Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cultivating Gratitude for Success

"Live life to the fullest and express appreciation and gratitude. Every day is a chance to succeed, feel blessed, and be grateful to live."

What does it feel like to live in a chaotic world and remain positive at all times? How can we say thank you in times of difficulty? How can we be grateful for life if we suffer from frustrations and pain?

Life could have been better if we all experienced the goodness it offers, but it is more challenging than we think. Life simply means sharing the good and the wrong things, the ups, and downs—the life cycle. Sometimes, life may not be fair to us; but fairness happens when we all share the same misery even once in our lives.


Being thankful no matter what situation we are experiencing will give us the power to receive abundance. Gratitude is a way of appreciating and recognizing the blessings that come into our lives bigger or smaller.

We should be grateful for; good health, happy families, success, and fulfilled living. Likewise, be thankful for things that make your work easier. Also, friends you can depend on and family that supports you all the way are the reasons to make you feel grateful.

Cultivating gratitude means improving or training ourselves to become grateful in everything. Awareness of what is abundant in our lives is the key to happiness. For instance, a hug from loved ones, a bright and sunny day, a smile from a friend or stranger, and love and support from family and friends can be a source of gratitude.


Eventually, we'll realize that even the most minor things we often take for granted could have been an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude. Sometimes we are thankful for the good things we received but do not express gratitude for the not-so-good things in life. We need to fully understand its implications as to why we have to suffer or what lessons we can learn from it. We only give thanks for what is 'seen' compared to what is 'hidden'objective expression versus subjective realization. The latter is the source of genuine happiness and contentment.

I have dealt with people who are physically ill and those who consider themselves balanced in all life aspects. They may have opposite views in life, but illness could be a way for someone to realize how abundant his life must be, only if he is keen and aware of it. 

Through physical illness, sometimes people learn to change bad habits or obsolete beliefs that convert them to become more spiritual and humanitarian. This way, he may feel whole again and as balanced as the person he thinks he is. 

Indeed, gratitude is a life-saving force. Once uttered, it is an energy that can give us relief and the power to experience and express abundance. Life is supposed to be filled with gratitude since the world would become dull, unproductive, and not alive without it. It is with gratitude that we experience authentic living. It is in appreciation that we experience true satisfaction.


Daily is an excellent way to express gratitude for whatever we have accomplished or what we could offer or contribute. When we activate this powerful universal law, we attract more, for which we can be grateful. 

Never chase more of what is not in sight, but rather be grateful for what is already there. Also, we can appreciate what we can do more than what we cannot.

I could be better, and sometimes I complain if bad situations arise. However, I keep myself back on the right track if my perspective can do more harm than good. Then, I activate the power of gratitude, and everything becomes normal again. 

We can learn to be more grateful for life and remember that we are blessed with the people so dear to us and in almost all circumstances that life may bring. Live your life to the fullest and express appreciation and gratitude. Every day is a chance to succeed, feel blessed, and be grateful for life.

© 2012 Del Cusay