Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review: Endless Possibilities

There are many things to be grateful for in the year 2011. My life has been ups and downs this year, but I have struggled to persevere and endure the not-so-good happenings that brought sadness and tears. 

However, I have also experienced the excellent living brought by the blessings that came along the way of my journey. Life, as I define it is indeed balanced: you win some, and you lose some.

Being a winner in life would take lots of courage and determination. I have been able to conquer my fears and doubts to be able to climb up, if not on the top, at least one step higher. I made it to become the person that I am today because of my willingness to change. I succeed in changing my beliefs, perceptions, and negative thoughts about myself, knowing that "I can if I will."

2011 has been so memorable as I recall the past events that made me smile for joy and tears for sorrow. Whatever those circumstances, it will be a thing of the past and will never be backed.


I started the year 2011 with a new year celebration with my family. This event is very memorable for us, being together to welcome the beginning of the year. It was fun to have a meal on media noche, play with some firecrackers, and watch fireworks which are everyday activities in the new year.

We have welcomed the new year with gratitude for all the blessings we have received for the past year and the hope of attracting abundance for the new year. Gratitude is an essential virtue to practice to receive more prosperity in life. I am grateful and feel blessed.

It is a nice feeling to reunite with loved ones and express love and affection. The beginning of the year was so bright and an excellent start to doing things by my goal.


We have also welcomed the new year with the birth of our youngest family member, Szymon Prince. He brought so much joy and blessing to the family. This young boy is the source of inspiration and happiness to his parents and siblings.


I have been blessed to become part of BE Life and have gained more profound knowledge and wisdom about different aspects of life. I have met wonderful people who are my superiors, mentors, and colleagues who inspire me.

I have become more insightful and learned to accept my higher purpose. Along this path, I have met like-minded people and served people to live their most extraordinary life. I thank everyone who has touched my life; in return, I will continue to do the things that bring fulfillment to others.

Thanks to my Spiritual mentors, colleagues, family, and friends for the support they have shown me this year. Their presence is highly valued and appreciated.


This year, I had the opportunity to travel and work abroad with my colleagues. This time, we will serve people of various backgrounds, creeds, and spiritual beliefs. This is a challenge that I have accepted, and I will be doing my best to bring about positive results to the people I have met and served.

I have learned to be more optimistic. The power of positive thinking is valid and has made a difference in my life. There were moments of fear and doubt, but I shifted my thoughts to be positive and on the right track whenever they arose.

I have learned "The Secret" to endless possibilities. The three words: Ask-Believe-Receive, to attract things that I want. We deserve to become abundant, which comes when we change our thinking. I have done it before, and "The Secret" will be passed on to my loved ones and everyone who may need it.

It feels good to have a self-inventory of whole years' of experience. I have several questions about inventory this year. Questions like; did I make any progress on personal development? Did I make a difference in someone's life? Did I grow in spiritual maturity? And so much more to ask. On deeper reflection, I have found the answer to these questions and will continue to inventory myself each year for new personal development.


This year is not just happiness but a moment of grief to unexpected happenings. Life may be full of uncertainties and twists, and we have learned to accept it no matter how hurtful it may seem. This way, we know to be strong and courageous.


In life, one of the most important things is to take everything as a life lesson, whether positive or negative. We take it as a challenge to live and fight for. It is also essential to become a blessing to other people. I have been blessed, and you may be blessed, so it is not a tough job to share it with people who mean so much to us. Sharing depends on how we define it, but the question of how we can become a blessing to others is a challenge to ponder and take action.

What an incredible year 2011!

© 2011 Del Cusay

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Our Hearts: A Wonderful Beginning

I have loved to celebrate Christmas with my family since childhood. Christmas would mean so many things to me when I was a kid, full of beautiful imaginations, like believing in Santa Claus and the gift to be received from him. As a kid, I had a meaningful experience during this season. For me, this is the season to gather as a family, having a meal together on Christmas eve or Noche Buena. Full of surprises like games, food, gifts, and others.

Through the years, things have changed rapidly. Beliefs in Santa Claus have changed; consecutive years celebrating Christmas not being together as a complete family, not many gifts received and given, and no games, no parties, and just enough food for Noche Buena (Christmas eve).

Every Christmas celebration is unique. We had several Christmas parties at school, parties with friends, and an exclusive celebration with the family.

Although the Christmas season has uniqueness and extravagance, I have always remembered the real essence of celebrating Christmas. To give, to share, to love one another—virtues that were instilled in my mind.

Celebrating Christmas is beyond values and virtues. More than the party, the gifts, and the food is the time to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we have attended mass on Christmas eve to commemorate His birth and to pray for blessings and abundance.

Moreover, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to reunite with loved ones, heal broken hearts, and forgive. This is in preparation to open our hearts to receiving many more incredible blessings for the coming of a new year. A more fulfilled life comes after an open heart— a giving and loving heart. Likewise, success is short-lived and never measured by how many material things we possess.

A fulfilled person is more than being happy. It can be measured as to how you're living your life. How many people have you helped and transformed their lives? What sacrifices have you made for the benefit of the many?— these are some spiritual practices of a fulfilled individual with Christ-like virtues.

This Christmas, although I will not be able to celebrate it with my family, I still feel connected with them. I don't have to feel lonely in a foreign land, knowing they live a good, content life with a sense of fulfillment.

I may be far away, but the spirit of Christmas is still there. There is no reason to be homesick or sad, but there is always a reason to smile and celebrate with people closer and dear to us.

This Christmas, above all and from a deeper perspective, is about Jesus Christ. Hence, we must remember how to share indiscriminately, give heartily and love unconditionally.

Christmas, as celebrated all over the world, would remind us to live with our responsibility beyond what we call being Christian, and the virtues it has taught us should be practiced the whole year round, and that Christmas, regardless of race, creed, and religion, or spiritual affiliation will always be in our hearts forever.

© 2011 Del Cusay

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awakening our Spiritual Power

"A precious and brilliant gem is more polished and valuable. Just like problems - it is like polishing us to become the best we can be and become a person as brilliant as the diamond, which comes with great value and importance."

We have discussed spiritual power for this month in response to the second lecture of our spiritual mentor, Master Del Pe. He has shared insights on how to awaken our spiritual power and how it benefits our existence and life purpose.

I am sharing what I have learned from the lecture and our group discussion and how I will apply this extraordinary power.

What is Spiritual Power

We, humans have much human power that we have discovered or are yet to be found. Sometimes we use it unconsciously, which leads to unwise use of power. However, there is a superior or infinite power that no physical power can compare.

Spiritual Practitioners gain spiritual power through spiritual practices and guidance from spiritual mentors or masters.

It is priceless and can not be bought or taken away. It is inherent in nature but yet to be awakened if not fully discovered or misused.

Developing Intuitional Power

To become intuitive, we must be able to study ideas and principles. We may have many ideas and follow different directions, so we must ponder them deeply. Becoming more intuitive is essential for our survival instinct and guides us toward understanding higher truths regarding universal truths.

Sometimes, our belief is only definite if we seek the absolute truth. What we think is just a product of our mind alone, without knowing that we are guided by different laws or principles.

For instance, I have an idea about something, but I need to prove it to be absolute since that idea may come from past experience or just creative imagination. The best thing for me to do is to verify that idea or principle regarding what has been established already or the universal truth that many understand and accept.

I have used my intuition in my past experiences, but I have done the right thing. My intuition says to act on something or decide on something, but I base my actions and decisions on my personal beliefs, which are only limited. In this case, I may have made the wrong decision or action.

With this, I have learned that it is essential to seek the universal truth to avoid the fallacy of ideas and actions. Universal truths serve as my guiding principle for attaining intuitive power and wisdom.

Likewise, using creative imagination is also vital for developing intuitional power. Expressing our thoughts or ideas is a product of our creative vision. For instance, our brilliant input or output of something results from our mind's creativity.

The great things we see around us are a product of man's creative intelligence. In fact, we have to develop a creative imagination to achieve great things. Leaders in the global industry were able to create great products being used today because of their mind's creativity. In our own way, we can do something great if not for the benefit of the many, at least for ourselves, only if we use creative intelligence.

Another way of developing intuitional power is through the practice of meditation. I have been a practitioner for 8 months, which significantly impacted my present life. There is a gradual transformation in almost all aspects of my life; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

I consider meditation as my spiritual tool for nourishing my soul in a moment of silence. I also feel the divine oneness and the healing benefit after that. In fact, the first post I made is about the power of meditation since it has made a remarkable transformation in my life.

Developing Wisdom Power

There are some strategies to develop wisdom power, one of which is to study past experiences and digest life lessons.

In our lives, we have been experiencing different problems that we consider obstacles or hindrances to our plans and goals. However, if we are going to reflect deeply, problems are part of the challenges we must face to become much more robust and better people.

In my life, I have encountered so many problems, big or small, and I was able to face them and look at them as a challenge rather than an obstacle. It has made me a better person, and I have learned a lesson from it that will serve as my guiding principle whenever I encounter the same problem.

The world's most accomplished people have faced tough challenges that put them where they are. We may perceive them as if they don't have a problem since they have everything, but we may never know that they have gone through difficult times before attaining success and fulfillment.

Whenever a problem comes our way, we should never give up but must fight for it.  "A precious and brilliant gem is more polished and valuable. Just like problems - it is like polishing us to become the best we can be and become a person as brilliant as the diamond, which comes with great value and importance".

Another way of developing wisdom power is being in the company of wise people or having our own life coaches or mentors. These people are considered masters of life, and they are more accomplished. Their ideas are precious and can become a source of inspiration and guidance to live a better life.

Life coaches or mentors are devoted to helping us towards the right path to achieve lasting success and fulfillment.

I have followed some spiritual mentors like Bo Sanchez and other international life coaches like Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Master Del Pe. I have been following their blogs, articles, webcasts, and wise teachings, and I have read some of their books and gained insights about mastering life.

Having a mentor is more likely to succeed in life than those who do not have one. Even the most famous celebrities in their expertise have their own coaches or mentors. However, we have to be cautious about whom to follow. We must look for a mentor who can change our lives and impact us significantly. Numerous life coaches exist, but only a few are genuinely qualified and masters of life.

We can also gain wisdom, power, and intelligence through metaphorical quotations. The quotable quotes of famous people serve as our inspiration in life, and we can learn from them if we deeply understand the content of their selections.

Some of them use metaphors that should not be interpreted literally because they have a deeper meaning. In fact, some metaphors can not get out of our minds once we have read or listened to them. It is instilled in our minds, and we use it to our benefit and to give wise sayings to others.

In our lives, we have noted several metaphorical quotations and uttered the same in our own way of thinking. These quotations might not be well-known or recognized by many, but unconsciously, we have inspired other people and, somehow it, might leave an imprint on their


Wisdom power can also be achieved through reading books and other forms of literature that are sources of knowledge and wisdom. The principles we have learned can be applied to living a better life.

One of the books I liked most is "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. The book is simple and easy to understand, and each chapter has challenging questions to ponder. It is a spiritual book that teaches life lessons as guiding principles.

I learned a lot from reading, and it is a lifetime education. I will continue to read and expand my mind and share the knowledge that I have gained.

Intuitive powers and wisdom powers are both indispensable to attaining spiritual powers. We must apply these teachings to direct us to the right life path. We must know our life's purpose for us to better understand our responsibility to serve and that our spiritual powers will be our best weapon to live the better life we deserve.

© 2011 Del Cusay

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oprah's Lifeclass Lesson 25 : "You've Always Had the Power"

I am grateful to have watched Oprah's Lifeclass (Season 1) through a webcast. I have learned some life lessons from the show on every topic she discussed in every session. Below are some of the questions that I have pondered on the Lifeclass by Oprah.

1. You have the power—and the responsibility—to make your life better. How will you own that power?

I believe that I possess some powers that are inherent or acquired and I use that power to be in control of my life because I believe that I am responsible for shaping my life and who I will become in the future. I must be able to preserve this power and continue to hone it and use it wisely for my own benefit.

2. Who would you be, and what would you do, if you had no fearful beliefs?

I would have become a great speaker or writer should I have gained enough confidence and had no fears and doubts.

3. Look at your life: This is a portrait of your beliefs. What is beautiful about it? What's troubling? What will you change—because you can?

What's beautiful about my life is the presence and the support of my family and friends. They are always supportive of my dreams and goals and they serve as my inspiration to move forward despite adversities that come my way. What's troubling me is my fear and doubt of my capabilities and the use of my power. Sometimes I feel that I am not enough, not capable, and incompetent. Since I believe that I can do something if I trust myself, then I have to move out of my comfort zone and start to renew my life so I will be able to achieve my dreams and attain success in life.

4. How do you define "success"? What has truly made you happy in the past? Are you pursuing your version of success, or someone else's? Can you choose yours?

Success is the attainment of my goal or dream may it be simple or ambitious. My previous accomplishments have made me truly happy both in my personal life and career. I follow my own version of success and at the same time, I also follow another success coach because I can learn a lot from their wise ideas and they are more accomplished people. I can choose to go with my own definition of success and also with my success coach life lessons.

5. Describe your highest hopes. Now ask, "What would be better"? Keep asking this until you can't imagine anything better. That's your new dream.

My highest hopes are to become somebody who is respected and expert in my field of expertise and to become a better person who has achieved and proven something.

6. How are you going to sustain your hope and faith when times get tough? Do you have a plan in place for nurturing yourself in the moments your faith wavers?

When times get tough I have to remain strong and believe in myself. I should never give up but instead, I have to rise up from where I have fallen. I must be able to move on since life is indeed a cycle, there are moments in life that I feel down and sometimes I feel good. Life is good so I have to live my greatest life.

7. Do you still define success according to how much stuff you have, or how admired you are? Notice that this is the ego's definition. Gently put it aside, and notice what your spirit defines success.

Success is not only defined or measured by material possessions but by the quality of life that you're living at the present. I have to ask myself, am I the same person now as compared to 3 years ago or even 3 months ago? have I gained valuable virtues and values and learned from my lifes' lesson? Am I truly a renewed person? or am I living my greatest life? Then, if the answer is yes, I could say that I am a successful person.

8. What's one step you can take toward your vision of a fully realized life? Is there one small thing that’s part of your ideal future that you can take today?

To be able to achieve my highest ideals and aspirations, I have to renew my life in all aspects and hold on to virtues and values as they are an integral part of my success. I think one of the factors of future success is to benevolent and that is the virtue that I would like to practice today. I have learned that sharing is a good thing to do and it will bring back something good to me in any way in the future. I may never know what the future shall bring, but I can predict on it as to what I do in the present.

9. What's the most important thing you've learned over these 25 lessons?

I have learned that life is truly worth living and fighting for. Life may be full of adversities, but I should not take it as a hindrance but I should take it as a challenge to fight for. Life is good and I must never give up hence, to do my very best. I am blessed in life and I must be a blessing to others also.

I am looking forward to the 2nd season, early next year for another knowledgeable and inspiring life lesson. The lessons that I have learned are valuable for the formation of my values and for creating the kind of life that I deserve. Every day is a journey and I must live on the present, learn from the past and prepare for my future.

© 2011 Del Cusay

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Group or Team Power : How it can change the world...

"Group Power is essential for success and we should not underestimate what it can do hence, it can make or break something. We have to be responsible by using this power carefully and for good intentions only"

In my previous posts, I have discussed about different sources of power and given examples of some prominent people who possess such powers and how they use it to make social impact and global influence. However, I have not included one source of power that is very important nowadays--the group or team Power.

I will cite an example on how we use group power and its effect to mankind and the world. This is very timely since I am referring to the global environmental campaign of the "New7Wonders of Nature" which is the organization founded by Bernard Weber of Switzerland. The global campaign started on 2007 after the declaration of the "New7Wonders of The World" on 7-7-7 or July 7, 2007. After 4 years, another campaign on the title of "New7Wonders of Nature" has been participated by people worldwide and on 11-11-11 or November 11, 2011 - the 7 provisional list was named by the organization's founder himself.

I was able to watch the video of the announcement he made and I am glad that Puerto Princesa Underground River made it to the list. Although it is provisional and unofficial, still it has a good chance of making it to the official list of the "New7Wonders of Nature".


The campaign started from a simple goal of a man named Bernard Weber of Switzerland. He aims to create a global memory by garnering participation of people worldwide. He founded the organization in 2001 which is based on the same principle with the "Seven ancient wonders of the world". That list of seven wonders was attributed to Philon of ancient Greece.


I have asked this question to myself if what is the difference between the two great man and I have come up with the realization that Philon's, "Seven Wonders of Ancient World" was chosen and declared only by himself since he was powerful during his time. Weber, founded the "New7Wonders of the World & Nature" was chosen and participated by people globally. Thinking of what is the difference comes with the "Group Power" as the answer.


If we try to analyze, the campaign will not become successful only for the reason that Weber is powerful. Certainly, he has got some sources of his power like, power of education and expertise, being expert in the field of film making. He has the power of position being the founder of the said organization. He has power of Social intelligence through his ability to attract millions of followers in his campaign. He has Physical Power as he shows energetic personality.

He also got international fame and recognition through the Power of Media by using the Power of Nature and the Group power through the active participation of his supporters and followers. He almost got every sources of power and the good thing is that he use it wisely for a good cause.


Philippines is a bio-diverse archipelago of 7,107 islands and over a thousand of these islands can be found in Palawan. Dubbed as "The Last Frontier" - it is one of the largest island province in the country and one of the cleanest and safest place in the archipelago.

Once again we have proven that we have something to share to the rest of the world. Through unity, we have made it to put the Puerto Princesa Underground River in the global map to be one of the best ecological tourist destination in the world.


It is reputed as the longest navigable subterranean river in the world which approximately is 8 kilometers long--is a magnificent ecological spot with diverse ecosystem. Now that it is on its way to the official declaration as "New7Wonders of Nature", it is expected to boost the tourism industry of the country considering the flocks of tourist who will visit the place. As of 2009, it was reported already by the local government of Puerto Princesa City that the tourism increased by 50 percent--an evidence that the "New7Wonders of Nature" campaign is an effective means of boosting tourism industry.


Now that the Puerto Princesa Underground River is gaining global recognition and fame, there are some things that should be taken into consideration--the effect of environmental progress.

Development of the the city of Puerto Princesa is ongoing since many tourists arrived in the city recently. I have watched a documentary film about Puerto Princesa City Mayor, Edward Hagedorn who invested for the building of infrastructure projects that are of truly world-class in preparation for the big blessing which is the coming of tourist from other parts of the world.

We just hope that the place will not be fully commercialized just like other tourist destination in the country where they sacrificed the environment for the massive income. Along with progress comes possible environmental issues that may arise such as the waste management, cutting of trees, pollution, etc.

Palawan is truly a paradise and deserves to preserve its beauty and charm so the next generation will be able to love and appreciate it. It is not only for the Filipinos but also for the people of the world. We can not control development but we can do our share by protecting it and criticizing the environmental neglect and abuse.

Group Power is essential for success and we should not underestimate what it can do hence, it can make or break something. We have to be responsible by using this power carefully and for good intentions only. I always believe in the saying, "In unity there is strength" and that is applicable to the present-day scenario, that to be on the top, we need people to support us with our ideals and aspirations, people who will push us to our limits and people to will help us to raise the bar to become what we are meant to be.

© 2012 Del Cusay

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Power of Nature

"We can make a difference by simple gestures of concern for nature and supporting various environmental causes. Our nature is a great source of power, so we have to care for it and what it has to offer. It is also for the benefit of the future generation to experience the beauty of our nature and its wonders."

Nature has caused a lot of damage and destruction in various ways. These include natural or man-made calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, landslides, etc. This causes severe damage that we are not in control of; the so-called "force majeure" literally means "greater force, " an unforeseen event beyond human control. Sometimes these destructive forces of nature damage properties and cause people to lose valuable possessions and even loved ones.

Every year, many countries suffer from different natural calamities and worst catastrophes that affect the lives of millions of people. Here in the Philippines, we are known to be one of the world's most calamity-prone countries, which is true. Filipinos have been the victim of these greater forces of nature, and the situation worsens yearly.


Recently, scientists have made an in-depth study of global warming in relation to climate change. The analysis is critical so we will know the extent of damage to earth mankind has caused. A great debate is going on regarding this topic as it draws massive global environmental concerns, especially the environmentalist.


We have an outstanding obligation to our environment. We all can preserve and protect our nature, and most people have done their part and will continue to do so as part of their environmental contribution and legacy. 

However, some people have been careless and greedy and have the power to destroy nature. Some people simply underestimate nature's ability to gain financial control. Illegal logging and mining are destructive environmental activities still being practiced today. If only they knew of such activities' adverse effects, they might have saved many lives.


A visionary man named Bernard Weber started an organization that aims to promote environmental preservation and protection. He is the founder and President of the "New7Wonders of Nature". The objective of the said organization is to identify and promote natural wonders that stand out and could be world-class tourist destinations. The founder wants us to realize nature's importance and appreciate its wonders and beauty.

The power of Social Media has been utilized for this global campaign to choose the next 7 wonders of nature among hundreds of participant countries who joined. People can participate in this campaign by voting online through the organization's website.  You will have to choose the top 7 natural wonders of choice to be able to vote and will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your vote has been counted.


Luckily, through people's support, our underground river has been chosen and included in the top 28 finalists and the top 10. The big announcement of the "New7Wonders" will be on 11th November 2011 or 11-11-11. I am fortunate to have been part of this campaign by online voting and encouraging others to do the same to show their support. Indeed, it was an overwhelming response from them, and they have shown active participation by sharing the information with their friends.

I have ordered a personalized certificate from the "New7Wonders" website, which shows my top choice, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. This serves as my remembrance for joining this global environmental awareness, protection, and tourism campaign. This is a historical event, and I am grateful to have participated in and supported this campaign.

I am hopeful that our candidate will be on the official list of the "New7Wonders of Nature" and that we will continue to have environmental awareness in protecting and preserving the wonders of nature. 

We can make a difference through simple gestures of concern for nature and supporting various environmental causes. Our nature is an excellent power source, so we must care for it and what it offers. It is also for the benefit of the future generation to experience the beauty of nature and its wonders.

© 2011 Del Cusay

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Nature and Sources of Power

"Power is universal and can be achieved externally or internally. We must be able to acknowledge and develop our sources of power for us to achieve lasting success and fulfillment. However, we must be responsible for our powers and use them wisely. Power can be temporary or permanent, inherent or acquired, and can either make or break."

Recently we have discussed an interesting topic about the sources of human power. It was a good discussion, and I have learned so many insightful ideas that could be a great source of wisdom through the development of human potential. As human beings, sometimes we are not fully aware that there are inherent powers within us. This kind of power is valuable and could be enhanced to achieve lasting success - we call it Inner Power.

On the contrary, human power is never permanent; hence it could be a temporary possession. For instance, Political power is always temporary if an elected official has sworn to serve for a specified term. A person may be in the highest possible rank or position, but the time will come for his power to end. However, there may be some exceptions when a leader, for instance, is too greedy for power and has been practicing dictatorial leadership for a few decades. Just like the fate of the former Libyan President is an example that no matter how long you are in a particular position or whether you are powerful enough to conquer everything, power will lose its value if it is misused.

Power of Position is good to have only if used for the common good and not for self-interest only. Are you holding a particular position? How big is your responsibility? Does it have a specific term of office? Well, some people love to be in a position of power which comes with the ability to be in control and have more significant influence. Think of the most influential people in terms of impact on the world; who come to your top list?

Recently, Forbes magazine published its annual list of the world's most influential people for 2011. Among the list comes President Obama - the US President being on the top. He has great political power and global influence, leading the world's most powerful economy. Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder and Chairman is in the 5th rank. He is now known to be the most outstanding living philanthropist who co-founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The couple donated billions of dollars to other foundations and supported the funding of global health issues. Pope Benedict - the head of the Roman Catholic Church, is in the 7th rank. The Pope has been influential regarding the morality and spirituality of their followers. Surprisingly, the founder of the most popular social network: Facebook, is the youngest on the list and comes in the top 9. Mark Zuckerberg changes the way people communicate. His ultimate goal is to make the world connected through the power of social media, which he co-founded in 2004 in a Harvard dormitory. Having more than 700 million members worldwide, Facebook has attained a certain degree of success and influence that changed global communication. Zuckerberg uses the power of media and has gained fame and prestige globally. Oprah is also one of the most respected and successful media personalities today. She has gained fortune through her media power which she also uses for doing philanthropic work; the reason why she is so magnetic and loved by her followers.

Another source of power is your lineage. Do you belong to a powerful clan? Do you carry a family name that is well known because of its societal influence? Then, you have got the power of lineage. For instance, the royal family is very well-known and adored by the people, and they possess power through the inheritance of the throne. At the same time, those in a political dynasty are so powerful that nobody can defeat them in the position.

Physical power is also one of the most important things. It is about your ability to execute your valuable ideas. If we have the energy to do great things, we will have more achievements. However, no matter how brilliant and rich a person may be, if he is not in good health, he may not be able to achieve lasting fulfillment. Take the case of Steve Jobs as an example. When Steve was living, he was among the top global and respected leaders and one of the most influential people, but his money did not save his life. He became physically weak, so he gave up his position since he could not do the expected responsibility. The lesson is that we should never take our health for granted: the source of physical power. We do not have to be weak because we have a lot of potential to achieve something in life. The saying, "health is wealth," is true and powerful.

How we deal with or communicate with people is another power source. The power of social intelligence is an advantage to those who learned and mastered the art of personal magnetism. People are charismatic and magnetic because of their personalities and ability to deal with people effectively. They have made a lot of admirers and followers and gained respect and loyalty.

Financial power is another thing that most people aspire to. Money is indeed an essential tool for survival, and it is precious. One common thing about the most influential people in their financial power. They can give away their money to those who need it. Bill Gates and his friend Warren Buffet tried to encourage their fellow billionaires to share their massive wealth with the less fortunate. They are good examples of leaders who use financial power to make a difference.

Do you have any of the sources of power mentioned? If none, then do underestimate the power of your expertise and education. Your knowledge and wisdom are so powerful that they can lead to the sources of energy mentioned earlier and can be interrelated with other authorities. For instance, Knowledge Professionals and experts in their field have gained social intelligence through constant communication with people. They got the attention of the media, who later advertised their expertise to the people. And lastly, they have achieved the power of position and have made a fortune.

Power is universal and can be achieved externally or internally. We must be able to acknowledge and develop our sources of energy for us to achieve lasting success and fulfillment. However, we must be responsible for our powers and use them wisely. Power can be temporary or permanent, inherent or acquired, and can either make or break. We must remember that we are powerful in our own way only if we know ourselves better. As the saying goes, "great power comes with great responsibility."

© 2011 Del Cusay

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Power of Meditation

Together with the yogis in New Delhi, India

Meditation is an ancient spiritual tool Yogis and Sages use, mainly in the Himalayan Region. Incredibly, this practice has been preserved and passed down through generations.

Many studies and research have been done to prove the claims of its healing results in the body and mind. Indeed, it's a beautiful life tool for everyone who wants relaxation and calmness of the body, mind, and spirit.

I've been a meditation practitioner for several months, which has dramatically impacted my life. I've become calmer with my emotions and can take control of difficult situations. It has also improved my memory. I became more focused and aware of my work and whatever was happening in my surroundings.

Meditation has helped to correct my breathing pattern since I am a shallow and fast breather. Still, now I've learned that deep and regular breathing habits are essential for physical health and emotional and mental health.

Meditation is a tool for spirituality, and it's true because I believe that the Divine Beings are present in moments of silence, especially when you are ready to have a quiet moment and able to listen to inner voices.

Meditation uses particular locations, body positions, and hand seals, which have significant meanings. To be able to concentrate well during meditation, you must be in a place that is free from noise and distraction. It is also appropriate to be in an open space or well-ventilated room. The back must be aligned and straight, and the legs should be placed in a lotus or semi-lotus position, or you may sit straight on a chair to make it more practical. Hands are placed on the lap with hands facing upward. Hand seals must be used because it's one of the core essences of meditation as a tool for spirituality. Joining your index finger and thumb together symbolizes spiritual power while joining the thumb and the middle finger together would mean material energy or power. Joining the thumb, index, and middle finger together would be the best practice as it is more balanced--the material and spiritual power combined.

I meditate whenever I feel stressed, fatigued, and bored, and I've proven it very effective in regaining vitality. It makes me feel more relaxed and have peace of mind. Meditation has become an indispensable tool for me, and I consider it valuable in all levels of health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.

Meditation was practiced initially using one's imagination and visualization, but for busy people, it's made more accessible and practical by purchasing a voice-guided reflection available in the market today.

There are some meditation DVDs and books on the market today. It can also be purchased through the online store and available on some of the popular video-sharing websites. However, carefully choose which meditation products to buy and consider the author's expertise and reputation.

I'm fortunate to have been taught by an absolute master of meditation. He spent some of his beautiful moments in the Himalayas and was mentored by great masters. He has a deeper understanding of meditation practices and their hidden dangers. The knowledge and wisdom I've gained from him are beneficial in my practice and teaching others through seminars on special meditation programs he designed and created.

If your life has been transformed through meditation's benefits and healing results, you must also start to try it and see how it changes your life's ideal and perspective.

© 2011 Del Cusay