Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas in Our Hearts 2017: The Unexpected Reality

Christmas season brings beautiful memories in each of us, feeling joyful for the gifts we received as a kid during Christmas parties and grand year-end parties as adults. Those moments brought meaning to our lives, families, and dear friends. It created a particular bond — a connection that could last forever. However, no matter how pleasant those memories were, there may still be some unpleasant events that didn't prevent us from moving forward. Yuletide season goes on and heals and renews certain emotions, beliefs, and personalities.

Christmas in Our Hearts: A Wonderful Beginning reminded me of a celebration away from home, yet connected in spirit. It was when I felt very grateful and joyful for the beautiful blessings I received. That was an unexpected reality, and not in a dream state from a deep sleep.

Years have passed, and the road ahead brought so many endless opportunities. The world showers abundance for those who believe and have faith, those who have fallen but never gave up. A temporary shelter to a wandering spirit, but when knocked and called, it passes the same road to exit and back to where our hearts belong. To follow our heart's desire could mean freedom from emotional and mental assault, to bring back our old self — stronger and better.

On the road to the peak is indeed bliss. Christmas in Our Hearts 2015: A Blissful Journey is a memorable moment of fun and excitement. It is the road to self-renewal and feeling hopeful for the next chapter, just like those who have just started living their dreams and are now living on the next level of a more wonderful reality. They have persevered, endured the pain, and gained the greatest surprise they deserve.

There were moments of victory and living our purpose. The road to healthcare mission brought a different kind of service for those who seek healing. Just like a book, it has its last chapter and page. Christmas in Our Hearts 2016: Breakthrough to Success was a call to service, self-discovery, and affirmation. When the previous page was done, we sought a more significant challenge; something unknown brought us on an incredible journey. It may have revealed our weaknesses, our dislikes and helped us move out of our comfort zones, but it also showed a different personality vulnerable to threats and uncontrolled forces.

Along the way, we meet people who are good and evil to us. People we met by chance have helped us get where we are. No matter what happens, with life's ups and downs, there will always be a family of our own and wherever we have settled in. The virtue of gratitude, forgiving and loving nature still reigns in our hearts. We continue to reflect and reminisce about those beautiful moments and believe in the current unexpected reality. The chapter still needs to close. It's still an incredible journey and challenges at the crossroads. The seed of thought planted years back is now becoming closer to reality. There are unexpected circumstances, but we create our reality, desires, and destiny.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Soulful Holiday Retreat

A five-day holiday seems so long in a place where our heart belongs. A simple yet meaningful living away from the crowd and noise. It is genuinely home, where life seems unhurried and not preoccupied with chaotic city living when time seems slow while enjoying the moment. At last, after working tirelessly, there's a reward. It's priceless. Hence a short time vacation really matters.

What makes life significant is when we return to our place of birth once in a while to reconnect with how it all began. We've been too distant places to earn a living and provide for our needs and desires; being disconnected is temporary. The compass would always point us back to where we are most comfortable. A home is where our heart is. To listen to a different kind of story and express it with the most profound affinity. 

I always believe in the power of natural healing. It doesn't cost much. It's a priceless and significant renewal of self to gain a new perspective on people, places, things, and experiences. Indeed, a soul knows how to heal itself. It directs us somewhere to get revitalized, thus making us more robust and ready to handle complex tasks. 

Holistic healing involves the body, mind, and soul integrated into a personality. It needs time to heal and regain the lost positive energy in a low-frequency mode. It feels great to be whole again through a retreat, even for a while. The intense vibration makes us feel more confident that we can make things possible through our belief and effort. A positive vibration that draws people to get some inspiration and to believe in themselves for who they are and what they can accomplish.

Once, I experienced a highlands retreat in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. I have entered The Land of Tibetans in Dharamsala, where life is heavenlike. The people have a deeper spiritual connection, and they seem to be happy and contented. Back in my hometown, people are enjoying spiritual bliss in a highland I can compare to Dharamsala. The place may not have the same grandeur and charm, but it is similar in some ways. The cool breeze on a foggy mountain, the birds chirping, the gentle blow of the wind, and the spiritual nature of the people. 

Looking farther into the surrounding mountains is a feeling of faith and hope; we can reach the summit as we envision a greater height of limitless capabilities. The road to the forum leads to a soulful retreat journey to a place closer to our hearts. Our endless desire and need for renewal make us a powerful personality that knows no limit. With endurance and perseverance, the summit is always within our reach. It's a cycle of life of a burning desire and soulful recollection, leading to the meaningful life we deserve. 

© 2017 Del Cusay

Sunday, November 5, 2017

6th Year Blogging Anniversary: Reminiscence of The Glorious Times

We will never know how far we have gone or how great we have become when we don't push ourselves to our limits, knowing who we really are and what we can do. That's when we start our journey to limitless potential and possibilities. Enjoying the moment of overcoming obstacles on the way to the peak. We may have conquered the summit and felt victorious, but that moment isn't forever, and we continue the journey back to where life seems normal and easy. That's the cycle of life. No permanence, but just unending highs' and lows.'

I reminisce about the days when I followed my soulful desire and committed. It's not a major one. Not even an absolute commitment. I call it a passion  a lifestyle for a chosen few. This is to follow my desire to put my stories into writing. Blogging is a lifestyle that triggers emotions and can move people, not to be idolized but an inspiration that life is a series of levels comparable to a book. It has chapters and stands alone, pages, and a title.

As I write a title on every page or chapter, it highlights the wondrous journey of past, present, and future living. Not merely dwelling on the past but enjoying the moment, the power of now. That's the way it is. However, we envision a life ahead of our time. That's a gift of time travel; living may be light years earlier — to the extreme.

Today, November 5, is about remembering the past. On this day, about 6 years ago, I started to become a writer of my journey and destiny. As I recall, "Insights For A Fulfilling Life" was significant as I documented life's precious learning turned into wisdom from Sages of the East and West. It's about living in a more profound consciousness, a different state of being and planes of existence. That was surreal, for sure. 

As I began to be awakened, my life was still continuously changing. Some old ways of living and some great deeds are done. Awakening starts when we explore the deeper core of our being. Our soulful quest for meaning and understanding the chaos and adversity happens to everyone and our world.

On November 5, 2011, I started to share about the gentle awakening through The Power of Meditation. It all started with light, an inspiration, a spark leading to action. Tremendous energy that was so powerful enough to change a personality. That's how it all began. Whenever I look back, it was a simple wish, a desire for something different and meaningful. It was granted, and I have gone through the test of time. Rough as it may have been, still on the journey of fine-tuning.

The first year of the blogging anniversary was about the Reminiscence of The Glorious Times. A run-through of the insights on my travels: interaction with people and exposure to different and bizarre cultures. A year after, the 2nd year was like a viral post the Western readers when I posted about Following Our Heart's Desire. Since then and up to date, it's the most read and shared blog post. I describe it as an ordinary but meaningful and significant post.

My ebook entitled "Heart's Desire: Journey to Success" came into reality as inspired by that post and was even accepted by Amazon for international readers. It was never easy, but I have learned to do it on my own, and beyond my wildest dreams, I have faith in myself to live upon my future desires that may be unimaginable. It's a journey, and along the way are crossroads. Sometimes, it will be good to feel defeated, and some days, like a champion  a winner.

On the 6th anniversary, a new chapter is celebrated: The Road Ahead is about living your most extraordinary life inspired by the light from within. This new chapter, it's about meaningful silence and experiencing and overcoming challenges. To overcome defeat and emerge as a winner based on personal definition of success.

As I said, this personal blog site,, is a masterpiece: a collection of stories shared by great people from great places, cultures, and events. This will continue to exist in the coming years, and I will always be delighted to share it with people who aspire to awaken their inner giant from within and share the light today and beyond.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Road Ahead: Move on and Go Further

"A highway of success is only possible with a rocky road. And we always go forward in life no matter the obstacles and challenges we are going through as long as we believe in ourselves and keep our faith not to be stuck, but to keep going further."

Life has been a series of beautiful beginnings. A series of unexpected events, a sudden turn of fate. When the door closes, there will always be a window to open up. Vast and limitless possibilities, offering the best world you have been dreamin', and that window provides a glimpse of a gentle light that's very promising.

The road ahead directed me toward another viewpoint: we can unleash our potential however we can. Though it may be unknown to me, the most challenging thing will always be the beginning. As long as the fire keeps burning, everything will end happily. That's what I know for sure.

Aha! It was exactly 5 months ago when I joined the automotive industry. It was never in my mind, but I trust the guts and fate there for me. As a trained healthcare professional, I have dreamed of working in a medical facility, helping people regain strength, achieve wellness and become a purposeful members of society again. Well, that happened just recently, and that was indeed an experience. There's always a healing power in our hands; we can all heal people. You don't need to become a doctor or a nurse to heal people, as there's always healing energy in compassion and motivation. If that's what you can give, we can create a ripple of goodwill, whoever we are and whatever industry we are in. That's it!

Service to humanity is not confined to a single industry where compassion is much known. The heart is in the soul of our being, and we carry it in any work we do. In our dealings with people, we show mercy through excellent customer service, ensuring the best experience leading to customer satisfaction and retention. In any industry, our job involves delighting our clients with our exceptional services, something that is incomparable that makes them delighted customers. As the Dalai Lama said, "Our goal is to be happy, and to be happy, one has to be compassionate"  So, with that, it is truly our loving nature. This prominent and overflowing heart makes us experience happiness and, ultimately, bliss- a more profound spiritual experience.

There will always be a light that will guide us to the deepest of our souls. A material world that may be less spiritual to many, but a single step towards a thousand miles of a spiritual journey. The material and spiritual worlds co-exist, and resisting this chosen path is hard. 

We are in control of our decisions, but there's a higher soul that will make us realize our worth. We can always choose whom to follow, the ones who will show compassion on our being to discover our most profound dreams and desires to fulfill. I feel the connection, the care, the gratitude, and the sense of pride. 

The culture is lovely and has been created from the foundation of love, respect, and trust for its people. It's not about the company's name or size; it's about making a company significant, even from the most direct contribution worthy of recognition. We can create a culture of unity and not divisiveness. A culture of respect, friendliness, camaraderie, and compassion. That's what we all need to succeed.

I remember the smiles, the happy faces, and the grateful heart in every interaction. I can sense the sincerity and humility to help that no matter how busy we are with our work, we still find time to reach out with our helping hand. It's the people that we're working with that will help us stay alive. No matter how tiring the day may seem, nothing beats the positive energy and enthusiasm that makes us energized and keep motivated. It's the culture that makes a difference. 

As I brave the storm of impossibilities, there will always be a mirror to hold; to look back on past successes, thereby rising up from the challenges. It's never too late to start with a positive spirit fighting for greatness in the little world that I live in, but an expanded consciousness is unlimited, as I have been given. 

There are so many things to realize and discover within ourselves. We can look forward to a brighter future and keep the passion ignited daily. We highly believe in trusting the leader and supporting the company.

The road ahead is uncertain, but we always create our own reality. The roads may be rough for now, but a smooth ride will eventually follow in the days to come as long as we keep moving forward. A highway of success is only possible with a rocky road. And we always go on in life no matter the obstacles and challenges we are going through as long as we believe in ourselves and keep our faith not to be stuck but to keep going further.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hope For Humanity: A Life Worth Living

2013 was probably the worst disaster that hit the Philippines, my beloved country. The day when the most destructive typhoon killed thousands of lives and families left homeless. November 8, 2013, was a nightmare to consider. Several lives were lost instantly, and many people suffered from post-traumatic stress. They were helpless, didn't know what to do, and felt abandoned and neglected. It killed innocent lives, the hopes and dreams of many people, families living simple lives, and those who have just started building their lives. It was all gone due to a significant impact caused by Typhoon Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan.

As a disaster-prone country, we learned to adapt to almost every calamity. We brave the storm, proving the Resilience of The Filipino Spirit that we are as complex as titanium but as soft as a pearl. We learn to recover and stand up again despite the miseries we have experienced. We struggle, we cry, we laugh, and we smile. That's the cycle of life we are meant to live. In the Philippines, that's our reality. We are waterproof no matter what challenges we are going through. We Filipinos are tough, but our poor soul experiences the pain that makes us feel helpless, meaningless, and lack direction and purpose. We became lost and wanderers in body, mind, and spirit.

Destruction of humanity caused by climate change is the greatest challenge in this century. We have caused significant damage to the earth and suffer the consequence; hence, disaster is becoming a regular occurrence, and we must learn how to fight to survive. Yes, we are a survivor in this archipelago of stormy seas. Our survival instinct guides our actions to escape from harm and danger. Our bodies may have become weak, but our spirit still has the energy to live. That is Perseverance in Times of Despair that we develop in our character. We became fearless, and we endured all the pain.

As a survivor, I have learned to acknowledge the importance of saving our environment; our nature; the habitat we live in; keeping the forestry that is becoming denuded, and creating awareness for people who don't care. People are becoming greedy and busy with the destruction of nature just to gain wealth. That's their way to survive and their life path. For us, we end up suffering. Those people are careless not to think and feel for the welfare of the people. Truly, destruction against humanity.

A simple way of expressing disgust for environmental destruction and supporting the ecological protection drive would mean a lot. I believe there are still better leaders with a voice and influence to beat the destroyers, the environment killers. I give my support to those who care for humanity and the world. There's nothing more worth living than a peaceful and heaven-on-earth experience. When we sleep so deep and wake up with higher hopes and goals to accomplish. When we live in harmony with nature and keep our balance as we progress. There is nothing more in life than to keep everything fair and just.

My previous life experiences made me stronger and think extraordinarily. MyMy Life's Greatest Challenge prepared me for a more significant role of serving humanity through a personal transformation through higher consciousness. I've been prepared for disaster preparedness for a possible worst-case scenario. The world is ever-changing and unpredictable. However, we can always foresee the events based on the current trend. Today, we are Dealing with The Impact of Climate Change. That's our reality, and we are now living in it. We can't stop it, but we can prepare for the worst thing to come to entirely survive. I mean not only on a physical level but also on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Life is good, and it is worth living to have a negligible influence on others. We can make an impact in our own way based on what we believe is right and for the betterment of other people. Our humanitarian actions will go a long way, creating a ripple of kindness and goodwill to improve the world. Our Heart's Desire: To live a Humanitarian Life Heart's Desire: To live a Humanitarian Life that will influence others to stand up and act for better mankind. We have higher hopes for ourselves, but we are also hoping more for humanity's future. As I remember, service life is a life worth living and well lived -- the humanitarian way.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Resilience of The Filipino Spirit: Dealing with the Impact of Climate Change

The recent environmental issue of climate change significantly affects humanity and the world. We are all living testimony of how our lives have changed in many ways; we either adapt to it or become victims of circumstances. This is more than just the present situation since we look forward to its massive destruction in the succeeding years and generations.

With the most significant issue of global warming leading to climate change, how can we foresee the future ahead of us? How can we ensure that the next generations will live harmoniously with nature? Is the human race losing the battle and on its way to extinction? We may never know, but one thing for sure is that we now live in uncertainty due to the destructive Power of Nature and the consequence of greediness and negligence for personal gains.

The great debate on climate change started several years back. It has become a significant issue confronting several nations, especially the Philippines, one of the most disaster-prone countries in Asia and the world. This small archipelago of brave Filipinos have suffered tremendously at some point in time due to significant natural calamity; typhoons, landslides, earthquakes, and storm surge that have killed thousands of Filipinos. 

Natural disasters may be inevitable. However, the  Resilience of the Filipino Spirit made us more robust, and we became the ultimate survivor. Our survival instinct enables us to better prepare ahead and anticipate more destructive forces beyond our control. We may have a bended knee, but that's only temporary, as we can bounce back to live a fully recovered life. 

Philippine Government, NGOs, and even private companies and organizations are doing their mandate in response to their environmental duties and contribution to a more livable community. Media Company, Rappler has been a leader in its humanitarian effort concerning the effect of climate change.

Their AGOS project, in partnership and coordination with several Government and  Non-Government agencies, calls for an action to raise awareness among every Filipino that we can do something in our very own simple ways. We can be empowered to send and receive reports about calamities and disaster-related occurrences through social media.

The AGOS project introduced a way of making a difference through a practical and achievable 3-way goal: to "Prepare - Respond - Recover" applicable before, during, and after a disaster or calamity. 

The 2-day AGOS Disaster Preparedness on July 14-15 was a remarkable achievement of the Government and Private organizations working together for a common goal to achieve zero casualties in times of natural disaster. Rappler, in partnership with Humanitarian Organizations, was successful in attracting members, followers, and volunteers willing to spend their precious time and devote positive energy to a humanitarian cause. 

Present at the event is our Philippine Senator, Richard Gordon, who is the Chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross. He shared about the power of volunteerism and what they can achieve to alleviate the suffering and restore the dignity of calamity victims. Senator Loren Legarda also shared about the environmental law she has authored since the early 90s. Her concept of zero waste management, "Reuse - Reduce - Recycle," is her environmental advocacy teaching people to save our environment from further damage or harm. Other invited speakers talked about their respective offices or agencies' role in minimizing the effect of climate change and our ways of adaptation and survival. 

Together with Maria Ressa, CEO, Rappler
The initiative of Maria Ressa, CEO of  Rappler, and her whole team is truly commendable as they have proven their leadership in disaster management and advocacy for a more resilient community.  Maria's approach to public-private partnership doesn't need a huge budget but to empower Filipino people, especially the younger generations, to become active change agents capable of influencing others to have their commitments to Environmental causes.

The Summit was empowering, inspiring us to have a voice even in digital media. We can actively communicate ideas and solutions that benefit disaster management through social media. The humanitarian drive creates goodwill among its followers and will further influence young people to actively participate in nation-building.

The great thing about being Filipino is that our 'Bayahihan' culture has become digital. Its evolution enables humanitarians and advocates to continue living with a sense of purpose and direction. We have already proven the Resilience of The Filipino Spirit: A Year After Typhoon Yolandaand unfortunate events may hit us no matter what. Still, we're ready to break the barriers for a smooth-sailing journey to recovery.

We join hands together, and our soul-purpose will lead us to uplift the lives of other Filipinos who are lost, misguided, and victims of this sad fate. A resilient spirit will always be unshakable and always create a ripple.                                                                

© 2017 Del Cusay

Monday, June 26, 2017

Eid'l Fitr: A Moment of Peace

After a month-long battle between the Philippine Government forces and the local terrorist group, finally, our Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters in the city of Marawi in Mindanao have a glimpse of a peaceful hour for today's celebration of Eid'l Fitr, or the end of Ramadan a meaningful religious festival to break the 30-day fasting. Though a short ceasefire, it may have given them hope to escape and live peacefully away from their devastated city. 

As I reflect on the significance of this religious celebration, we are in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives to achieve a peaceful life. Islam, as a religion of peace, brings hope and does not instill fear and terror among fellow Islamic faithful; it may be the opposite of the current events where fearful people cry for the justice, unity, solidarity, and peace they deserve. As a Christian in faith, I condemn the evil acts of terrorism and wars brought by greed and selfishness. Even the religion of peace would have condemned the same adversity they have experienced for a long time. A never-ending conflict and war in the region resulted in political instability and has affected the social and moral welfare of the people. The psychological traumas in children and even adults will forever leave a permanent scar on their being. Unless they rise to adversity, they will continue to suffer until the end of their days. 

We are unsure what the future will bring to the people of Marawi, but we are one in prayers for their rehabilitation  their hopeful journey to recovery. It may be a spiritual test, but part of the recovery is understanding the nature of the Divine. A Violent God in Our Time would punish his people for the greater good and eventually achieve a heaven-on-earth life. Everyone can become a victim and a sacrifice for the future of humanity. It may be unjust, but that's the present reality in this world. People can kill others for wealth, power, and influence; a dictator can order a massive killing of his people; countries may bomb a non-allied nation. There's really evil in this world that is trapped in the hearts and minds of the radicals. 

People are getting anxious, fearful, and powerless. Nations are getting upset and always on fire. The world is getting so chaotic that we sometimes ask, Is There A Divine Light in A troubled Nation? This might give clarity and answer to the untoward events happening everywhere. In situations like this, we remain steadfast and faithful to the most powerful force in the universe. When a human being has lost its divinity, we again go through the process of purification to regain the divinity that is lost. With perseverance and faith in God, we can become whole again if there's a belief that There's A Certain Holiness in Us. Humanity must regain the lost being, so we can live in harmony and camaraderie with our brothers and sisters with a different faith. We are one nation that belongs to one world with universal feelings and emotions. We can always make a difference in other people's well-being through our loving and compassionate nature. No matter what race you and I belong to, our spiritual nature guides and directs us toward our purpose  to live and reign peace and harmony in our hearts forever.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Special: The Greatest Gift

I remember when my father would give us practical advice about living our life based on our choices. He might have gained an ocean of insight through personal struggles and miseries in his early days of fatherhood. As I grew up, I heard several stories that were inspirational and worth emulating; they would have pushed me to follow his path, and I was almost there. His life stories in the form of wise sayings, clichรฉand hyperbole profoundly impacted me and will forever be in my heart and mind. 

It might be hard to emulate his ways, but I have learned from my father all these years to be generous and kind to people. As a public servant, he has the heart to serve the people in our locality and is driven and committed to giving back to society in any way he can. His kindness created a ripple effect of goodwill, and people were quickly drawn to his personality. His values and character make him win people's hearts, and it is his best weapon in staying on the ground and remains to be strong. 

As courageous as he is, I have learned to be challenging yet gentle and always do my best to be on the good side -- never to allow defeat when fighting for the right. His way of handling issues is always simple; he gives outright advice to inspire and move your spirit.

My father may have won several battles, but he is brave enough to surrender everything beyond his control to the Divine. As a wise man, he believes and surrenders to God his challenges and can surpass all those trials through his faith. As our provider, he is 'leading the way' and is always responsible as a father to our family and community.

He always thinks of the welfare of other people and would think of ways how to be of service to a greater whole. I may never know what the future holds, but I will continue to follow the path he has shown and cultivate kindness to others. 

It is always a challenge to me how to become a better person, and it would take commitment and perseverance to become a better version of oneself. It's a choice we make, and when our soul purpose ignites the sleeping giant within, we can move the mountains if we keep our faith on a higher level. 

His journey in life is never easy, as he is confronted with obstacles that make him stronger. As he punches the barriers, he can envision limitless possibilities that we can achieve. He may have started to be a nobody, but with his determination and willpower, he has reached a milestone that we are all proud of. I will forever be a follower and continue the path that was started. After all, the greatest gift is not through materialism, fame, and riches but the gift of everlasting joy and fulfillment through service. 

© 2017 Del Cusay

Monday, June 12, 2017

119th Philippine Independence Day: Freedom in Our Hearts

Philippine national hero -Jose Rizal as a visionary leader, once expressed his deepest sympathy against massive aggression against his countrymen by foreign invaders. In his younger years, he witnessed the abuses and suffering of his own family and carried all the emotional baggage of his youth until he became a full-grown man.

In his youthful days, Rizal was already a champion in many ways, and he has proven his capacity through outstanding leadership in his family and the community where he belongs. He was a great believer in the youth and their power to do great things, so he once uttered,  "The youth is the hope of the Fatherland," a heroic statement we always remember. Back then, Rizal was just a little boy, but with a powerful physical, mental, and emotional character; such a commendable trait in his time. 

Today, in our generation, after more than a century, how many of us have inherited those traits of a hero. Who among our youth has shown the deepest respect and concern about our nation. How many Filipinos genuinely care and will continue to fight for the freedom that we have achieved through the years. Becoming a hero is never an easy task, but to become nationalistic is a meaningful expression of what it is like to become a true Filipino.

Conflicts, violence, and wars continue to happen in our time. It is unending and keeps repeating itself and becoming much worse than ever. Filipinos continue to suffer the consequences of false beliefs and the egocentric mindset of some Filipinos who would spread terror and invade the peaceful land making it chaotic, disorganized, and ruined.

With the sad fate in Southern Mindanao, Marawi City is another victim of conflict and war between Islamic State radical Muslims and the Philippine Government troupes. People lost their peace and sense of freedom to do the things enjoyed by ordinary Filipino citizens. We have lost several brave souls who fought for the dark forces. They have sacrificed their lives for the call of duty: to protect and defend our country and its people against oppressors.

We have lost our freedom. Our countrymen, The Maranao people, are enslaved by fear and struggle to recover their lives, rebuild and stand again, and continue to live despite the odds. It is not only the Maranaos but the entire Philippine islands; the Filipino people also showed the deepest sympathy. We have mourned and expressed our emotions, and we are concerned about the welfare of our brothers and sisters who are in trouble. 

It's difficult not to care about what is happening, especially when dealing with terrorism. We might live in a city far away from the bombings, but we could be the next target. It's easy to be complacent when we feel more secure and guarded. It's easy to get numbed of the unending conflicts and wars. However, ultimately, we cry out loud for our misery when we suffer and become victims. When our country is no longer safe, we can only hope for more protection and salvation to escape various threats. We could hope for a superhero to defend us from invasion and bring back our freedom. We long for a powerful Divine intervention to fill in peace and love in all our hearts.

Our freedom, once lost, will always find its way back on track. As we remain hopeful and resilient, we will always regain what is lost and fill in what is empty until we become whole again. As Filipinos, we must fight for our freedom and to contribute to nation-building. A divided nation will once again work together for the common good, and the loss of national identity will find its meaning.

Do we still care about what is happening these days? Are the youths of today willing to sacrifice their comfort to express their fearless views and show solidarity? Are the Filipinos ready to fight again to regain freedom and establish peace in our land? We might not feel it, but the heroism of Rizal is always in our hearts. That's the greatest gift he has given us, and we must uphold the strength and power we are bestowed. We have the blood of a hero running in our veins, and we could face any obstacle in our quest for lasting peace and order. We will not accept defeat, and goodness will always reign in us. We can't be sure that history will break itself and not be bound to happen again. However, one thing is sure; whatever happens, we will always stand as one... one Philippines ... one Filipino people. 

I am A Filipinoand I am a part of our nation-building. I am a Filipino and will uphold and respect our laws and constitution. I am a Filipino and will be a freedom fighter. Freedom leads to peace, and liberty will always reign in our hearts.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where is The Divine Light in a Troubled Nation?

Just recently, President Duterte declared martial law in the entire Island of Mindanao, the southern Philippines, due to clashes between government troops and the local terrorist group "Maute," identified as an ISIS-linked group. That was a late evening of May 23rd, this year, when the news brought anxiety and fear among many Filipinos, especially those who remembered the adverse effects of the 1972 martial law imposed by late President Marcos. 

Widespread violence and violation of human rights triggered the memory from the distant past, a horrible fate experienced by our countrymen on this kind of rule where there is an absence of due process in a civil disobedience act.

Every year as we commemorated the People Power revolution in 1986, it flashes back to the kind of life Filipinos have lived under the martial rule; freedom of expression was suppressed, and thousands were victims of cruelty and summary executions under the hands of the military people. 

That was history! And now history repeats itself. This time the cause of the declaration is different. Martial law was imposed due to massive civil disobedience back then. Still, now the declaration is due to the rising power and terrorism of the local terrorist group called "Maute," which is gaining popularity in the country and getting recognized by the international terrorist group -- ISIS, which is known to be behind deadly attacks in major cities in the world. To date, thousands have been killed, including the lives of innocent people; children heavily injured and killed due to conflicts and wars. People get sick and experience post-traumatic stress symptoms that they will perhaps carry on for a lifetime. Their life was totally hell on earth. Some would have wished to die than suffer. 

In times of chaos and war, our government's primary goal is to restore stability, peace, and order by protecting its citizens from harm and adverse effects. It is a tough challenge, and putting it in the hands of our national defenders would make a difference in resolving the conflict. However, isn't it that martial law was declared to protect our people? Or is it a disguise for a hidden ulterior motive? We may never know the truth.

It's been centuries-long of the battle against terrorism in the Southern Philippines, but it hasn't been totally resolved until the present time. Martial law may be extended to a year or declared in the archipelago. However, it will not be the ultimate solution to end this national problem. 

Where is God at these times? Evil forces gain strength when people pray for peace and spread the darkness. Is God an absolute good? Or Is There A Violent God in Our Times? No one is spared, but anyone could be the next victim of this darkness, even those who may bring the light. In moments like these, we need Divine inspiration -- a Divine light to shield us from evil forces in this world. But why does God allow his people to suffer? Despite economic development, the Philippines is a troubled nation, and the invasion of darkness makes us blind.

We have been fighting for different kinds of war; the drug war already killed thousands of suspected drug users, including dealers. It is suitable for the government to protect the good versus the evil; eradicating them all has never been easy. Instead, we co-exist with these evil forces throughout our lifetime. While terrorism can't be trounced, we desperately call for points of Divine light to shower on us and to protect our loved ones and the entire nation. We can't pass on to the next generation of Filipinos the suffering we live in. We can't imagine our offspring blaming us for their inherited problem. 

Looking forward to 2025 or 2030 and beyond, what will be the fate of our nation? How will we live as Filipinos? Will there be a peaceful Philippines in years to come, or are we about to start living in our darkest era?  Let there be light on our people, the defender of our democracy -- our leaders and the chosen ones. Let there be Good Governance Towards A Better Philippinesand indeed we will see the light after the long tunnel of darkness we're going through. I believe that where there is darkness, there is light! There's healing in every pain and injury, and there's a happy ending in eternity as long as we keep fighting, for goodness' sake, while unleashing the Divinity from within.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Special: Compassionate Care

Reflecting on my younger days always brings back wonderful memories of the kind of parenthood my mother showed. Being the youngest in the family got extra attention and care, perhaps due to vulnerability and immaturity. I felt the love and care of my mother, who was there to look after all my needs and would protect me from harm and danger.

Though there were times that I would feel grown-up already and didn't need much help from her, I still longed for her presence whenever I felt lost and misguided. Growing up increased dependence. However, I couldn't help but rely on strength when I couldn't even care for myself when I was sick. My mother was there from sickness until regaining strength and got back to wellness again.

Growing up is only accessible with the role played by mothers. Although it's a right to be taken care of, the kind of love one gets from a mother is always a privilege. As a grown-up adult, I've seen different kinds of parenting, from elite families to the underprivileged. Immersing myself in the kind of living of upper-class families gave me a different perspective on where others greatly suffer. Some families live in extreme luxury while others sleep on the streets, defying all the security and safety threats and uncomfortable conditions. Although it is an eyesore to many passersby, I profoundly reflect on the kind of suffering. Why do people like them suffer in extreme poverty? Why do mothers can't give an extra level of care and love to their kids? Why do parents allow their kids to go and run naked on the street? There are many questions about suffering and how they can help themselves let go of it. 

In a deeper reflection about suffering, I've realized that it's a natural occurrence at any moment of our lives. Some had lived in poverty when they started but eventually escaped from it and now living their most extraordinary life in abundance and balanced living. Lost and helpless people will continue to suffer when they haven't learned a lesson from their past life until the present time, and the cycle goes on. Some people enjoy a life they deserve based on the energy they possess and the perseverance to live a resilient life -- an indispensable trait. 

When people start to give up on us, we remain resilient; when we lose faith in ourselves, we also remain resilient. When unshakable, we learn to fight the struggles and leave all the miseries behind. When we are young and can't fight for ourselves, our mother is there to rescue us, stand up for us, and become our voice when we can't speak for ourselves. A mother's unconditional love is always felt, and an inherent nature to always look after our well-being. 

From birth to adulthood, and when we are separated by great distance, there's always a feeling of mutual connection. A mother's compassionate care is felt miles away, giving a sense of greater love. We celebrate this loving connection at any moment in our lifetime by providing a special treat and making her feel loved and cared for. When we can't express it through words, we can always offer it through actions, and the bonding becomes much more vital than ever. A mother guides us all the way out and will always be with us in our minds and heart -- Mother's Day: A Celebration of Love makes us fully alive because of a different level of love we receive and the compassionate nature that we have learned to give it out to others who may need it most. 

The greatest give from our mother is to be loving and compassionate, and we extend this to other people in our lives. When others lose faith in humanity, we learn to understand and give ourselves a chance to serve unconditionally, just like what our mothers are showing us. No distance can separate us no matter where we are, and we learn to give back in any way that they will be more inspired to live the better life they truly deserve. A mother's compassionate care will always persevere, and her undying will always be forever in our hearts. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Crossroads: Hope in Uncertain Times

Every day is a journey that we battle. We expect to arrive from the road we choose to take and the destination. Along the way are different noises not only from the physical environment but also from one's mind — the noise from our thoughts. These noises either distract or enable us to give more focus to the filtered ideas; the good ones create more fulfillment at that very moment. When traveling a distant mile seems uncomfortable and inconvenient to others, some would feel the opposite thoughts and emotions. Though painful at times, it is the chaos that sometimes we unleash the power within  our emotional desires from powerful thoughts and intentions. 

That little discomfort is a struggle and challenge to fight and learn to overcome. When we are overwhelmed with negativity, we suddenly choose how to respond. To ignore is never the ultimate way to escape, but to face it with fierceness and the boldest intentions to hit it and see the path with the most transparent view. The obstacles give us a viewpoint to surrender or to take a deeper breath giving us clarity of mind and appropriate decisions. Back when there was a bit of physical discomfort in a long journey, there was uncertainty about what lay ahead. However, the excitement and a good conversation gave meaning despite the uncertainty. We learn to find balance and soulful healing for others and ourselves when not at our best selves. Then we feel some relief and recovery from within. 

In an uncertain moment, we may feel disheartened by conflicts in relationships. It may be brought by fears and pains from the past and worries about the future. We can't escape from the negativity affecting us so profoundly, but giving it out to others to have a share of discomfort and misery creates undesired energy pulling us down. When one is in conflict from the inside, others will absorb that emotional disturbance causing stress and anxiety. That's terribly draining energy! No matter how we try to shield ourselves, it would still penetrate on the deepest soul level. Shielding from negativity won't give a lasting solution, but paying attention to the cause and healing past life struggles and miseries will. 

The road ahead: Dealing With Life's Uncertainties is an audit of previous life experiences of hope in uncertain times. When false hope gives a false perception of reality, genuine hope gives clarity and ultimate fulfillment of a soulful journey transforming your reality and eradicating fear and uncertainty. The powerful force of self-awareness activates optimistic hopes and dreams that ignite one's life purpose — our heart's desire. That's the highest hope we can give to ourselves that will benefit the greater good. As we follow different paths, the inner compass still ignites and guides us all the way out, even in the most uncertain and unexpected moments.

 © 2017 Del Cusay

Friday, April 14, 2017

Holy Week 2017: Leading The Way

Holy week has been a tradition passed from generations of devoted Christians, from Christian ancestors like Peter until the present descendant, His Holiness Pope Francis. Christians are celebrating the passion, death, and resurrection of the Christ who promised the salvation of humanity through the Holy Cross, where he suffered and died and became a symbol of our Christian faith.

We have a great tradition of commemorating the Holy Week in the Philippines. It's all about Christ, the center of our faith. Our devotion is directed to Him as he saved us from sins. Like most Filipinos, we honor Christ in many ways. Some would show their faith in deeper self-infliction, similar to the suffering of Christ. Others would celebrate at home in a deeper self-reflection and meditation. We have ways of showing piety and devotion to Christ, which is the culture to be passed on to the next generations of faithful Christians.

Good Friday at Manila Cathedral

The Good Friday is a symbol of our personal suffering as a reflection of the passion of Christ on the cross. As Christians, we have our cross to carry and overcome the challenges. Life has been meaningful as we remember the sufferings we embraced with Christ at the center of our life. Our savior will always be Christ as our guiding light no matter what obstacles we are going through; the light of the universe and the light of all.

The negativity of the world is a reflection of individual thoughts toward humanity. Conflicts and wars resulting in the destruction of life are significant source of stress and devastated self. Inhumane treatment of others is a result of selfishness and greed. The world has never been peaceful, even at the early age of time, but the greatest gift we can offer to the world is a little peace inside our hearts and soul. 

We give out peace, and we receive peace of mind in return. It's always good to be reminded that the holy week is about getting out of our personal sufferings that we have created. Our sick mind could manifest into the sickness of our soul and physical body. To escape from hell is understanding the cause and way out of suffering.

On this Holy week
, we hit the negativity that haunts us, even those closest to us. We repel the dark light and replace it with pure light from the Divine. People will poke us for our misdeeds and be our guide Leading us to Jesusour most significant source of strength in our lowest moment in time. We take the path we have chosen, and we have to understand and accept the Divine power, love, and light bestowed on us.

 © 2017 Del Cusay

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Circle of Life: Turning Back Time

Time travel seem to be impossible in a world that is preoccupied with the present and future living. What life may seem to be in ten or fifteen years or even beyond? What's the plan I will execute today that will change the compass of life? Clueless of what's going on enables one to reminisce and daydream forward. Going back or beyond the present time gives a glimpse of a meaningful journey of existence. When life's ups and downs knock you out is not a punitive reaction, but to awaken from a deep slumber of an impossible dream or maybe a worst nightmare.

A 'big bang' once change my life that's like a poke on the head. That was intense and painful beyond the physical level -- that was a different spiritual awakening ever! I couldn't resist, but to follow the inner compass -- a trusted barometer of life's goal and a future self. As I was saved from fiery place is a great redirection like an instant decision without a doubt. The 'big bang' that saved me no matter how painful it has been, may also be the 'big bang' that will help transform others in their own ways; wise decisions without guilt and bold actions that is mighty. No matter what life hits us, always depend on how we react and accept that we are vulnerable to untoward decisions resulting from faulty thoughts.

Going back in time, one has realized his potential and lived his greatest life because of right choices; no blockages along the way. As smooth as it flows, life has moved as fast and furious like there's no way of turning back. It was the best way of reaching ahead as fast as possible -- no distractions and defying limitations. Reaching the peak has some valleys that are tricky to navigate. Lost along the way may be challenging, but regaining oneself gave a hard-hit lesson not really to follow 'fast but sure' policy, but ones' own pace of living.

Back to the days when life seems rough gives courage to become braver to live in the present time. This is the  moment in time that is more realistic giving less stress than dwelling on the past and a future dream that is overwhelming. As I turn back time, it creates either wonderful or sorrowful memories that may be carried over a merit to the present and the future. The past may be ignored, however it could be the key to understanding the present reality. Having been somewhere doesn't mean the end of further exploration of what more it has to offer. One has to come back numerous times and enjoy a different perspective of living.

The circle of life is an amazing journey of giving in and giving up. Giving in to right thinking and decisions and giving up to unwanted thoughts and impulsive actions. By turning back time, I recall the good and the bad days where I learned and persevered. Keeping the challenge helps to correct and improve the knots; when untangled becomes a linear direction one has to go through. Reliving memories creates a nostalgic experience and it is in those times that we learn to grow and become better than ever. The circle of life is wonderful and the experience of turning back time is even meaningful and blissful not only in the present, but for a lifetime.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Heart's Desire: Living A Humanitarian Life

This day marks the beginning of a new journey to life; the start of a soulful experience of a higher self beyond the physical realm of existence. This day also marks the re-discovery of the true self beyond ego and lower emotions. When the lost soul wanders, it surely will find its place to regain self and follow the guiding light.

The lost chapters may be out of sight, however, those darkest moments find a way to escape leading to a brighter and more fulfilling journey. Through a deeper self-reflection, one has to find the right path and live with its soul purpose -- the so-called dharma.

The darkest moments in life are the unheard hopes and aspirations; the endless sufferings and blockages towards living a better life. Being redirected on a long tunnel is to experience the reality of the negative side of the physical world. To experience not just the good but also the unfavorable things beyond personal control. 

To be human is to experience suffering. Learn from it and continue to seek for the answer; find the truth and be the guiding light to those who wander. When you've been there, it will be easy to relate to the suffering one is dealing with and you become a master of your life -- your thoughts and emotions.

Those years when I started to discover another dimension of life, was a great spiritual experience and of personal transformation. It wasn't easy at the beginning. You have to undergo self-restraint and a sense of control in thoughts and emotions. It was only then, lower emotions are defeated through the enlightenment of the nature of man's suffering -- endless suffering.

The initiation towards the path brought significant change not only to self but to a greater world. Being called to serve humanity and the world revealed the spiritual powers vested on me and it became a way of living.  

Understanding the nature of humanity requires certain values one must learn to live.  It was then I've learned to unleash love and compassion that is innate and the core of our being. I couldn't have given it to people without a deeper understanding and love of myself. I have loved myself and had given it away.

Truly, humanitarian service is the greatest expression of love and compassion. To regain me is to continue the lost journey. It will be a challenging task, but hopefully will be a rewarding journey ahead.

 Following Our Heart's Desire serves as a guide to living one's purpose and for me, service to humanity through education and personal development is the path -- the soul purpose to live and master not only today but for a lifetime.

© 2017 Del Cusay

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Evolution of The Mind: Path Towards Right Consciousness

I was in my mid-20s when I decided to live a different path of human consciousness. It's not an ordinary life where freedom is absolute, but it was a life full of challenges and sacrifices. At first, it was not so easy until I have discovered my capabilities and unique qualities that are beyond the limits. 

I struggled... I endured the pain and I persevered the uncertainties that come my way. During those times I have pondered on the meaning of my existence and my role in service to humanity and the world.

I am blessed with being born from a loving and supportive family. My parents have raised us well and able to send us to a good school to get the right education that eventually gave us a comfortable life. My parents valued the education of their children more than what they have accomplished. For them education is an opportunity to succeed in life; although it may not be a guarantee, still they pushed us to get the education that we wanted. 

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in nursing and became a registered nurse. Back then, I was fully supported by my family for what I would become -- to live my life as a nurse. Perhaps I would have become a bedside nurse abroad and live a more comfortable life just like other Filipino nurses that are enjoying the greener pasture. But those were just a missed opportunity and a fantasy to my vivid imaginations. I did not become a  nurse and I remain to live in my country. It was a failure since the goal was not hit and it diverted my attention to other things that can satisfy my senses and provoke my creative imagination. I started to think and asked questions about the future. What do I want? What will I become?  I needed a rescue out of the blue. Clueless about the future, I couldn't think but act like a happy-go-lucky; no destination ... nothing to see. It was dark and I needed a guiding light.

The Mid 20s is when I started to rewire my inner dialogue. Connecting the missing link helped me to regain my life for the greater opportunity. That was the time I entered an ashram. A school of initiation for higher consciousness. I developed some intelligence that is not attained by ordinary people not devoted to the spiritual journey. It was in the ashram that I learned to become a trainer and a public speaker. I decided to improve my skills both intrapersonal and interpersonal and it led to a magical journey -- I couldn't believe the things that I am capable of doing. I envision being the best version of myself, upgraded my skills and learned to decipher reality from obsolete beliefs. The learning was truly indispensable and that made me who I am today -- renewed and transformed. 

To evolve in consciousness is to change self-limiting beliefs and habits that don't give meaning to higher existence -- universal service through spirituality. I meditated, chanted, and used a special mantra to achieve a sense of contentment and bliss. It changed my personality and reached a certain level of maturity through service. It was then I have learned to appreciate the tagline "Live Your Greatest Life." I thought living a good life is just enough, but then to live one's life to the fullest is more meaningful and substantial -- truly a spiritual bliss. Then, going beyond esoteric practice is "Serving Humanity and The World." It was the ultimate realization and fulfillment of my goals. I discovered to unleash my hidden potentials and increased my self-worth. I became firm with my philosophies and elevated my personality to connect with stronger souls. If I didn't, then I wouldn't survive from the start. My inner compass would have directed me towards the path. 

I traveled and lived in India for more than a year and reached out to different groups. I became one with the people. I dressed up and maybe started to sound like them too. I met various groups; from the elite families and well-known personalities down to the grassroots level of the society. The experience gave me serenity and sense of purpose. I gained wisdom from eastern philosophies with an integration of western practicality and that contributed to confidence in exoteric teachings. In India, I taught different subjects that are mostly of spiritual origin. It was very fulfilling and memorable. My greatest achievement would have been the construction of the "Third Eye" which is spiritually guided. It was then I felt the Divine guidance that intervened in my being. 

I feel empowered and did extraordinary things. My life back then may not be a common path to some, but being enlightened to some degree gave me a better perspective about the kind of life that one must live. Service to humanity is truly a benchmark of man's existence. Service to improve their lives and for them to search for a brighter meaning of their so-called 'dharma' or soul purpose. 

It was in India that I became a master of my own thinking. I challenge my own self based on my choices and persuade others for what they believe in that's not aligned with the universal truth revealed in the ashram.


How could I thrive years of service when I started to bring back my old self? I strive to become better, yet couldn't see the light. Perhaps I challenged myself, even more, then I realize that service to humanity is everywhere; in the community where we live or in a place where lives have brought us. Wherever we go is the place to leave a legacy. Maybe unknown to many, but popular to those whom we have touched lives. Our own 'dharma' is the legacy that is inherent to us. We may be wrong with our choices at times, but we can always choose to regain ourselves and become wiser and live a better life. We have been ridiculed, but our principles could help us to hit our target. There may be times when we no longer tune in to lower vibrations, yet we thrive to live an extraordinary life just like the old days -- deeper soul connection. 

Now that everything has changed, I am still evolving towards the right path. I am still uncertain about the future, but with the evolution and integration of Divine energies, nothing can be greater than our renewed self. We continue to develop and we keep the spark to give some illumination to others. 

Our evolution will be for a lifetime and when the time comes that we need to look back to assess our old versions, then we can say that 'I did my best and now the path that I am taking is the path towards the right consciousness -- not from a selected group, but a universal consciousness that everyone deserves. 

©  Del Cusay