Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memories of Summer 2018

There's nothing that compares to the feeling of happiness that the summer brings. Some may hate the hot and humid temperature, while it is truly bliss for others. Whenever the favorable temperate month of February ends, it excites us. It looks forward to out-of-town trips, adventures, or a simple staycation to unwind and rejuvenate. The most joyful time of the year is spent at the beach, a waterfall, a river, or a mountain resort to relieve intense heat.

What makes the summer of 2018 memorable is the journey on the road. No matter how far the destination is, we still enjoy the scenery and can't wait to experience what the place offers. The calm and gentle blow of the wind, the allure of the ocean, the amazing sunrise in the east, and the beautiful sunset in the west are the things that awaken our spirit. When we recognize the beauty of the natural wonders, we experience ultimate happiness that is truly memorable.

There's a feeling of great relief and a sense of renewal for even a short while once we temporarily escape from the everyday work. Natural healing cleanses and purifies us to make us complete and ready to face a more complex world with calmness and peace. I always believe that our body always finds its way to healing itself. It's as if our soul wanders around, and our physical body brings us somewhere. Our soulful desire makes us live our purpose to stop for a while and take a deep breath as we enjoy the precious moment.

Summer Food bazaar at Bonifacio High Street

Summertime is about the enjoyment of little things that matters. We enjoy being outdoors and experiencing life on the street. We want the food accompanied by upbeat music. We appreciate the vibrant and positive energy that gives us a sense of accomplishment as we reflect on our victorious plans and actions. We made it! We succeeded! and we express our gratitude for it.

Summertime is the preservation phase of the year and a great time to energize and revitalize before the onset of the rainy season or monsoon. We enjoy the season in the sun and return to our place with much gratitude and peace in our hearts and mind. During our travel, we develop realizations about work and life balance that we deserve a much-needed break once in a while to relieve stress and burnout; the prize is an appreciation for a meaningful life — a life well-lived. 

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Special: Unconditional Love

A Mother is someone who loves us with all her heart. That is the definition that most of us would describe to our mother. Being loving and caring is beyond her duty of motherhood; it is a commitment and eternal. When we were young, we were helpless, and we ended up crying and clinging to our mother, who would then comfort us, making us feel safe and protected. As we grow up, our mother is still there, who watches us embrace our own world, ensuring that we can stand up on our own.

Today, we celebrate Mother's Day, a celebration of life; we are here in this world because of her and continue to live better with her undying love and support. Mother's Day Special: A Celebration of Love is not just a one-day celebration. It is to be remembered and celebrated at any time of the year whenever we feel the need to appreciate them and make them feel special. We may not be showing off how deeply we love them, but somehow we get to make them feel good with our sweet gestures.  

Distance may not become a hindrance in showing our love to our mother. She is there to listen when we feel weak or frightened. She assures us that everything will be fine and you will keep fighting. The world is harsh, and we need to become a fighter in the real world. Mother's Day Special: Compassionate Care is a way of raising us to become better people and to realize our purpose in the community where we live in. We are taught never to give up easily, but a victory comes our way whenever we feel lost. We just need to be prepared to accept and live it wholeheartedly.

Today, some children may not have a biological mother on their side. But someone has given them hope and stood up to be their mother. It is a commitment and a testament to unconditional love. Blessed are those kids with a second mother to be at their side and guide them on their way up. When the time comes that they are living independently, they will reminisce and look back to their second mother and honor them for raising them well and for giving them a life worth living. 

Our mother, our heroes! Our fighter and our defender! They will always protect and love us, and we give them back by following them because mother knows what is suitable for their kids. We honor and give them thanks. To our mothers, we pray they have more strength and power to live in this world and continue loving us children today and forever.

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