Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where is The Divine Light in a Troubled Nation?

Just recently, President Duterte declared martial law in the entire Island of Mindanao, the southern Philippines, due to clashes between government troops and the local terrorist group "Maute," identified as an ISIS-linked group. That was a late evening of May 23rd, this year, when the news brought anxiety and fear among many Filipinos, especially those who remembered the adverse effects of the 1972 martial law imposed by late President Marcos. 

Widespread violence and violation of human rights triggered the memory from the distant past, a horrible fate experienced by our countrymen on this kind of rule where there is an absence of due process in a civil disobedience act.

Every year as we commemorated the People Power revolution in 1986, it flashes back to the kind of life Filipinos have lived under the martial rule; freedom of expression was suppressed, and thousands were victims of cruelty and summary executions under the hands of the military people. 

That was history! And now history repeats itself. This time the cause of the declaration is different. Martial law was imposed due to massive civil disobedience back then. Still, now the declaration is due to the rising power and terrorism of the local terrorist group called "Maute," which is gaining popularity in the country and getting recognized by the international terrorist group -- ISIS, which is known to be behind deadly attacks in major cities in the world. To date, thousands have been killed, including the lives of innocent people; children heavily injured and killed due to conflicts and wars. People get sick and experience post-traumatic stress symptoms that they will perhaps carry on for a lifetime. Their life was totally hell on earth. Some would have wished to die than suffer. 

In times of chaos and war, our government's primary goal is to restore stability, peace, and order by protecting its citizens from harm and adverse effects. It is a tough challenge, and putting it in the hands of our national defenders would make a difference in resolving the conflict. However, isn't it that martial law was declared to protect our people? Or is it a disguise for a hidden ulterior motive? We may never know the truth.

It's been centuries-long of the battle against terrorism in the Southern Philippines, but it hasn't been totally resolved until the present time. Martial law may be extended to a year or declared in the archipelago. However, it will not be the ultimate solution to end this national problem. 

Where is God at these times? Evil forces gain strength when people pray for peace and spread the darkness. Is God an absolute good? Or Is There A Violent God in Our Times? No one is spared, but anyone could be the next victim of this darkness, even those who may bring the light. In moments like these, we need Divine inspiration -- a Divine light to shield us from evil forces in this world. But why does God allow his people to suffer? Despite economic development, the Philippines is a troubled nation, and the invasion of darkness makes us blind.

We have been fighting for different kinds of war; the drug war already killed thousands of suspected drug users, including dealers. It is suitable for the government to protect the good versus the evil; eradicating them all has never been easy. Instead, we co-exist with these evil forces throughout our lifetime. While terrorism can't be trounced, we desperately call for points of Divine light to shower on us and to protect our loved ones and the entire nation. We can't pass on to the next generation of Filipinos the suffering we live in. We can't imagine our offspring blaming us for their inherited problem. 

Looking forward to 2025 or 2030 and beyond, what will be the fate of our nation? How will we live as Filipinos? Will there be a peaceful Philippines in years to come, or are we about to start living in our darkest era?  Let there be light on our people, the defender of our democracy -- our leaders and the chosen ones. Let there be Good Governance Towards A Better Philippinesand indeed we will see the light after the long tunnel of darkness we're going through. I believe that where there is darkness, there is light! There's healing in every pain and injury, and there's a happy ending in eternity as long as we keep fighting, for goodness' sake, while unleashing the Divinity from within.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Special: Compassionate Care

Reflecting on my younger days always brings back wonderful memories of the kind of parenthood my mother showed. Being the youngest in the family got extra attention and care, perhaps due to vulnerability and immaturity. I felt the love and care of my mother, who was there to look after all my needs and would protect me from harm and danger.

Though there were times that I would feel grown-up already and didn't need much help from her, I still longed for her presence whenever I felt lost and misguided. Growing up increased dependence. However, I couldn't help but rely on strength when I couldn't even care for myself when I was sick. My mother was there from sickness until regaining strength and got back to wellness again.

Growing up is only accessible with the role played by mothers. Although it's a right to be taken care of, the kind of love one gets from a mother is always a privilege. As a grown-up adult, I've seen different kinds of parenting, from elite families to the underprivileged. Immersing myself in the kind of living of upper-class families gave me a different perspective on where others greatly suffer. Some families live in extreme luxury while others sleep on the streets, defying all the security and safety threats and uncomfortable conditions. Although it is an eyesore to many passersby, I profoundly reflect on the kind of suffering. Why do people like them suffer in extreme poverty? Why do mothers can't give an extra level of care and love to their kids? Why do parents allow their kids to go and run naked on the street? There are many questions about suffering and how they can help themselves let go of it. 

In a deeper reflection about suffering, I've realized that it's a natural occurrence at any moment of our lives. Some had lived in poverty when they started but eventually escaped from it and now living their most extraordinary life in abundance and balanced living. Lost and helpless people will continue to suffer when they haven't learned a lesson from their past life until the present time, and the cycle goes on. Some people enjoy a life they deserve based on the energy they possess and the perseverance to live a resilient life -- an indispensable trait. 

When people start to give up on us, we remain resilient; when we lose faith in ourselves, we also remain resilient. When unshakable, we learn to fight the struggles and leave all the miseries behind. When we are young and can't fight for ourselves, our mother is there to rescue us, stand up for us, and become our voice when we can't speak for ourselves. A mother's unconditional love is always felt, and an inherent nature to always look after our well-being. 

From birth to adulthood, and when we are separated by great distance, there's always a feeling of mutual connection. A mother's compassionate care is felt miles away, giving a sense of greater love. We celebrate this loving connection at any moment in our lifetime by providing a special treat and making her feel loved and cared for. When we can't express it through words, we can always offer it through actions, and the bonding becomes much more vital than ever. A mother guides us all the way out and will always be with us in our minds and heart -- Mother's Day: A Celebration of Love makes us fully alive because of a different level of love we receive and the compassionate nature that we have learned to give it out to others who may need it most. 

The greatest give from our mother is to be loving and compassionate, and we extend this to other people in our lives. When others lose faith in humanity, we learn to understand and give ourselves a chance to serve unconditionally, just like what our mothers are showing us. No distance can separate us no matter where we are, and we learn to give back in any way that they will be more inspired to live the better life they truly deserve. A mother's compassionate care will always persevere, and her undying will always be forever in our hearts. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Crossroads: Hope in Uncertain Times

Every day is a journey that we battle. We expect to arrive from the road we choose to take and the destination. Along the way are different noises not only from the physical environment but also from one's mind — the noise from our thoughts. These noises either distract or enable us to give more focus to the filtered ideas; the good ones create more fulfillment at that very moment. When traveling a distant mile seems uncomfortable and inconvenient to others, some would feel the opposite thoughts and emotions. Though painful at times, it is the chaos that sometimes we unleash the power within  our emotional desires from powerful thoughts and intentions. 

That little discomfort is a struggle and challenge to fight and learn to overcome. When we are overwhelmed with negativity, we suddenly choose how to respond. To ignore is never the ultimate way to escape, but to face it with fierceness and the boldest intentions to hit it and see the path with the most transparent view. The obstacles give us a viewpoint to surrender or to take a deeper breath giving us clarity of mind and appropriate decisions. Back when there was a bit of physical discomfort in a long journey, there was uncertainty about what lay ahead. However, the excitement and a good conversation gave meaning despite the uncertainty. We learn to find balance and soulful healing for others and ourselves when not at our best selves. Then we feel some relief and recovery from within. 

In an uncertain moment, we may feel disheartened by conflicts in relationships. It may be brought by fears and pains from the past and worries about the future. We can't escape from the negativity affecting us so profoundly, but giving it out to others to have a share of discomfort and misery creates undesired energy pulling us down. When one is in conflict from the inside, others will absorb that emotional disturbance causing stress and anxiety. That's terribly draining energy! No matter how we try to shield ourselves, it would still penetrate on the deepest soul level. Shielding from negativity won't give a lasting solution, but paying attention to the cause and healing past life struggles and miseries will. 

The road ahead: Dealing With Life's Uncertainties is an audit of previous life experiences of hope in uncertain times. When false hope gives a false perception of reality, genuine hope gives clarity and ultimate fulfillment of a soulful journey transforming your reality and eradicating fear and uncertainty. The powerful force of self-awareness activates optimistic hopes and dreams that ignite one's life purpose — our heart's desire. That's the highest hope we can give to ourselves that will benefit the greater good. As we follow different paths, the inner compass still ignites and guides us all the way out, even in the most uncertain and unexpected moments.

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