heart's desire?" 

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022, we also welcome the deepest desires of our hearts. We tend to be more loving and caring when we have an open heart. We become more compassionate and altruistic. We give even a little of what we have and share the abundance we've received.

That's the critical message for this year's welcome of the Year of the Tiger. It's not only about being fierce and strong like a tiger but also about the soft quality of being dependable and altruistic. 

As I celebrate the Chinese New Year each year, I spend some quiet time contemplating and reflecting on my soulful desires and destiny. How will I improve this year, and what will I become? These questions trigger some actions for the fulfillment of my aspirations.

In this year of the Water Tiger, everything might still be uncertain. But in this world of uncertainty, we can create our desired path and destined future. That's one thing we can be sure about. 

We create our world and live it with our rules and policy. We make a bigger world where we can set our intentions and fulfill our missions. We create our ultimate destiny and desire a living legacy. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay