Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday 2021: The Promised Land

Where will be our destination after this Covid-19 pandemic? Will there be a promised land awaiting for us just like God's  command for the people's exodus in ancient Egypt? Will our top leaders become like Moses who will make a great sacrifice and lead its people safely away from threats and destructions?

The hostility and uncertainty during this pandemic brought misery and deep suffering in our lives in the modern times. The powerful and influential even became stronger and the weak and poor became weaker and poorer.

That's our current reality. With billions of people suffering, we feel the oneness of humanity for a great plan of exodus. This time is to end the pains and suffering of the pandemic that's killing us.

Moses was able to protect its people under his leadership and they succeeded to have reach the promised land. Today, it's the time our leaders must follow the footstep of Moses and hear the voice of God to protect and fight for its people against the unseen enemy.

Religions of the world play a role to influence the nation's government and its leaders to save us and overcome this great challenge of our time. 

Our leader's shouldn't give up on us even until the end. We may never know how long are we going to fight and to remain steadfast, but one thing is certain, that God speaks to the leaders of our land amidst the noise and chaos.

We hope that our leaders listen to the voice of God that speaks to them; that they will accept the cross that's entrusted on them. We all have our personal crossess we carry, because God is testing our faith in the greatest challenge of our time. 

When we survive this pandemic, we'll all live in the promised land. That hopefully, our nation and leaders will be wiser. That we'll become stronger and great believer, and all our lives become better than ever.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay