Sunday, April 26, 2020

Opportunity in Crisis

We feel people's fear. This pandemic teaches us to be sensitive to different kinds of emotions. Anxiety, panic, boredom, anger, irritability, and depression are some of our common reactions. People may not say it, but we sense the negative vibe of people's lower emotions. 

We sense fear because our consciousness detected a new threat to our being; in humanity. Hence, what we feel is just average and expected.

But how can we escape this threat? How long shall we feel fear? How can we go back to living an everyday life?

During these times, education experts say we live in 3 different crisis zones.

Fear Zone. This is our initial tendency to threaten. It's normal! Feel the fear. Acknowledge this feeling and not be in denial. Our physical expression can't mask our feelings deep within for one main reason we are all together. We are wired to feel for each other.

Learning Zone. This is an excellent opportunity in times of crisis. We make use of the time we are in isolation. Most people might still be stuck in a fear zone, but learning shouldn't stop us. Students, working professionals, parents, young kids, and even old retirees can learn something new during this time. New knowledge and skills are our weapons as we return to living a 'new normal' during and post-pandemic.

Growth Zone. This is about taking control of our emotions and mind.
When we achieve a certain level of self-mastery, we grow and transform into a more fantastic version of ourselves. We succeed because we refuse to remain a victim of circumstance and prisoners of fate.

So, in what zone are we now?

From the 'fear zone' during the first few weeks of quarantine, I am now in the 'learning zone' where I feel a lot of positivity and personal empowerment. 

I have attended several webinars offered by local and international organizations and have learned from Thought leaders about different subjects of expertise.

I listen to educational podcasts and read valuable insights from online articles. I keep on learning and auditing existing knowledge and beliefs. I keep on pondering and updating obsolete information that hinders growth.

There's growth in learning.

Soulful Sunday is a great opportunity not to be stuck but to learn to adapt and engage in new interests and habits.

Farming has been a great activity for us even before the pandemic, and we continue to plant seeds for a bounty harvest in this uncertain time.

This is an opportunity to cultivate, develop and create sustainable living. Organic farming practice is what we need for a healthier body and immunity to fight the unseen enemy.

Life in the countryside will always be exciting. It's just a matter of changing our mental state and the definition of success. There's a lot of learning and an opportunity to live a more comfortable and healthier life. 

As we move on, we will look back to realize that fear sabotages and taking in control of our destiny. And so, our antidote is a dosage of learning to become better and bounce back more vital than ever.

© 2020 Del Cusay