Sunday, February 28, 2021

Timeless Magical Moments

What makes you bring back to the timeless moments in your life? Those times when you're ecstatic and almost living in a fantasy.

There are times in our lives when we're chasing time, which create excitement. An exhilarating experience of a magnificent journey.

If only we could bring back time, it would have been the moment we got to believe in magic. It happens, and it puts us on cloud nine.

Time is just an illusion. When we're in a hurry, time seems so fast, and when we're waiting, time seems so slow. But what's certain is that we can always return time to a specific life period.; those times when we celebrate our journey to love -- whenever we feel loving and giving.

There are also moments when we feel some regrets whenever we bring back time. There are those moments when we don't listen to our intuition and become out of direction.

When I'm in a state of joy, it brings smiles and lightness from deep within. The magic suddenly happens, and the pain disappears --it truly heals.

And what makes us glow is our timeless and meaningful experiences. We keep on rewinding, and we keep on reminiscing. 

From this moment, I won't be chasing time because the magical moment has already happened, and it can make things happen.

Time can tell whenever we look back or see the future ahead. Just live in the present moment. Enjoy and let time do its magic.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Moving Forward and Going Further

When was the last time you thought of giving up? Your goals, ambitions! Your dreams and desires!

When we're no longer fueled by our passion and motivation, quitting is easy. But what happens when we no longer serve our purpose just by giving up? 

One thing I've learned in the corporate world is to keep on burning. Keep in mind the desires, hopes, and positive future.

Working at Ford made me realize the importance of going further; in life and everything. To "go further" means many things to people. For me, it's about achieving our ultimate potential and doing our best to be at the top of the line, at the peak of performance, always full tank and energized.

Ford Global City and Ford Manila allowed me to be success-driven to go further. There may be some crossroads, but I always remember to move forward and keep the passion alive.

This time, keep on moving no matter what happens. The road to the peak may be rough sometimes, but we're not giving up because we believe we can always choose to go further and live a better life.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Year of the Ox and the Valentine

It's a different celebration of Chinese New Year this year. I visited Manila Chinatown for the new year, and it could be more vibrant and festive due to the health threat of the pandemic.

I remember how the district of Binondo in Manila was full of energy with the massive crowd celebrating the Chinese new year. 

It was colorful. It was fun!

And so this year is my year! I was born in the year of the Wood Ox according to the Chinese animal sign, and this year happens to be the celebration of the year of the said animal sign.

Ever since my younger years, I used to be fascinated with the Chinese zodiacs and astrology that we follow even up to this day.

With the Ox sign, it exhibits some characteristics like dependability and productivity. It may always be challenging initially, but eventually, things will be easy.

An ox-born individual may have higher expectations and good leadership potential. The robust and hardworking build of the Ox will make all obstacles and challenges be overcomes.

The most meaningful message for this year is to stay calm and patient that, eventually, the wheel of fortune will turn in one's favor. That's what I need to work on myself. I've been patiently waiting after a deep slumber, and may this year be a new beginning.

A new hope, career, passion, and energy!

And so, just two days after the Chinese new year is the celebration of Valentine's Day. It's about evoking emotions of love and care, remembering and reminiscing.

February is the month of love, so we chose this month for our lifelong undertaking. This time may be the most beautiful moment of meaningful and soulful expression of love.

And so, today is the heart's day. It's the time when we send special wishes to our loved ones. Despite the distance, love will always be there, not just for today but in every moment of our lives.

The new year is about a new beginning. We express our love, and we nourish it. And so, just like a flower, it will bloom and become beautiful. It gives smiles and makes one cheerful.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Historical Gem in Downtown Manila

The favorite place for bargain hunters in the metro and probably from all over the Philippines is the busy district of Binondo and Tondo in downtown Manila.

It's often a chaotic and disorganized shopping destination causing traffic congestion and petty crimes. People would dare to follow the crowd across the street full of carts and products laid over.

It's too crowded and sometimes needs to be more passable to vehicles and pedestrians. Even shoppers would get stuck during rush hours and weekends due to the massive crowd.

For several years that was the scene until a change in leadership took place in 2019 with the new Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno. Since then, I've witnessed how this old shopping district has become much more organized and clean than the previous administration.

Downtown Manila, in the district of Binondo and Tondo, has been the center of trade and commerce since pre-colonial times. It thrived even during the Spanish era and post-World War 2, as it was rebuilt and bounced back stronger and wealthier, being the home of the Chinese-Filipino businessmen and their families.

The district has a hidden gem that's often taken for granted and ignored by the people despite the crowd. But this structure has caught my attention since I love historical buildings and sincerely appreciate the government's restoration efforts.

This building is the old Tutuban Railway Station, built in the 19th century during the Spanish era. It was the country's first road-rail network in mainland Luzon, the line from Manila to Dagupan. 

The old structure was through the acquisition and restoration efforts by the Ayala company in 2016. The 20-hectare Tutuban property is even made beautiful and more pleasant, and a better shopping experience for visitors with the Tutuban Shopping Center adjacent to the old Tutuban Main Station. 

The 20-hectare Tutuban property is made even more beautiful and pleasant, making it a better shopping experience for visitors with the Tutuban Shopping Center adjacent to the old Tutuban Main Station. 

There's also a monument and a mini-park in memory of the great Philippine hero, Andres Bonifacio, born in Tondo. Only a few people may have noticed, but this little park and monument are significant and remind us of our glorious past. The next time you visit downtown Manila for a bargain hunt, take a closer look and pay attention to this charming building that underwent restoration to meet the new age and generation of mighty Filipinos. 

©️ 2021 Del Cusay