Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas in Our Hearts 2016: Breakthrough to Success

"The achievement of my cherished goals and dreams is always a 'breakthrough to success' that I must cultivate. The year will always end with a brighter hope and aspirations in our hearts for a great year and the year ahead."

This is the season of loving and caring. The time when we are full of emotions; the time when we are more compassionate to each and everyone who matters in our lives. We give and receive something and we feel good about it. We feel the spirit of Christmas-- the most wonderful time of the year. Whenever the Christmas season comes, it excites us and makes us fully alive. There's greater energy everywhere and there's a feeling of abundance. These feelings create a wonderful memory that lasts for a lifetime.

Christmas is a wonderful season and it gives us a magical experience that's completely different from the ordinary months that have passed. I remember memories whenever I play and listen to Christmas instrumentals; the relaxing music of the piano and the romantic sound of the saxophone. Christmas is truly in the air. It gives a flashback of wonderful past and gives hope to the unknown future. As I quietly lay down on the bed, I close my eyes and reminisce the wonderful time that I've experienced. From the past and up to the present time, I recall the ups and downs that brought laughter and tears. The memories that wouldn't just fade away, but remain in my heart forever.

Christmas is a joyful season that brings hope for those who are empty; those who are lacking and abandoned. When this time comes, we hear the children singing Christmas carols. They may not be feeling empty, but they are hopeful to be given a part of what we have. We give them a part of our success. Though not that much, still it remains memorable to them and they take gratitude for that simple way of giving. Singing Christmas carols in the neighborhood was truly a memorable experience when we were kids. 

Aside from exercising our vocal powers, we enjoy the little money that we receive. The happiness is real and the excitement is unstoppable. I know how these kids feel when they receive something from every house that they sing a carol. That's an early practice of the virtue of gratitude. It's something that we must learn to value and practice. It brings more blessings and abundance. The more grateful we are, the more fulfilled we'll become. We don't feel empty, but we feel that we always have enough.

Christmas is a time of spiritual reflection. The year is about to end and we affirm our goals; our desires that we have accomplished; the directions we have taken and the destination we have finally arrived at. A successful year doesn't mean being a winner in everything and all throughout. There are times we feel defeated, unsure and misguided. However, those emotions are just part of winning. To lose for a moment doesn't define the year-end success; it doesn't predict the success of the next year and it doesn't lead to demotivation and lack of meaning. Hence, it reminds us to renew our lives and make a greater sacrifice for goals to achieve beyond the limits. This Christmas is to celebrate success; achievements that contribute to personal development. Whenever I reflect on what I've fully achieved, it gives a sense of fulfillment -- a blissful spirit.

The Past year has been a meaningful celebration. Christmas in Our Hearts 2015 brought us together with joy in our hearts. Since 2011, I've written Christmas in Our Hearts to reflect on the joyous season together with my family. When we're bonded together, we anticipate a better year ahead of us. We are together in our hopes and aspirations for a bountiful new year; full of blessings and mercy from God. This year 2016 is another milestone of a wonderful journey. I've been taken to a place closer to home. A journey on the road full of hopes and plans for personal development. A destination where everything ends happily; feeling love and compassion.

Christmas 2016 is a simple yet meaningful celebration. The weather may not be favorable, but the rhythm goes on an unstoppable; music in a Christmas melody, and kids enjoy dancing in a Zumba beat. Celebrating "Misa de Gallo" commemorates the birth of Christ; the source of our Divine inspiration and power. This is followed by the traditional "Noche Buena" as thanksgiving.

Christmas is always in our hearts and we hope for the best thing to come. More blessings and abundance and everlasting grace and loving mercy of God. This year 2016 gave me a great life lesson. To live a life full of gratitude and a more positive spirit. These lessons I hope will be carried on the next year 2017. I am hoping for the best to come for myself, my family, and everyone who truly matters. The achievement of my cherished goals and dreams is always a 'breakthrough to success' that I must cultivate. The year will always end with a brighter hope and aspirations in our hearts for a great year and the year ahead.

© 2016 Del Cusay