Sunday, April 24, 2022

Celebrating Filipino Cuisine in Canada

Since I arrived in Canada, I'm always looking for certain connections to our Filipino culture. The music, handicrafts, and the food of the Philippines bring back memories of the melody, touch, and taste several thousand miles away from home.

To celebrate Filipino culture and cuisine, we're lucky to take part in the first-ever Filipino Restaurant Month in Canada. This initiative was made possible through the collaboration of the Philippine Department of Tourism, the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, and the Philippine Consulates in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

It's a celebration of Filipino touch, taste, and sound in a month-long food festival style participated by 40 Filipino restaurants across Canada.

In Surrey, British Columbia, there's a Filipino restaurant we visited after our afternoon walk in the park. We had our sumptuous dinner in Grandt Kitchen where they served a platter of a variety of Filipino dishes. 

What made it festive is when the restaurant is full of Filipino diners and the presence of a live band playing a selection of romantic OPM songs that gave a nostalgic feel. 

Celebrating Filipino restaurant Month in Canada is a great way to level up our cuisine and put it in the mainstream where other competing Asian cuisine seems to dominate.

We have to support our very own food and take pride in being a Filipino. This way, we help elevate our Filipino cuisine to the global culinary stage. 

The first-ever celebration of Filipino Restaurant Month in Canada was a huge success and hopefully will become bigger and widely participated in the years to come. 

We have to offer the best of our Filipino cuisine to the world. We have to showcase our culture, and we have to live on with our tradition and pass it from generation to generation. Wherever we are in the world, the Filipino spirit in us always lives on.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Holy Week 2022: A Journey to Paradise

The earth is healing. That's the message of hope and love this Holy Week. Finally, we get healed from the suffering brought by the pandemic. It may not be the end yet, but we don't live in fear and prolong the agony.

Travel is what we desire this Lenten season. This way, we get to experience a new perspective on living. We cross the borders and travel across the sea. A hundred miles of the journey; with immeasurable faith to Thee. 

We Journey to a paradise to see and feel God's heavenly creation. This time in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. A charming city that's rich in history. A story from the first nations passed down from generation to generation.

A walk around downtown Victoria is reminiscent of the distant past where laidback living thrives even in the present. I feel the calmness and the serenity; the cool vibe I'm eager to see. This is the place to explore to find meaning and start a new beginning.

The message of God is clear, that beyond suffering is a promised land where we live a heavenly experience. We walk with faith and we allow suffering just as we carry the cross towards our destination and salvation. We do not fear, but we trust God's will. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Taking a Leap from Hope to Faith

We all have fears and doubts. But believing that something can happen makes a difference in our lives. More so if we leap from believing to surrendering.

We have hopes because we can be achieved whatever our hearts desire. That's when we believe in ourselves that our higher hopes can lead to greater heights of success and fulfillment. 

When we hope for something, we say, "it can happen." However, we're dealing with just a possibility of keeping our fingers crossed. It may or may not happen. Chances are when we don't get our hopes, we slow down and may easily give up. 

Leaping hope to faith is believing that something will truly happen. It's about removing doubts that things are hard to achieve. But with faith, nothing is impossible. That's the difference of why faith can make miracles in our lives. It's when we have great faith that we achieve things with easiness and a higher level of success.

When things go wrong or when we're behind in the race of life, we may pause for a moment, get energized, and take a giant leap from hope to faith. Then, the universe conspires to make things happen. It shifts our mindset from probability to a greater possibility. And our dreams and desires take a quantum leap of our faith to eternity. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

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Monday, April 4, 2022

The Cherry Blossoms at David Lam Park

The spring has sprung. It's this time of the year when we experience a renewed season filled with joy as we the blossoming of flowers.

Springtime reminds me of rebirth and reinvigoration. We become more alive as days become more temperate and people enjoy the outdoors. 

This beautiful season is never complete without witnessing the cherry blossoms festival in Vancouver. And so we visit the charming district of Yaletown to celebrate the "Big Picnic" event. This is the best time to see the flower in full bloom and when many people are gathered as friends under the cherry trees. There are no strangers, but just friends and lovers.

The Big Picnic and the Cherry Blossoms Festival are organized to bring people together from Metro Vancouver to experience a day of fun and excitement. There are programs, art exhibits, and workshops for everyone to participate in, learn and enjoy.

This year's event may have been more significant as people move freely without restrictions. Mask mandate is lifted and people see each others' faces. But beyond faces are beautiful smiles, laughter, and joy that brighten up the day and lift the mood. 

What makes David Lam Park a magical experience is when people enjoy the hundreds of Akebono cherry trees that were donated by the 25th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, Dr. David Lam where the park was named in his honor.

There are physical fitness activities like yoga. It's a great way of becoming one with nature while relaxing the body and clearing the mind. There:s also winning haiku and haiku installations where they connect poems to the cherry trees.  

It's a good feeling when we see families and children enjoy the wide variety of programs and activities. It's good to see more people outdoors and appreciate wonderful nature in the heart of the city.

As the clock springs forward, we also show the world how we're moving forward despite the situation and still making joyful cherry blossom experiences and awesome memories. The Big Picnic is a special event that brings people together from different places in British Columbia to see the magical cherry blossoms and to experience "why there are no strangers under the cherry tree". We're all united, we believe we can be.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Monday, March 28, 2022

A day trip in White Rock: City by the Sea

What makes British Columbia beautiful is its stunning views of landscapes and seascapes. In Metro Vancouver, there's a place to see the natural grandeur of a city by the sea.

It's the City of White Rock -- about 45 km. south of downtown Vancouver, and just 10 mins. drive from the Peace Arch where the US-Canada border is located.

What's significant about this place is its rich history as a fishing village and where the place got its name. It's a literal white rock! A huge rock was carried away by glaciers to the South of the metro during the last glacial age period. It's also where Canada's longest pier is located, so people get to walk on a long and unique wooden structure originally built in the year 1914.

Walking down the steep hill heading to the main street is a magnificent view of Semiahmoo bay. There you can see beautiful houses on a hill overlooking the sea. Such a scenic view of the horizon on a sunny weekend. 

Approaching the main street is a promenade ideal place for fitness and sightseeing. We see people walk, jog, dine at a table, sit on benches and simply take a deep breath to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. 

Just a few meters walk and you'll be welcomed to enter the elevated wooden structure of the pier which is a fantastic landmark about 470 meters long. It's where individuals, couples, and families go for a stroll and enjoy the natural scenery. The majestic mountains, the flying seagulls, and the long stretch of beaches makes it a relaxing place to unwind.

The pier bridge underwent restoration in 1977 and was rebuilt and re-opened in 2019 after a wind storm hit the place at the year-end of 2018. This time they restored the pier to weather the storm and withstand natural calamities.

Visitors have to get down of the wooden lane structure to be on the shore at its low tide where they walk towards the 'white rock' visible even from a far distance. It's huge and a great landmark worth seeing. 

On the main strip of the town center is where you can see a long stretch of restaurants offering al fresco dining while enjoying the sunshine, the blue waters, and the cool sea breeze. Sunlight is just amazing as it gives a good vibe and a pleasant experience.

And whenever the sun shines so bright, we shouldn't miss the outdoors and have some fun. That's what the city of White Rock has to offer -- simply the sunniest place in the metro.

A trip to White Rock pier and promenade is a great way to experience what it's like to live in a city by the sea even for a day. They have preserved history and culture where peace and serenity are enjoyed by many. 

White Rock is surely a wonderful place to visit and live in. A vivid memory worth reminiscing; an awesome destination worth revisiting. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Monday, March 21, 2022

The Labyrinth in Fleetwood Gardens

The winter season has finally ended in Canada. Gone are the snows, frosts, and the unbearable coldness for a newcomer like me. 

Finally, here comes the much-awaited season of all; the spring. The blossoming of flowers and tree leaves are just everywhere. I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms in different places on the metro as it gives a naturally stunning view of a picture-perfect scene. 

As we welcome the spring, it's the best time to visit a nearby park on a lovely and sunny day. Spend some time to relax, take a stroll and see people around enjoying the moment of fun. 

Fleetwood gardens are the best place to be due to their proximity to our home. It's located in a huge park where cherry blossoms are just waiting to bloom. The pergola gives a feel of a romantic walk for a couple and the benches to sit for soulful conversations.

The most memorable feature is the presence of a labyrinth. It's an ancient pattern found in many places and cultures around the world. A labyrinth has only a single path and no dead-ends. As we walk inside, it winds throughout and mirrors our current state in life. We walk in peace with an open heart and a clear mind. 

The labyrinth in Fleetwood gardens is a classical 7- circuit or path. It's now installed in many places like wellness centers, churches, and community parks as an alternative for healing the body, mind, and soul. 

As we walk the path, we become more mindful of the sensation of walking. And as we go along, we develop a strong sense of concentration and awareness needed to gain insights. 

A labyrinth walk has 3 stages and it gives wonderful healing benefits. The first stage is releasing or purgation. This is the time when we release all unwanted thoughts and mental distractions. This is also the time to quiet the mind and open our hearts. 

The second stage is receiving or illumination. As we reach the center, we stay for a moment to sit, stand as we do meditation, offer prayer, and allow ourselves to receive guidance from a higher source of power. 

The final stage is returning or union. As we're about to exit, we follow the same path back out. We then experience a stronger sense of wellbeing and clarity of mind. We feel more empowered to follow our life purpose and heart's desire. 

It feels good to welcome the spring with an open heart and a clear mind. Like a spring season, we're about to bloom like colorful fragrant flowers. A wonderful being with a beautiful soul; living each day to find meaning and purpose. We live our best life; give back and be generous. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Monday, March 14, 2022

Fitness Goals in Fleetwood

Fitness continues from Manila to Surrey, British Columbia. Back home in the Philippines, I used to do a lot of fitness exercises on the streets of BGC on a cool morning and even on warm summer days.

Here in British Columbia, how could I step out for an outdoor walk on a rainy week? Yes, they say it rains a lot in BC, but the weather seems favourable to me as I expect a sunny day perfect for an afternoon stroll in the neighbourhood.

Fitness goals could be hard when stuck at home on gloomy and rainy winter days, but whenever I woke up with the rays of sunlight, then I must enjoy the outdoors. 

It's cold outside even when it's sunny with a daytime high of 10 degrees. However, the winter season is about to end and the best of spring is coming on the 20th of March.

Walking on the residential streets of Fleetwood on a cold afternoon is a great activity as I aim to become more physically fit. No sweat, but it makes me feel warmth at the end of less than an hour. That's already about half of my 6000 daily steps target. It feels good to get moving and see the beautiful neighbourhood around.

We travel to places occasionally and we try different global cuisine that suits the palate. Metro Vancouver has diverse food choices, and we couldn't resist the best of Asian cuisine. This, however, could be a challenge to my fitness goals as I increase caloric intake resulting to gain weight.

That's the reason why I need to burn the calories and unwanted fats. I need to walk. I need to run. I need to climb. And I need to jump up high. Here in Fleetwood, I'm glad to start my fitness journey by simply taking a stroll. Having a long walk in a day makes me feel energized and revitalized.

In the coming days and weeks, I'll be able to discover more places in Fleetwood where I can fully achieve my fitness goals. The quietness of the place and the simplicity of living is ideal for a healthy mind and body. This is where I always wanted to be. And here I am, about to live my life; to live my greatest life.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Promenade Walk at Garry Point Park

Vancouver, Canada is on the top list of the world's most livable cities. It's surrounded by scenic mountain ranges and bodies of water that are naturally wonderful. 

When I arrived in Vancouver at the end of February, finally I landed in beautiful British Columbia. I was greeted with cold and gloomy weather for several days. From then on, I'm yet to see sunny weather ideal for sightseeing and walking in the neighbourhood.

A few days after I arrived, I'm glad to see the blue skies as we visited a dear friend in the city of Richmond.

That was a lovely sunny day in Steveston. A village in the Southwest of Richmond, British Columbia. The sea, the sand, the sun and the cool winter air match the scenic view of the surrounding sandy trail for a romantic stroll.

Looking at the horizon along the seaside is a spectacular view of Vancouver Island where the capital city of Victoria is located. That's a wonderful island to visit and explore, but this time I have to enjoy the moment at Garry Point Park. The ambiance and serenity are truly captivating and soothing perfect for a promenade walk to remember.

Metro Vancouver has a lot of parks, and I am grateful to have seen one of the many beautiful parks in the metro. It feels good to live in a city that is blessed with natural scenery that heals the body and the soul. And whenever I feel the need to unwind and rejuvenate, I'm glad there's always a place I can go to.

The Garry Point Park is a place for recreation. It has an open-air green space and trails for strolling and fitness activities. Young and old people would take a walk along the promenade with their partners and loved ones. Others would love to take their dogs while enjoying the cool sea breeze on a sunny day.

The coastline was once a fishing village and a site for canneries and boatbuilding warehouses. One of the prominent structures in the Park is the Steveston Memorial Needle which is a marker for all those who were injured or had died in the fishing industry in this place. 

Sitting on the big rock while watching the sailboats and big commercial boats pass by is a wonderful scene. It reminds people about its historical past as a thriving fishing village. 

The winter season in Canada is about to end, but the warm welcome feels like home. Perhaps that's one thing I need; to get warmth. Living in a tropical country for so long makes a little adjustment to the cold weather in Canada. However, I have to remember that season changes and doesn't stay forever. Soon the winter is over and the spring season awaits.

Like the hundreds of cherry blossom trees in Garry Point Park, it's beginning to blossom once again. When the spring season begins, hopefully, I'll witness the blooming of the Sakura trees; the cherry blossoms. And it blooms in many parks in the metro. It just blooms when it is ready. It blooms at the right season. And it blooms at the right time.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Thousand Miles of Dreams

Chasing for a dream above the sky is truly a magical moment. We soar high to achieve our goals and plan our next life chapter even in the most uncertain times.

What makes life meaningful is when we're getting ready to launch life's best shot. The processes we've been through and the sacrifices we've made make us wiser and braver.

As I embark on my next journey, I remember not just the good things, but also those memories that had contributed to where I'm heading. 

Life has its fair share of bittersweet happenings, but we learned to be driven by our life purpose. We do not stop, but we continue the desires of our hearts. We become unstoppable. We become limitless.

In our aspiration for a better life, we have to cross beyond borders and see what lies ahead. Because only when we face our fears and doubts that we become fierce. We become fearless. 

As I begin a new life chapter, I am grateful for the love and support of my loved ones. People who are dear to me and close to my heart. They inspire me and help me achieve my deepest desires. 

Looking forward to the future, I'll be taking the road ahead with caution and limits. I'll be taking the crossroads with certainty and ability. Because in the end, I believe in a mighty spirit within me. With a thousand miles of dreams, be guided by the Almighty.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 20, 2022

You'll Never Walk Alone

We walk on with hope in our hearts. That's what keeps us alive and aspire to live our dreams and desires.

Dreams make us live a fantasy-like reality. When we dream, we become limitless of what we are capable of achieving. We introspect to find a world with meaning. We desire things we believe are worth having.

There's a break we need to take to realign ourselves with our goals and ambitions. We look back to move forward. We climb a little higher, so we can see things farther. We believe in ourselves that we can make things better. For one thing, to remember, we are what we think, and we become what we believe. Be it forever.

As we move along and follow our path, we're guided with our real intentions to manifest. There may be some delays and some unanswered quests, but the universe answers at the right time with the right request. Truly life at its best. 

We move on to what's next. What's there waiting for us? What more can I hope for? What's there to live for? 

We can be awakened from a deep slumber, but fast-track our best way forward ever; like a slingshot reaching greater heights and struggles we can fight. 

With the right people in our lives, we can be certain of the best life ahead. They push us to our limits and lift our spirits.

We used to be scared when we were defenseless. We used to be frightened about things we were clueless. There may be lonesome moments, but this time we're not alone and will never walk alone from this moment.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Heart's Desire: The Lens of Gratitude

One of the most unforgettable statements I heard is, " not all days are good, but there's something good in every day. 

That statement was shared by an Elementary public school teacher during their In-Service training back in 2014. I was there to give a talk about "Living Your Greatest Life" and that statement complements the subject of my talk.

Yes, life may be full of uncertainties. Full of ups and downs. Full of doubts. And full of miseries. However, when we look back and reflect on our life, there are so many things to be grateful for. 

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving every day, but there's always a reason to step back and see life from a new perspective. And that's through the lens of gratitude.

Feeling grateful to life begins when we recognize all the blessings we've received in any form and any way. As we live each day with a grateful heart, we attract new opportunities and great chances. We also create miracles and we destroy obstacles. That's the power of gratitude we shouldn't take for granted.

In times of sorrow and when we're on our lower emotions, an expression of gratitude lets us redirect our attention to a more positive mindset. It recalibrates our emotions to the ones that make us compassionate, understanding, altruistic, and more loving.

The lens of gratitude is always on us. We experience falling, but we can rise to fight again. We believe in ourselves that we can break barriers and live a fearless life as we begin.

With gratitude, we open our hearts to wonderful living. We learn to be more forgiving. We learn to give more than what we received. And we learn to share even a little of what we can afford to give.

With gratitude, we become more loving. We learn to give even at times we have nothing. We open our hearts even sometimes we are hurting. We just give, we just share, we just love, and we just care.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Joy of Gardening

The weekend is a good time to spend outdoors in the garden. We get a boost of energy from the fresh air and a little amount of sunlight just enough to get revitalized.

Outdoor gardening is fun for the family as it creates a bond. We enjoy our conversations and put smiles on our faces whenever we finish our activity. It brings serenity and joy to our hearts as soon as we see how refined and beautiful it is. 

Gardening is truly a therapeutic activity and is good for our physical and mental wellness. We don't fear getting dirty hands because of the many healing benefits they bring to our well-being.  

During this time of the pandemic, many people started to realize how gardening brought joy to their lives. It has changed their perspective about the essence of having a piece of nature while they are working from home. 

My parents had influenced us to find joy in gardening even before the pandemic. Since then, we appreciate ornamental plants for indoor display as it purifies the air and gives off fresh and revitalized energy that truly makes us feel joyful.

Even a few small pieces of potted plants indoors can uplift our mood. So, there's no excuse to feel down and uninspired when we can create a little sanctuary at home. 

Sometimes, we get more inspired and creative when we are surrounded by natural elements like plants and flowers. It heals us naturally and it restores our wellbeing after stress and burnout from work. 

Life is always good. There may be a lot of chaos outside our homes and in this world, but we can always find time to have solemnity and joy as we learn to create and live it. 

We create our simple pleasures, our soulful desires, and our greater joys. We create our natural healing, and we help create a better world.

© 2022 Del Cusay

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2022: Desire and Destiny

What's your ultimate desire that you want to get fulfilled? Is it wanting to be loved? Is it about maximizing your potential and performance? Is it about discovering your true self? Or is it about living your greatest life?

Our deepest desires always come from our connection to our soul. It's our soul purpose that makes us feel more alive and wanted to live what we're destined to be. To be who we truly are is when we asked the fundamentals of questions "who am I?" and "what's my hearts' desire?" 

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022, we also welcome the deepest desires of our hearts. It's when we have an open heart that we tend to be more loving and caring. We become more compassionate and altruistic. We give even a little of what we have, and we share the abundance we've received.

That's the significant message for this year's welcome of the Year of the Tiger. It's not only about being fierce and strong like a tiger, but it's also about the soft quality of being dependable and altruistic. 

As I celebrate the Chinese New Year each year, I spend some quiet time contemplating and reflecting on my soulful desires and my destiny. How will I become better this year and what will I become in the future? These questions trigger some actions for the fulfillment of my aspirations.

In this year of the Water Tiger, everything might still be uncertain. But in this world of uncertainty, we can create our desired path and destined future. That's one thing we can be certain about. 

We create our world and live it with our rules and policy. We create a bigger world where we're free to set our intentions and fulfill our missions. We create our ultimate destiny and desire for a living legacy. 

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Wellness at Home

We can never feel good about the world around us if our mind is stuck with the effects of the pandemic. We've suffered a lot already and this has brought stress to our lives from our everyday living and even on the new normal.

We've been stuck at home at some point and it has affected our coping mechanism; our ability to manage stress. Life is hard outside the home, but we've also proven that life could be more stressful when on home quarantine given some restrictions.  

Not everyone may like to stay at home for a long period or the work-from-home setup may not work for them. However, we can always find solutions on how to make our lives more comfortable and less stressful when there's no boundary between work-life balance. 

During this pandemic, our home becomes a sanctuary for wellness. We can make it more livable and create a wellness hub for the entire family that aids in the healing and restoration of health and vitality.

Home gardening is one of the fun and healthy activities that can beautify our home environment. It purifies the air at home and gives off oxygen that we need for a stronger respiratory function. 

There are good ornamental plants we can grow at home that filters air impurities. This makes our little sanctuary more breathable and less toxic as compared to our real workplace outside the home. 

Flowering plants also makes us feel good. It gives us happiness which is vital for our mental health. Being happy is a positive state of mind. We can't be feeling sad when we're stuck at home. What we can do is shift our mindset to be on the positive side. A simple fresh flower on a center table can elevate our mood giving a pleasant emotion and a clear mind. 

We can also transform a specific place at home where we can spend some time to relax and rejuvenate. Our balconies and roof deck are one example where we can convert to a little nature at home. It feels great to have a conversation while having a cup of coffee as we are surrounded by flowers and plants in our little sanctuary. 

Life has to move on despite the pandemic. We may be spending more time at home, but we can choose to live a quality life. Wellness at home is a lifestyle that we can adopt towards our goal of a healthy body and a happy life. 

This year 2022 is about our commitment to a healthier body and mind, so we can achieve the success and fulfillment that we truly deserve for life.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday's Best at the Farm

How do you live your best life? This is a commonly asked question by life coaches to assess our present and future life.

To live our best life is about enriching our lives with pleasant and beautiful memories. As we journey in life we're bound to experience ups and downs, but what matters is how we live a more positive life despite the odds.

Sunday is always the most peaceful time to experience being alive. This is the moment of healing and rejuvenation as we take a break. And this is made possible as we live in a natural environment ideal for the body, mind, and soul.

Visiting the farm on a weekend is pure joy. We feel more relaxed and grounded. This is the place where we could meditate or just have some pure thinking time. This is the place where ideas and plans happen. 

We live in a world where noise and chaos would deplete our energy. However, we can always find a place to unwind and get energized fast. We need to regain our energy and live a healthy life.

Since we're now in the 3rd year of the pandemic, it's great to be closer to nature. A farm visit and gardening is healthy physical activity that makes one happy. And that's the essence of living. We want to be happy and to radiate happiness to others.

Yes, life is so short in this uncertain time. So, we live each day with a positive spirit to achieve our highest hopes and dreams. With determination and Divine blessing and guidance, nothing is impossible. We can always make things happen in His time.

©️ 2022 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: Heaven on Earth

It feels good to have celebrated the holidays of 2021 together with my family in my hometown. It was a meaningful year-end where hopes and dreams are fulfilled. We've also welcomed the new year 2022 with positive hopes and affirmations for a great year ahead.

Another year of aspirations as we face more challenging days of the pandemic. We've survived 2021 and this year, 2022 brings another uncertainty into our lives.

I feel blessed to have celebrated the first Sunday mass of 2022 together with my parents at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in my hometown in Jamindan. It's been two years since my last visit at this time of the pandemic. It's still the same feeling except for restrictions like physical distancing and wearing face masks. The previous year's pre-pandemic was more intimate when we can meet to hug and kiss each other. But now, we just see each other and look at the faces. 

In the absence of Rev. Father Jeffrey Estrella, we have our new Parish administrator who is Rev. Father Patrick Jay Parce who actively calls on the Parishioners to be more faithful and continue to fulfill their religious obligations. As a parishioner, we can contribute to helping build a better Parish for everyone. It may take years to build a more stable and refined church, but with a commitment to the spiritual service of the parishioners, we can be able to experience a "Heaven on Earth" and live a beautiful and meaningful life. 

On January 13, 2022, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Jamindan celebrated its 4th anniversary as a Parish in 2018. Four years of religious service to the community and alignment to the Divine power, love, and light. The newly built Parish continues to draw flocks of believers and Parishioners as a testament to Mother Mary's intercession to our prayers and petitions.

Yes, heaven is a place on earth. In our daily lives, we may feel small, yet with God's grace, we can do great things. There's a miracle waiting to happen and is already happening if we just see around and feel it. God's love creates miracles in our lives and we have to recognize the blessings poured upon us. God is good and always present in our lives. A heaven on earth experience happens when we call his name, sing a song of praise, and kneel to pray.

©️  2022 Del Cusay

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