Monday, August 21, 2017

The Road Ahead: Move on and Go Further

"A highway of success is not possible without a rocky road. And we always go forward in life no matter what the obstacles and challenges we are going through as long as we believe in ourselves and we keep our faith not to be stuck, but to keep on going further."

Life has been a series of wonderful beginnings. A series of unexpected events; a sudden turn of fate. When the door closes, there will always be a window to open up. Vast and limitless possibilities, offering the best world you have been dreamin' and that window offers a glimpse of a gentle light that's very promising.

The road ahead may have directed me towards another viewpoint in life, that we can unleash our potentials in whatever way possibly we can. Though it may be unknown to me, then the hardest thing will always be the beginning. As long as the fire keeps burning, everything will have a happy ending. That's what I know for sure.

Aha! It was exactly 5 months ago when I joined the automotive industry. It was never in my mind, but I trust the guts and the fate that is there for me. As a trained healthcare professional, I have dreamed of working in a medical facility, helping people regain strength, achieve wellness and become a purposeful member of society again. Well, that happened just recently and that was truly an experience. There's always a healing power in our hands and we are all capable of healing people. You don't need to become a doctor or a nurse to heal people, as there's always healing energy in compassion and motivation. If that's what you can give, we can create a ripple of goodwill whoever we are and whatever industry we are in. That's it!

Service to humanity is not confined to a single industry where compassion is much known. Compassion is in the soul of our being and we carry it in any work that we do. In our dealings with people, we show compassion through excellent customer service, ensuring the best experience leading to customer satisfaction and retention. In any industry, our job involves delighting our clients with our exceptional services, something that is incomparable that makes them delighted customers. As the Dalai Lama said that "our goal is happy and to be happy one has to be compassionate"  so, with that, it is truly our loving nature; a big and overflowing heart that makes us not only experience happiness but ultimately bliss -- a deeper spiritual experience.

There will always be a light that will guide to the deepest of our soul. A material world that may be less spiritual to many, but a single step towards a thousand miles of a spiritual journey. I believe that the material and spiritual world co-exist and in this chosen path it's hard to resist. 

We are in control of our decisions, but there's a higher soul that will make us realize our worth. We can always choose whom to follow, the ones who will show compassion on our being; to the realization of our deepest dreams and desires to fulfill. I feel the connection, I feel the care, the gratitude, and the sense of pride. 

The culture is wonderful and that has been created from the foundation of love, respect, and trust to its people. It's not about the name of the company or how big it is; it's about making a company big even from the simplest contribution that is worthy of recognition. We can certainly create a culture of unity and not divisiveness. A culture of respect, friendliness, camaraderie, and compassion. That's what we all need to succeed.

I remember the smiles, the happy faces, and the grateful heart in every interaction. I can sense the sincerity and humility to help that no matter how busy we are with our work, still we find time to reach out with our helping hand. It's the people that we're working with that will help us stay alive. No matter how tiring the day may seem, nothing beats the positive energy and enthusiasm that makes us energized and keep motivated. It's the culture that makes a difference. 

As I brave the storm of impossibilities, there will always be a mirror to hold; to look back from the past successes, thereby rising up from the challenges. It's never too late to start with a positive spirit fighting for greatness in a little world that I live in, but an expanded consciousness is unlimited as I have been given. 

There are so many things to realize and to discover within ourselves. We can look forward to a brighter future and keep the passion ignited every single day. Trusting the leader and giving all-out support to the company we highly believe in.

The road ahead is full of uncertainly, but we always create our own reality. The roads may be rough for now, but eventually, a smooth ride will follow in the days to come as long as we keep on moving in a forward direction. A highway of success is not possible without a rocky road. And we always go forward in life no matter what the obstacles and challenges we are going through as long as we believe in ourselves and we keep our faith not to be stuck, but to keep on going further.

© 2017 Del Cusay