Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Soulful Holiday Retreat

A five-day holiday seems so long in a place where our heart belongs. A simple yet meaningful living away from the crowd and noise. It is genuinely home, where life seems unhurried and not preoccupied with chaotic city living when time seems slow while enjoying the moment. At last, after working tirelessly, there's a reward. It's priceless. Hence a short time vacation really matters.

What makes life significant is when we return to our place of birth once in a while to reconnect with how it all began. We've been too distant places to earn a living and provide for our needs and desires; being disconnected is temporary. The compass would always point us back to where we are most comfortable. A home is where our heart is. To listen to a different kind of story and express it with the most profound affinity. 

I always believe in the power of natural healing. It doesn't cost much. It's a priceless and significant renewal of self to gain a new perspective on people, places, things, and experiences. Indeed, a soul knows how to heal itself. It directs us somewhere to get revitalized, thus making us more robust and ready to handle complex tasks. 

Holistic healing involves the body, mind, and soul integrated into a personality. It needs time to heal and regain the lost positive energy in a low-frequency mode. It feels great to be whole again through a retreat, even for a while. The intense vibration makes us feel more confident that we can make things possible through our belief and effort. A positive vibration that draws people to get some inspiration and to believe in themselves for who they are and what they can accomplish.

Once, I experienced a highlands retreat in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. I have entered The Land of Tibetans in Dharamsala, where life is heavenlike. The people have a deeper spiritual connection, and they seem to be happy and contented. Back in my hometown, people are enjoying spiritual bliss in a highland I can compare to Dharamsala. The place may not have the same grandeur and charm, but it is similar in some ways. The cool breeze on a foggy mountain, the birds chirping, the gentle blow of the wind, and the spiritual nature of the people. 

Looking farther into the surrounding mountains is a feeling of faith and hope; we can reach the summit as we envision a greater height of limitless capabilities. The road to the forum leads to a soulful retreat journey to a place closer to our hearts. Our endless desire and need for renewal make us a powerful personality that knows no limit. With endurance and perseverance, the summit is always within our reach. It's a cycle of life of a burning desire and soulful recollection, leading to the meaningful life we deserve. 

© 2017 Del Cusay